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Named Crown Prince by his father in June 2017, Mohammed bin Salman (right) was also visiting the UK last week. Photo Dan Kitwood, Agence France-Presse

US President Donald Trump will receive Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on March 20 in Washington, the White House announced Monday.

"The president is eager to discuss ways to strengthen the ties between the United States and Saudi Arabia," said US executive spokeswoman Sarah Sanders during her daily press briefing at the United States House. white.

This announcement comes hours after the New York Times revealed that Saudi figures, targets of an anti-corruption campaign initiated by the Saudi Crown Prince in November, were victims of coercion and physical abuse, according to the American daily.

Asked about the possibility of referring to these allegations with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the White House spokeswoman kicked in touch: "I will not anticipate what will happen on March 20th, answered Sarah Sanders.

Named Crown Prince by his father, King Salman, in June 2017, Mohammed ben Salman was also visiting the United Kingdom last week, invited to lunch by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. A three-day visit to the United Kingdom, marked by demonstrations.

Several human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, denounced the increase in executions since he was appointed crown prince.

Saudi Arabia, which is opening more and more under the leadership of the young Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has hosted in recent months a series of concerts by artists such as the Lebanese Hiba Tawaji and the Greek composer Yanni.

Driving rights starting in June, attending football matches and accessing jobs hitherto reserved for men, Saudi women have obtained in a few months more rights than in several decades.

These rights are considered elementary elsewhere in the world, but they are significant in this ultraconservative country governed by a rigorous version of Islam.

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