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Open letter to Mr. Édouard Philippe, Prime Minister!

Copy to the President of the Republic

"Jews, racially, are monsters that must disappear. In human breeding they are only gangrenous bastards and rippers. The Jew was never persecuted by the Aryans, he persecuted himself "...

"I immediately tell him right away that I became anti-Semitic and not a little bit to laugh, but fiercely to the kidneys! "...

"It's the evil spirits that make life unbearable. They find intentions everywhere. I feel so bad that it turns me into racist madness. And not just a little bit! Racist 100 percent! as much as communist, without the Jews! At this moment, in such tragic circumstances, indifference is no longer appropriate. We must choose, we must opt ​​for a kind of perversion, it's enough to say nasty, you have to have a terrible faith, an atrocious intolerance, there is not much choice, it is Aryan or Masonic, Jewish or anti-Jewish. It will give us twenty years of fun. "...

"I feel very friendly to Hitler, very friendly to all Germans, I think they are brothers, that they are right to be so racist. It would hurt me a lot if they were beaten. I think our real enemies are the Jews and the Freemasons. That the coming war is the war of the Jews and Freemasons, that it is not ours at all. That it is a crime that we are forced to bear arms against people of our race, who ask us nothing, that it is just to please the detractors of the ghetto. That's the tumble down to the last guts of disgust. "

Louis Ferdinand Céline


Richard C. ABITBOL President

Prime Minister,

"Bagatelles pour un massacre", "L'Ecole des cadavres", "Les Beaux Draps", these are the three antisemitic texts written by Louis-Ferdinand Céline between 1937 and 1941 that the Gallimard editions wish to republish and of which you will find some excerpts above, and not necessarily the worst.

These ignominious anti-Semitic pamphlets were written by Louis Ferdinand Celine and not only inspired antisemitic pre-war propaganda but were used in antisemitic collaboration that resulted in the deportation of nearly 80,000 Jews during the war.

These texts are among the most fiercely anti-Semitic texts ever published and they are full of Jewish hatred.

It is these abominable anti-Semitic pamphlets that the Gallimard Editions claim to reissue with your blessing, Prime Minister, in view of your statements of today in the JDD.

In a context where the scourge of anti-Semitism must be fought more strongly than ever before, when the attacks of the HyperCasher are commemorated and the press is full of articles illustrating the rise of anti-Semitism in our country. a country that drives many of our Jewish fellow citizens into exile, it would be not only incomprehensible but strongly reprehensible and ashamed to publish such texts!

And this, whatever "the methods of making available to the general public of these writings", and whatever the associated precautions or "the quality of the critical apparatus which accompanies them", and whatever "the lighting the historical and ideological context of their production ".

Yes, it would be filthy for the government to allow this reissue!

And, moreover, one can only wonder about the advisability of publishing these pamphlets as seems to be the wish of the Gallimard editions (whose attitude during the war was at least ambiguous) and it seems he with your approval, Prime Minister!

Indeed, as Laurent Sagalovitsch puts it: " What need is there to offer to the general public those writings which glorify, without qualms, and in a hallucinated, crude, poisonous prose, the atavistic and immemorial hatred of the Jew? What is the necessity for everyone to be aware of the total abjection of these pamphlets? What is the interest in the storefronts of our bookstores being adorned with these volumes, each word of which weighs its weight from a sick, corrosive, mortiferous anti-Semitism, a vast matrix to an ideology that has led to genocidal folly? "...." Like it or not, to publish such works is to give them a certain legitimacy, it is to contribute to giving them a real respectability, it is to get them out of the rut where they lay to better expose them to the light. It is to establish that, as odious as these writings may be, they remain, nevertheless, literary objects which deserve to be read by the greatest number."

All is said !

How to pursue Dieudonné, Soral, and others while their words or writings will appear so trivial next to these writings!

Such acceptance by the state would be a very bad signal for the Jews of France when they are already asking so many questions about their future in their own country!

How will it be possible again to oppose the anti-Semites that swarm and kill, the law of the Republic to silence them while civil society, and worse, the state itself, left ostensibly anti-Semitic works to flourish on the shelves of our bookstores?

And maybe even after their publication, will we praise the "literary quality" of these tea towels on our media!

How, Prime Minister can you declare (today in the JDD) that: "There are excellent reasons to hate man, but you can not ignore the writer or his central place in French literature"

This sentence is horrible when it is precisely the text that is abominable!

Literature can not be separated from the words it conveys. Literature is the harmony of words, it is the strength of the meaning of what they wear.

But it is precisely these words that are abject, it is precisely this logorrhea of ​​words that were the first vehicles to deport 6,000,000 of ours to Auschwitz; it is these words that have been the cradle of the Holocaust!

No, Prime Minister, it is not only the man who is hateful but his work, the words that came out of his pen, the hatred he has, precisely, so well expressed by these words!

What Machiavellian idea would honor the literary value of these texts? What perversity and intellectual corruption would allow any justification for their dissemination? What interest, if not the hatred of the Jew?

No, Prime Minister, it's not literature, it's vomit!

How, you, Prime Minister, can you give imprimatur to this ignoble reissue instead of recalling the laws of our Republic?

Whereas, as early as 1939, the writings of Brasillach, Rebatet and ... Céline were already considered criminal and repressed by the famous Marchandeau law which, well before the Pleven, Gayssot and Lellouche laws, repressed the writings "When the defamation or insult committed against a group of persons belonging, by their origin, to a race or religion determined, was intended to excite hatred between citizens or inhabitants".

How, Prime Minister, will you be able to say that you are fighting anti-Semitism, how will you be able to go to the memory of the victims of Ozar Hatorah, Hypercasher, Ilan and Sarah Halimi, and any other victims of anti-Semitism if you validate the publication of such texts?

You say that you are not afraid of the publication of such texts! You, no, but the Jews, yes, Prime Minister!

Parents, brothers, sisters, friends of potential victims, yes, they are afraid!

As you should know, words kill!

Prime Minister, we urge you to ban these publications, which would be a crime against our Republic.

In any case, if this were not the case, rest assured that we will use all the legal means at our disposal to oppose it!

Pending your reply, please accept, Mr. Prime Minister, the expression of our respectful greetings,


Richard C. ABITBOL





Confederation of Jews of France
and Friends of Israel

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23 Partages

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  1. JEAN DUFOUR   12 January 2018 at 15 h 46 min

    I am ashamed of my own country. What can I do except for weep and support
    strongly the jewish people.

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