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We writers, philosophers, thinkers, historians, scientists, artists, actors, sportsmen, economic actors and associative leaders, men and women politicians of all kinds, citizens, Sarah Halimi's death under torture is not only seriously damaging her family, and at his relatives or to the Jewish community of France but at all the national community, even to our paradigm of life.

On April 4, Sarah Halimi, a 65-year-old French Jewish woman mother of three and retired, was horribly tortured at home. for almost an hour to the cries of "Allah Akbar" by Kobili Traoré who, after completing his acts of barbarity, dragged the victim by the wrists to the window of the third floor, under the spotlight of the police, before defenester.

Only then did the police officers at the foot of the balcony and on the landing decide to intervene to'assassin.

Thus, on April 4, in the heart of Paris, Mrs. Sarah Halimi was able to die in the knowledge and with the police without thisgirlsdo not intervene to stop the massacre and try to save the victim!

The rest of the investigation, we know them, and she continues challenges usr: absolute silence, voluntary or required, media, attempt public authorities to conceal the real circumstances of Mrs. Sarah Halimi's death and the antisemitic nature of the crime, lack of clarity of the prosecutor who pushes, day after day, the antisemitic qualification ofthis assassination

So many ambiguities, voluntary or involuntary, thatstall denied by the testimony and the objective analysis of the circumstances of the crime.

As a result, rightly or wrongly, all this can not appearsre to public opinion than as a will assumed to conceal the real circumstances of Mrs. Sarah Halimi's death, will who seems to express himself both by lare the media that by thepublic authorities. And especially, all of this suggests a deliberate desire to deny the antisemitic nature of the drama.

Et so, again, the denial of the real seems again have hit !

This is why it is imperative to have clear and unambiguous answers to the questions asked:

  • why, given the circumstances and the past of the perpetrator, the antisemitic nature of the crime has not yet been recognized?
  • why did not the police officers called on the spot by neighbors intervene in the apartment?
  • Why are the media silent?
  • Why do we want to be silenced?

No, we will not shut up!

No, you will not have our silence!

Yes, we demand Truth, all Truth!

Yes, we demand that, on the occasion of thisbarbarous assassination, remove any ambiguity which could come from the state in its fight against anti-Semitism and:

  • May the whole truth be established about murder barbarous from Sarah Halimi.
  • May the whole truth be made and revealed on the depth of French fractures thati reveal themselves both through this abject crime only by the scandalous silence surrounding it
  • Que our leaders take finally awareness of what is really happening in this country and they actedssent Consequently.

For the memory of Sarah and for his family, for the Jewish community of France bruised for decades but also and especially for the honor of France.




Richard C. ABITBOL



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  1. Cohen   26 June 2017 at 8 h 20 min

    You will not have our silence ...
    And after ?

    We must be astonished when the situation of our community has deteriorated for decades, such an atrocity?

    When we think about it, beyond the horror it provokes, was this event totally unexpected?
    And, I dare to question myself, is it impossible for it to happen again?

    To answer these questions we must look for the circumstances of this barbarism and the silence that surrounds it:

    - circumstances that could not ignore the impact of this case on an electorate that has become numerically unavoidable, in the middle of a presidential election ...

    Deafening media silence if one thinks of the "revelations" which enamelled this electoral campaign ...

    Collusion of politics and the media?
    Yes, in all likelihood, to judge by this singular uniformity of blindness.

    What does this tragedy teach us (once again, am I tempted to write)?

    - That there is, now, a gap between our community that. may not be sufficiently aware of its marginalization and the rest of the French population.

    - that our values ​​(religious, lifestyle, commemoration of the Holocaust) are rejected by a significant part of our fellow citizens, causing the indifference we see, or growing hostility.

    That currents of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism have come together, sometimes against nature (extreme right / extreme left) with the most diverse pretexts (conflict of the Middle East, financial crisis). Or between grandson of nazifying collaborators and "young" of the cities.

    Do Jewish leaders really appreciate this cleavage that isolates our community?

    We talk about it, maybe, at the dinner of the Crimson ...


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