Tribune of the 30 imams against radicalization: it's not us, it's the others!

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Response from Mohamed Guerroumi, signatory of the "Manifesto Against New Anti-Semitism"

In The world On April 24, some thirty imams committed themselves to fighting radicalization. But it is to better blame the others and stand out from the "Manifesto against the new anti-Semitism" to which they respond. Mohamed Guerroumi, a secular Muslim engaged in interreligious dialogue and a signatory of the "manifesto", says his indignation. 

There are sometimes unhealthy and grand-guignolesque reactions, grotesque indignations, opinions or positions that reflect far more indecency, hypocrisy and pettiness, than a sense of good and sincerity, prompting in me a contained anger accompanied by a deep disgust.

From the publication, Sunday in The Parisian, of "Manifesto against the new anti-Semitism", signed by more than 300 personalities including some among the most controversial in the public opinion, some presumptuous self-proclaimed dignitaries, this Islam of France who does not want to say anything, immediately offended themselves by pouring out their acrimony and their acerbic algarade against this manifesto, intentionally creating a confusion and a misunderstanding incomprehension among the French population of Muslim confession, with the fallacious pretext that this call to fight against the new anti-Semitism, which suffer our fellow Jews, would recommend, according to these pedantic dynasts of mosques, the pure and simple abrogation of certain verses of the Koran.

However, if I co-signed this manifesto knowingly, at the risk of seeing myself insulted and slandered by some excited, ignorant and obtuse co-religionists, it is precisely because it offered, to the sincere Muslims attached to the Koran and to God Alone, the opportunity to strike a big kick in all this hodgepodge of sclerotic obsolescence of an alienating Islamic religiosity, characterized by the anachronism and the obsolescence of the exegetical interpretation of Koran, maintained by these clerical casinos of Islamist bigotry, heirs of the cultural counterfeiting of each other.

Yet, the principle emanates from the foundation of this manifesto is unquestionable: as long as there is a lesser ounce of anti-Semitism in France, in Europe and in the world, in the interpretation of religious texts, in the cultural, cultural and societal traditions in citizenship and respect for human dignity, racism in all its forms and xenophobia will never disappear!

Probably afraid to give up some of their authority, which is very illegitimate, and their privileges implicitly acquired, about thirty imams forced themselves to broadcast and broadcast, Tuesday, April 24 in The world, a Tribune through which they denounce anti-Semitism and terrorism in France, while offering a hand on the heart, after their long and dubious lethargy, to become more involved "In the republican fight against these phenomena".

Desiring to be clearly distinguished, by the issue of their platform, of the "Manifesto against the new anti-Semitism", not failing to blissfully expose their hypocritical tartuferie, they lambasted other imams by declaring:

"Courage compels us to recognize it. Many imams do not yet realize the damage that their speeches might cause because of a lag in our society and our time, and they do not value the harmful psychological effects on vulnerable minds. " 

Yes, indeed, it takes a lot of courage to say such nonsense. " It's not me, it's another ".

"For more than two decades, readings and subversive practices of Islam have raged in the Muslim community, generating a religious anarchy, gangrening the whole society," they add in a language of holiness. For them, it's a situation "Cancerous to which some imams unfortunately contributed, often unconsciously".

And not forgetting in passing to add a layer to their ambitions and the social status they grant themselves, the 30 signatories of this forum of imams of France dare to afford to offer their ... after-sales services, in a way:

"We want to offer our theological expertise to the various actors who are confronted with the phenomenon of radicalization in prisons, public institutions, closed and open, in order to respond to religious aberrations with a theological illumination when the arguments put forward by young people are religious order. An expertise that only imams can bring ". 

This group of 30 imams, self-proclaimed theological experts, knowingly forget to point out that Islamist radicalization, which feeds briskly on anti-Semitism, can not be fought without re-examining the exegetical interpretation of Koranwithout the desacralization and scrapping of the apocryphal texts, or the idolatrous desanctification of the specious prophetic tradition, without an in-depth reform of Islam.

No, gentlemen of the 30 imams, you seem once again to have missed the train. On donkeys, you may be able to reach the right direction for lack of an acceptable theological destination.

Source: ©  Tribune of the 30 imams against radicalization: it's not us, it's the others! - Causer

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