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The friend of the president denounces France "racist" since the high places of the State

Yassine Belattar says humorist. Each according to his tastes will judge his talent in the field. He also calls himself a friend of the president, and publicly calls him "brother." Not only did he never deny it, but he chose Yassine Belattar to sit on the City Council, and as master of ceremonies for the presentation of his measures for the suburbs.

The return of "racist France"

Alas! Any humorist he wants, Yassine Belattar is a very sad sire. As proof of this, I want two of his recent projections.

"If Obama had had a career in France, he would still be at the coffee machine"he claimed. Really ?

Hegesippe Jean Légitimus was elected deputy of the French Republic in 1898. Before him, Jean-Baptiste Belley, born around 1750, was in 1793, and participated in the abolition of slavery the following year. Closer to home in 1958, Gaston Monnerville became president of the Senate, that is to say the second person in the state. And I can not fail to mention also Camille Mortenol, appointed commander of the anti-aircraft defense of Paris in 1915. Child of slaves become free, he entered the X in 1880, and the second year students welcomed him in declaring to him: "If you are a Negro1we are white; to each its color and who could say which is the best? (...) We see in you only a good comrade to whom we are happy to shake hands. "

Where were the rights of African-Americans on these dates?

But it's history, you'll tell me, though it's not so old. What about today ?

Well, it seems to me that the political career of George Pau-Langevin, Sira Sylla and Hervé Berville does not stop at the coffee machine. In the same way for Danièle Obono, so unhealthy as some of the ideas she defends. And Pierre N'Gahane is not just a coffee attendant at the Prefecture of Charente ...

"When Manuel Valls arrived here, he did not even know how to conjugate the verb"

Everyone has the right to say nonsense, it is even one of the criteria of the freedom of expression. Everyone has the right to be wrong, it is one of those of freedom of thought. But let's not be fooled: Yassine Belattar was not deceived, did not have good faith spoken too fast, and did not make humor either. He deliberately lied to serve his ideological agenda, and to belittle France.

That's not all. On the set of "Hi the Terrans", May 19, Yassine Belattar said about Manuel Valls: "He is extremely vexed when I told him, and I repeat to him here: the most French of us two is me. I was born in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine and I only knew France. He arrived here at the age of 18, and did not even know how to conjugate the verb to be. " Dixit the friend, the "brother", Emmanuel Macron.



I imagine from here the indignant reactions - rightly - that would have followed such an exit if it had come from a representative of the National Front, or even Laurent Wauquiez or Nadine Morano! We remember his use of the expression "French paper"...

There is much debate about what "being French" means, and about the meaning of these words for the person who uses them. Is it a legal, political, cultural, sociological, ethnological, symbolic, sentimental notion? And all this does it make sense only in connection with another question: what is France? A legal entity? A territory ? A story ? A culture ? A nation ?

I prefer to be French like Missak Manouchian

For my part anyway, and even though I have a lot of criticisms to make about what he did when he was in government, I prefer to be French like Manuel Valls, born in Barcelona, ​​like Yassine Belattar, born in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. I prefer to be French like Marie Sklodowska-Curie, to whom we owe every radio we pass to the hospital, born in Warsaw. I prefer to be French like Missak Manouchian, resistant, dead for France, born in Hisn-i-Mansur. I prefer to be French like François Cheng, a huge poet and honest man, born in Nanchang. And I would like, how much, how to handle our language like this "French of Right, Mind and Heart"2, this academician who nevertheless only learned late to conjugate the verb to be ... Him neither did not know than France, and yet he knows it infinitely better than Yassine Belattar will ever know it.

Emmanuel Macron is free to choose his friends. The French, wherever they are born, are free to draw from these choices the necessary conclusions.


Source: © Yassine Belattar, a certain idea of ​​France ... - Causeur

14 Partages

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