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(newobs.com, 29 av 18). "We French people of all origins have enough political wisdom and humanistic values ​​to allow us to criticize this fascism that develops within Islam without blaming any Muslim born individual, whether believer or not that he practices the religion of his fathers or that he has chosen to convert to it. "

Zineb El Rhazoui, Franco-Moroccan journalist, author of "Destroy Islamic Fascism" (Ring), President of the jury of the 2015 Laïcité Prize. April 30, 2018

Zineb El Rhazoui, also known as Zineb Feather, is one of the most protected women in France. This former journalist with "Charlie Hebdo" is today a human rights activist and theologian. Exclusively for the "Obs", she reacts to the publication of the "manifesto against the new anti-Semitism". "

"When I first heard the word" Yhoudi "(Jewish) more than thirty years ago in Morocco, it sounded like an insult. It was in a large family reunion, the kind of meetings where the adults enjoying the reunion are irritated by their brats running in all directions. Someone had just treated his child of "Yhoudi ould lyhoud" (jewish Jewish son) to tell him he was an ugly kid. I was going to have the opportunity to hear this "insult" in different forms during my life in Morocco, a country that I later learned was the least anti-Semitic in the Arab world.

"Hachak" (except your respect) is a word that Moroccans, very concerned about verbal politeness, cling to any infamous term. Thus, a Moroccan will say "hachak garbage" or "hachak donkey". But even more surprising, many Moroccans would say "a woman except your respect" or "a Jew except your respect". Moreover, does not the legend tell that before the extinction of the lions of the Atlas, in time immemorial, the traveler who feared an attack of the wild beasts had to surround himself with Jews, a game so vile that the king of animals would not stoop to chase him?

A little later at Al-Amani Primary School in Casablanca where I learned Arabic, French, and many religious lessons, he murmured in the courtyard that the terraced house was inhabited by Jews. We then thought we, the little schoolboys of a rather bourgeois private establishment, were allowed to throw insults and rubbish from the windows of our classrooms. The owner complained to the director, a laureate at the Al Azhar Theological University in Cairo and a doctor of Arabic literature, who furiously gave us exemplary punishment. For the first time, the grassroots anti-Semites we had just learned that hating the Jews was something wrong. Ironically, it was Mr. Fahmi Shanti, a brilliant Palestinian intellectual refugee in Morocco where he founded our school, who taught us.

This lesson I was never going to forget. I remember that anti-Semitism - no offense to the detractors of George Bensoussan- is indeed an atavism that one has a good chance of suckling from the breast of his mother if we receive an Islamic education standard. Atavism, certainly, but not inevitable. I also remember that the Palestinian cause can not be used as an excuse for anti-Semitism, even for those who have personally paid the price, like Mr. Shanti. Above all, I remember that any theologian of Al Azhar that he was, the director of the school was above all to have good neighborly relations. If he could live together with his Jewish neighbors, why in France we would not succeed?

Muslim anti-Semitism, the word is launched

In a "Manifesto against the new anti-Semitism" published Sunday, April 22 in "Le Parisien", 300 political, media and arts people sound the alarm about the worrying upsurge of anti-Semitic crimes committed in France by Islamists . For those who perpetrate them, these acts have a name: Jihad. In order to put an end to these cheap ordeals that send their authors straight to the Houries of Eden and force the Jews of France to migrate more prosaically to heaven or safer neighborhoods, the signatories of the manifesto exhort the Islamic theological authorities de France to strike the seal of obsolescence with the verses of the Koran calling for the murder of Jews, Christians and unbelievers.

Some have reacted to the text first by pointing out its partiality, because the very fact of evoking Islamic anti-Semitism would be "stigmatizing" for a whole "community". The authors of the manifesto were summoned to mention all the antisemitisms; that of the French fachosphere and that which raged in Eastern Europe, on pain of being accused in a veiled way of "Islamophobia". This same dialectic of intimidation enjoins anyone who expresses himself on Islamic fundamentalism to first validate "that there are fundamentalists in all religions". The seemingly balanced argument is only a refutation technique that dilutes the argument without ever discussing its substance.

However, it is the main stakeholders themselves who put an end to this sterile controversy to begin the only real debate that counts: the responsibility of the Islamic texts in these antisemitic crimes and the opportunity to groom the text Koranic to expunge it from his violent verses. "Imams in the service of the French Republic", published in "Le Monde" of April 25, is written by Tareq Oubrou, the rector of the mosque of Bordeaux, and signed by 30 imams who denounce "terrorism and anti-Semitic crimes" and call them "untenable situation". If the approach has the merit of endorsing half-word the existence of a Muslim anti-Semitism, the Republican imams do not go so far as to accede to the request that is made to review their copy of the Koran.

The "moderate imam"? A media myth

The expression is fashionable. Or how an oxymoron would almost be considered a pleonasm. During the controversy over the burkini that poisoned the summer debate in 2016, the so-called moderate French imams have masterfully missed the opportunity to prove that "moderates", they really were. Almost all defended the "freedom" of these anti-Marianne beaches to appear in Wahhabi dress, deploring for the most "Islamophobia" so French, at a time when France had not yet finished burying the victims of the attacks in Nice. If there were, of course, a matter for debate on the merits of the prefectural decrees forbidding the burkini, it would have been enough for one of these imams to lift a finger to say that one can perfectly be a Muslim and wear the swimsuit. for it to authentically deserve its "moderate" label. None did it.

The traditional ballet of "convictions" of these imams is now part of post-attack decorum. However, it would be appropriate to question the opportunity to plebiscite theologians who are content to condemn crimes that are already in the law instead of condemning the texts they preach in their mosques and that justify the same crimes .

In the specific case of attacks against Jewish citizens, it took years since Merah's withdrawal to allow imams to drop the word "anti-Semitism". Better late than never. However, the nobility of the intention displayed barely conceals the affront felt by the imams in the face of these 300 illustrious laymen who summon them to amend their holy book. To ask a Muslim believer, imam moreover, to change the location of a comma in the Koran is like asking the Louvre to repaint the Mona Lisa's throat in black because the Islamists find her cleavage too alluring.

Maladjusted, indeed, and even "ignorant" as implied by Tareq Oubrou, the injunction made to Muslim leaders to justify the criminogenic verses contained in the Koran still has the merit of sounding the death knell of mystification. First, through this manifesto, 300 signatories from very different horizons say they are not fooled. Except to show extreme bad faith, no one believes in the antiphon repeated in chorus by the Imams of France and Navarre in the face of the terrorist scourge. No, the succession of ideological crimes perpetrated by "Allah Akbar" is neither the hazardous work of mentally unhinged people mysteriously inspired by the same secular genius, nor the bitter fruit of a Western civilization inherently racist and oppressive to " a Muslim community "whose idle youth would thus express its ultimate despair. If this had been the case, we would not count the victims of Islamic terrorism by the thousands under heaven where Islam reigns.

Secondly, the proposal made by the Imams signatories of the 30's call to remedy fundamentalism by teaching "good" Islam - theirs - also does not stand up to analysis. By once again refusing any fundamental criticism of the Islamic texts, because Islam would be fundamentally virtuous and misinterpreted, Tareq Oubrou who became known for his laudable project of regenerating the Islam of France, an Islam which according to he must be nourished by the spirit of the Enlightenment, seems not to afford the means of his ambitions. How to reform Islam without criticizing it, without pushing it into its entrenchments, without questioning it about the nature of the Koran, created or uncreated, and about the question of salvation in the Muslim faith? Indeed, the imam and his associates use and abuse the hackneyed postulate of "Islam religion of peace and love" victim of both "stigmatization" of the West and misinterpretation on the part of those of more and more numerous who commit mass crimes in his name.

"Citizens also, we want to offer our theological expertise to the various actors who are confronted with the phenomena of radicalization in prisons, in public institutions, closed and open, to respond to religious aberrations with a theological illumination when the arguments put forward by these young people are religious. An expertise that only imams can bring, "they write. In other words, whenever the Quranic text is against them, and although it is very clear about the fate of Jews, Christians, unbelievers and women, imams will evade evoking exegetical complexities that are actually just a smoke screen. They will refer their interlocutor to his supposed ignorance of the context, the Arabic language or exegetical subtleties to assert themselves as the only ones who can understand Islam. The only ones to be able to save France and the world of an ideological threat yet contained in the faith that they preach. The sleight of hand is remarkable.

In reality, to accept the monopoly of the understanding of the Koran is to put on the index the Islamic textual corpus to distill to the public that which enamels the image and seems suitable for the ears of the Republic. Imams are thus established as ad hoc clergy, but they will refuse to recognize themselves as such whenever they are summoned to reform their dogma. Indeed, how to touch the holy texts when everyone knows that in Islam, there is no clergy?

Antisemitism, an Islamic science?

If imams recognize half-word the existence of a Muslim anti-Semitism, they willingly describe it as a regrettable consequence of the ignorance of some Muslims. These "ignoramuses" who could not benefit from the Enlightenment of the "moderate" imams of France would thus have trained themselves to anti-Semitism with dark anonymous networks on the Internet. Another mystification, not to say a pure lie. If any person who can read Arabic like me can access a rich anti-Semitic bibliography by doing a simple search on the Internet or in any library of the Muslim world, our enlightened imams of France can not ignore the existence of such "works". Contrary to the claims of these imams who are more anxious to shine their image than to tell the truth, anti-Semitic writings are not always the work of self-proclaimed basement preachers. Let's give some examples!

Abdul Rahim Shareef, Dean of the Faculty of Sharia at Zarqa University in Jordan, holds - among others - a PhD in Qur'anic Exegesis at the University of Damascus in 2006, is the author of a research entitled " The characteristics of the Jews in the Koran ". Based on more than 13 Koranic verses that his quality as a doctor in exegesis is perfect to interpret, it emerges that the Jews have eight major characters: the non-sharing of wisdom, greed, greed, cowardice, betrayal, lying, vandalism and crime (they murder the prophets).

So that's what academic work in Islamic science looks like in a country like Jordan.

The imams of France can not ignore it, the study of the Jews even seems to obsess the "scholars" of Islam. Another scholar, Abdullah Ben Radi Al Shamri, Ph.D. in Fiqh Sharia, professor of theology at Hail University in Saudi Arabia, writes on the subject: "We can only understand the Jews through God's description of it. in the Koran. The reason for our weakness in dealing with them, the humiliation they inflict on us and the blood they shed, is that we have moved away from the Qur'anic teachings on our fight against them and we have them substituted by international legislation and political considerations (....) The Jews we see today are the same as God has cursed since the seventh heaven, they are no different from their ancestors. They even fight Islam with even more perverse means (...) ". The author of these lines has to his credit several conferences in Europe, including one in France, one at the Islamic Faculty of Brussels, one in Barcelona, ​​and others in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

Finally, the Lebanese author Salam Al Haj, a graduate in communication and demography at the Lebanese University, a former journalist of the daily Al-Safir, lists 24 characteristics of the Jews in her study "Who are the Jews and what are their characteristics in the Koran ?".

According to her, to the eight defects mentioned above, the Jews would be characterized in addition and not exhaustively by their cruelty, their insolence, and by their idolatry of money. "Studies" like these are legion in Islamic universities. To deny their existence raises the question of the sincerity of the Imams of France when they propose to promote an Islam of the Enlightenment, compatible with the republican values.

Selective contextualization

The only acceptable posture on the part of Tareq Oubrou and his co-signers is not only the strongest condemnation of this type of work produced by their fellow students, but above all the absolute refutation of these theses on the intellectual and theological level. They could do it, if only they came out of their identity posture. No, gentlemen Imams, you are not ambassadors of Islam, you do not have a role of representation, you are not the voice of the Muslims of France, because these - do not displease you - do not are not a community, but individuals. Individuals who have never elected you.

Has Islam in France become so hostage to the paradigm of identity that it has become unthinkable to discuss its content? Who would dare to speak of an Enlightenment Catholicism in front of an Irish rock concert, an exhibition of an Italian artist or a fashion show of a French designer, simply because the protagonists were born in Catholic families? Why would their congeners born of Tunisian, Algerian or Moroccan origins be condemned to be qualified and evaluated by the specter of a monolithic religious identity as chimerical as dangerous?

Those enlightened Muslims who are trying to explain to us that Muslims can be good people do not teach us anything. We French people of all origins have enough political wisdom and humanistic values ​​to allow us to criticize this fascism that develops within Islam without blaming any Muslim born individual, whether believer or not whether he practices the religion of his fathers or chooses to convert to it. Those who, through the denial of evidence, are trying to make us believe that Islam does not suffer any suspicion of anti-Semitism are lying to us. We do not need their infantilizing speech to tap into the Islamic civilization which will allow us to live with our Jewish fellow citizens.

For my part, I have never forgotten the lesson of Fahmi Shanti, nor do I forget that there was a time when the Muslim skies of the Ottoman Empire were far more clement for the Jews than anybody else. what a Christian country. And during the darkest times in Europe, it was better to be a Jew in Algiers, Fez or Alexandria than in Paris or Berlin.

Expelling the Koran is not a heresy, but a misinterpretation

Is it necessary to remove all that in the Koran does not correspond to the values ​​of the Republic? Without fear of offending Muslims, I have the right to ask myself if there would be much left. To make Koranic archeology is necessary, but to want to expurgate it of its barbarian verses to make it more adapted to our time is to recognize its legislative character. However, it is because the Quran is seen as a constitution by a large part of Muslims that it poses a problem. No less than 8 Quranic verses claim that the earth is flat.

Has science waited as long as Mr. Oubrou and his associates strike them with obsolescence to establish the obvious?

In the land of Voltaire, in the test of reason, the sacred Islam of the predecessors comes to an end. Like Catholicism before it, the French collective unconscious must desecrate it to put it in the only place that a modern democracy should allocate in 2018 to a body of law written 15 centuries ago in pre-Islamic Arabia. There is no need to expurgate the Qur'an that tradition has transmitted to us today if it is held for what it should be: an ancient book containing both the wisdom and the barbarism of the times when it was written. Islam will struggle to renew itself as long as its theologians and its faithful defend the idea that God is eternal, and that the Qur'an is his uncreated word. The Islamic intellectual edifice will inexorably continue to crack until total collapse, as long as the fundamental questions around the Quran, its authors, its chronology, its production as a holy book, will be carefully avoided by the imams.

What is being played out in this battle of petitions is that the omerta that has surrounded Islamic dogma for centuries, using coercion and violence against all enlightened minds who have dared to induce doubt, is in the process of give in to the French critical and anticlerical spirit. What has been protected by anti-blasphemy laws elsewhere will not be able to withstand for a long time the freedom of debate in France. Antisemitic crimes or "Charlie Hebdo" attacks must be understood for what they are: an ultimate attempt to sow terror to mask the intellectual failure of Islamic dogma as defended by its imams today. "

Read "Zineb:" Hide this Muslim anti-Semitism that I can not see "".

Source: ©Zineb: "Hide this Muslim anti-Semitism that I can not see" (newobs.com, 29 av 18)

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