Sarah Halimi: the discernment of the murderer abolished, according to a panel of experts

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We will never accept that this heinous and violently anti-Semitic crime remains unpunished.

If we have a duty of memory, we also have a present duty!

Our future depends on it!

Richard C. ABITBOL

A new psychiatric report concludes the criminal irresponsibility of the alleged murderer of the Jewish returnee. The civil parties are summoned Wednesday for the first time to be informed of this rebound.

Will there really be a trial in the Sarah Halimi case? The investigation the barbarian murder of the Jewish confederate, defenestrée in the night of April 3 to 4, 2017 from his HLM of the eleventh arrondissement of Paris, experiencing a 180 degree turn that feared the civil parties. Not on the religious side this time, but ... psychiatric. The discernment of the alleged perpetrator was indeed "abolished" at the time of the facts, according to the latest expertise.

On April 24, two months after the indictment of Kobili Traoré with the aggravating circumstance of anti-Semitismthe investigating judges mandated a panel of experts to review the alleged murderer again. The missions of these three psychiatrists, two of whom are accredited by the Court of Cassation? "To say if the subject presents abnormalities mental or psychic, a dangerous state for him or the others" and - especially - if it is "accessible to a penal sanction", according to a report which we could consult.

The judges could pronounce a non-place

The experts also had to clarify whether Kobili Traoré, a 28-year-old Malian native and Sarah Halimi's neighbor, is "curable or readaptable". According to our information, they have just returned their report to the magistrates instructors. On Wednesday morning, for the first time, all of the 11 civil parties convened in their offices: Sarah Halimi's children - who live in Israel - and her brother and sister, as well as the Diarra family, to tell them share. The Diarra family had been sequestered by the suspect before he entered the pensioner's house, struck her with extreme violence, and threw her from the third floor to the cries of "Allah Akbar".

An unprecedented gathering and for good reason: the psychiatrists conclude to the abolition of the discernment of Kobili Traoré at the time of the facts, as well as the control of its acts. In short: the young man would be criminally irresponsible. If the investigating judges make their findings, they could then dismiss the case. Which would mean the end of the investigation and the impossibility of organizing a trial. Kobili Traore was in a state completely delusional at the time of the facts, still analyzes the college of experts. A state that would not be justified only by its excessive use of cannabis on the day of the murder.

"It contradicts Dr. Zagury's three reports"

"We felt that this unusual summons hid something," said Jean-Alex Buchinger, Halimi's children's lawyer. Usually, we receive the result of the expertises by fax. It's amazing. We will ask for a second opinion. The lawyer is all the more troubled by the fact that a request for a reconstruction, to which all the civil parties, the prosecution and the defense have subscribed, was rejected Thursday by the investigating chamber, probably because of this rebound. "This panel of experts contradicts the three reports from Dr. Zagury. What is surprising is that the judge herself took the initiative of this new expertise and not the lawyer of Kobili Traore, "notes Buchinger.

Very early in the investigation indeed, the reputed psychiatrist Daniel Zagury had interrogated the suspect several times, without observing the abolition of discernment. In his first report, he had diagnosed Kobili Traore "an acute delusional whiff with a mystical and demonopathic theme" induced by his drug use. This "psychotic disorder", he continued, "justifies considering his discernment as having been altered," without, however, calling into question his criminal responsibility.

Whether it is Dr. Zagury or the new panel of experts, all agree that Kobili Traoré was able to be inhabited by antisemitic prejudices. "I was sick," had justified the young man during his last interrogation. He remains today hospitalized in the unit for difficult patients of Villejuif (Val-de-Marne).

15 Partages

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  1. Re Bilou   8 July 2018 at 1 h 51 min

    If he is a madman he is a madman of religion or a madman by religion. It would be normal, therefore, not to condemn the madman who killed but to prosecute and condemn the person who armed him with the real murderer.

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