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World Wave of Antisemitism

By Albert Soued, writer, for

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Anti-Semitism has been endemic since Abraham and the birth of monotheism. It only changes shape, motivation and scale over time. The rejection or hatred of the other is part of human nature, but that does not mean that we can excuse it.

The rejection or hatred of the Jew, called "anti-Semitism" and today "anti-Zionism" is distinguished by the scale it took in the 20th century, and the implementation of technical and industrial means, on a crazy scale for eliminate the other.

Today we witnessing in the West, to a new all-out wave, which is being practiced especially on the internet and in social networks, in the suburbs of big cities, in the media, in schools and universities, in NGOs with hidden funding, in mosques and Koranic schools ...

To the classic anti-Semitism of Christianity, which rejected the Jews because their faith did not evolve with that of the Christians, was added the refusal by Islam of any unbeliever, especially the Jew. Before Christendom, when polytheism and paganism were rampant, when the Jews or Judeans had a state, the national motives mingled with the differences of belief, in the rejection of the other.

Over the centuries, this rejection has often been used by the government as a political means to control frustrated populations, by directing their hatred towards a particular and different group, the Jew become a "scapegoat" of choice, because lending the flank to this substitution. In general, when the economic situation has deteriorated, the leaders have always known where to find a responsible scapegoat.

Having found a nation and the ancestral land, the Jews, now "Zionist", are now suffering from anti-Zionism, a devious way for the West to revive anti-Semitism that has fallen out of favor after the Nazi exaggerations. But to justify this new hatred, a new motivation was needed. The mystification of the "deicide people" has been replaced by another myth, that of the "Palestinian victim of the Zionist", without knowing the identity content of the word "Palestinian" and without verifying "who is the victim of who and what" ...

Existing for thousands of years, anti-Semitism has in fact entered the collective unconscious, it has become "second nature". The current new wave uses the old Christian cliches (the Jews crucified Jesus, the Jews want to rule the world, with the false Protocols of the Sages of Zion, the Jews kill children to use their blood in making unleavened bread, the Jews poison the wells ...), plus "denialism" (the Holocaust is a Jewish invention), "conspiracy" (the Jews are behind all the notable events) and "Palestinianism", (like Nazis, Jews are martyring Palestinians) ...

This ancestral hatred is now deliberately directed towards political goals. Made of lies, slander and slander, the Arab and Islamist-left propaganda have a twofold purpose: to dehumanize the Jew and to delegitimize the existence of the state of Israel.



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