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VIDEO - Posted on social networks in the aftermath of the attacks in Nice and Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, the conspiracy messages of the telecrochiner candidate inconvenience the channel in charge of its broadcasting. His eviction seems inevitable.

Exclude Mennel Ibtissem from "The Voice"? This is the question asked to TF1 after the discovery messages pro-Islamist posted by the candidate on social networks the day after the attacks in Nice and Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray. If, at first, the chain has spoken half word the fact that the exclusion would be communicated in the day of Thursdayshe has backtracked, indicating that this situation was "complex" and that she still needed time for reflection. "It is not a decision that is taken quickly, there is human under there", defends one in ITV Studios, producer company of the telecrochet. An argument already raised Wednesday after the crisis meeting organized in emergency between the direction of the Une, the producers and the candidate. But can the private channel keep this candidate, the first to sing with turban at "The Voice", a modern way, she says, to wear the veil?

On July 15, 2016, after the attack on the Promenade des Anglais, in Nice, and made 86 dead and 458 wounded, this Bisontine, now 22 years old, wrote on her Facebook account: "It's good, it became a routine, an attack a week! And always to remain faithful, the "terrorist" takes with him his papers of identity. That's right, when we prepare a dirty move, we do not forget to take his papers! "A very strange question. If we had doubts about the conspiracy of this message, they are swept away by the one published by Mennel Ibtissem on August 1, 2016, a few days later. the attack of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, during which Father Hamel had been slaughtered. According to her, "the real terrorists are our government".

In addition to these words, we discovered a song called Palestine Mouse, recorded in June 2015 for Lallab, an association often considered as close to the Muslim Brotherhood, which disturbed the spirits. Like his promotion of a book by Tariq Ramadan or his "like" an announcement of a show by Dieudonné. This story has resurfaced on social networks after his performance last Saturday. The singer, who came from Syria with coaches, has been acclaimed for its revivalHallelujah Leonard Cohen, half in English, half in Arabic.

A jubilation of short duration. Françoise Laborde, journalist and former member of the CSA, was the first to urge TF1 to react to the overwhelming revelations. The association of victims of Nice Promenade des Anges - 14 July 2016 then called "the responsibility" of the broadcaster, adding that the victims were "shocked by the words of the candidate." It is finally on the set of "Do not touch my post!", Four days after the exhumation of the messages of this student in master of English, that will be claimed his exclusion from the show. In vain.

Problems with editing?

"We have to put things in context, I was 20 years old, it was after a series of attacks that took place around the world"

Mennel Ibtissem

The One and ITV Production have done the round back, thinking first that the controversy would otherwise go out, at least wither. At the risk of tarnishing the image of his popular and family program that revealed Louane, Kendji Girac or Amir, heavyweight song today.

As for the defense of the principal concerned, she has never been really convincing. Before apologizing for his messages about the attacks, Mennel Ibtissem implied a mistake of youth. "We have to put things in context, I was 20 years old, it was following a chain of attacks that took place around the world," confided Monday afternoon the one who is old, remember, 22 years old! "My family lives in Nice and was present at the scene of the attack that night," she added, as if she wanted to relativize the scope of its publications.

On her proximity to Lallab, she explains that she was invited by the association to celebrate her first birthday in song. "I do not advocate anything political or religious, I am simply an artist. If I can bring a message of love, peace and solidarity through a song, I do it. Whether Palestine, Israel or any other country. "At the microphone of RTL, she assured Wednesday that her old messages "Did not reflect his personality".

Is it enough to claim a right to be forgotten? Without doubt for TF1, who already behind the scenes seems to consider the departure of the candidate. But what is the chain waiting for to formalize this disqualification? Does she face mounting problems, in order to remove images already recorded from Mennel Ibtissem? After auditioning blind, she did qualify for the next test. TF1 and ITV Studios have time to solve this problem: the qualifying events are still being broadcast.

The casting mistake

While waiting to know the fate of the candidate, how not to wonder about its recruitment in this seventh season? How did ITV ignore the singer's beliefs? Contacted, Bruno Berberes, the casting director, did not want to answer our questions without the permission of the production company. That we did not get.

However, it was not difficult to identify the profile of this candidate, to say the least ambiguous. Obviously, no research was done on the "talents" to guard against such bad surprises.

According to the testimony of a former teleconference participant, a police record was not even requested to integrate "The Voice". Contractually, candidates accept the terms of the regulation, the consequences of media coverage on their existence and simply ensure that they have communicated "sincerely, accurately and exhaustively" all the information concerning them. In the event of misconduct, present or past, the production has the right to disqualify. In 2012, during the first season of "The Voice Australia", Carmen Smith was discarded just before the direct for having participated in a clip of singer Guy Sebastian, the production believing that it would benefit the eyes of the public.

Will ITV Studios take this example to change the course of its seventh edition? "The Voice" being adapted from a Dutch format, it is necessary to refer to a precise specifications to intervene in the game. While TF1 and the production try to solve this puzzle, Mennel posted Thursday a new video on his channel where she takes Imagine, the peaceful hymn of John Lennon. Madonna had sung it the Place de la Republique in Paris. It was after the attacks of November 13 ...


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