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Similitude de deux peuples paria : les Juifs et les KurdesSimilarity of two pariah peoples: Jews and Kurds

by Bernard Hadjadj

These two multi-millennial peoples have been forgotten in history, and have experienced dramatic events. The long march of the Jewish people through the darkness of world history was finally enlightened in 1948, even if this clarity remains dotted with dark clouds due to the ambient hostility.

The tragedy of the Kurdish people is not, without recalling that of the Jewish people.

This courageous people has existed for nearly three thousand years, it has a strong culture, a proper language and writing from the Hegira period.

Like the Jewish people, the international community today denies them the right to self-determination, to an independent state.

And yet, after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire in 1918 US President Woodrow Wilson declared that "the non-Turkish minorities of the Ottoman Empire should be entitled, without hindrance, to opt for autonomous development".

Thus the Treaty of Sèvres, between Turkey and the Allies (1920), recognized the principle of an independent State. But three years later, the United Kingdom obtaining the mandate on Iraq by the League of Nations, will denounce this international commitment.

Since the Kurdish resistance, his struggle for liberation has never stopped, just like his ordeal. The ephemeral Kurdish republic of Mahabad created in Iran in 1946 will be eliminated in the blood.

Iraq will not be outdone in the bloody crackdown on the Kurdish people. On 16 March 1988, the Kurdish city of Halabja was inundated with chemical bombs, killing several thousand civilians in the complete indifference of the international community. That same year, Saddam Hussein ordered the elimination of all human life over thousands of square kilometers: 4,000 villages were destroyed.

This people who, by its peshmerga, is at the forefront of the fight against DAECH pronounced Sunday, September 25, 2017 by referendum for its independence. This one, the Kurds know it well, will not be done overnight but the first milestone is laid.

The international community was unanimous (with the exception of Israel) in judging this inopportune referendum; France, which has always affirmed the right to self-determination of peoples, is not favorable to it.

Two weights, two measures ! This international community is unconditionally in favor of Palestinian autonomy, why is it not so diligent when it comes to Kurds?

Are the Kurds only appreciated when they serve as cannon fodder in their exemplary fight against the enemies of freedom?

YES, the Kurdish people (between 25 to 35 million people) scattered between Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, must gather on their land.

YESthe pariah peoples stand in solidarity with Turkey, Iraq and Iran, who, despite their hatred, have seen the similarity of the fate of the Kurds and Jews when they declared: " we do not want a second Israel ".

France, "country of human rights", could not it become the country of the rights of the men, who would include the Kurds?

A Kurdish saying would say that the "Kurd has no friend", today he has only one friend Israel and the Jews!

But do not despair, the international conscience should triumph one day, at least we strongly wish it; and the sooner the better to avoid new massacres!

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