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Those who still read the major French press will have probably noticed that it now speaks little about the adulterated investigation led by the special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Guy Millière

There is a reason for this: the adulterated investigation takes the water and now looks like a sinking ship.

The "collusion" issue between Donald Trump and Russia is totally empty because there has never been any "collusion", because the false evidence used at the beginning has become unusable, and because the rumors of "collusion "Have been from the outset a rude and absolutely outrageous coup designed to cover very serious criminal practices with a smokescreen.

These criminal practices are beginning to come to light thanks to the stubborn work of journalists and congressional commissions of inquiry, and it is likely that the release is only just beginning.

The events have much older lineaments, but we can start the story going back to the time when Obama was in his first term and where Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and needed a lot of money to lead a future campaign presidential.

Russia wanted to weaken the United States and buy uranium owned by the United States. Hillary Clinton accepted the sale (twenty percent of the uranium), which went through a Canadian-based company, Uranium One. Such a sale could not be made without the approval of the President, a committee was charged with approving the sale, and approved. The Clinton Foundation immediately raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

An FBI agent finding the transaction very questionable, and considering that there was fraud, corruption, probably high treason and security breach, investigated and was summoned by his superior, the director of the FBI of the time, a certain Robert Mueller, to disclose nothing. He had to sign a document in which he agreed to remain silent, under pain of being immediately dismissed. The federal judge who had had evidence in his case was asked by Mueller to do nothing and did nothing: the prosecutor's name was Rod Rosenstein.

Years go by. Hillary Clinton intends to run for the presidential election. It uses the treasure of war amassed at the Clinton Foundation (which was supposed to have humanitarian purposes), so, partly, Russian money.

It also means, when it appears that Donald Trump will be his Republican rival, demolish it by sordid means. The Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton's campaign then ordered, through a legal firm, a dirty file from a company specializing in misinformation, called Fusion GPS. The company uses a former British spy specializing in editing files such as the one desired, Christopher Steele, which is directed to the Russian secret service to obtain false documents that can be used against Donald Trump. The file submitted by Christopher Steele and containing the fake Russian documents is handed over to Fusion GPS, which hands it over to the Democratic Party and the campaign of Hillary Clinton, who uses it by transmitting repugnant elements against Trump to the mainstream press. The file is also transmitted, according to any available information, to Barack Obama and the most important members of his administration, who know that it is a dirty and entirely manufactured file containing false Russian documents. It is transmitted, according to any indication still available, to the FBI, the CIA and the NSA, who know too that it is a dirty and fully manufactured file containing fake Russian documents. The FBI and the CIA begin to conduct an investigation without foundation or legitimacy since based on the aforementioned file. A request for wiretapping of members of Donald Trump's campaign is issued and validated by the Ministry of Justice on the same basis. The plays conducted in this context will be later disclosed to the press by agents of the FBI (no one knows who, but there are suspicions), while it is completely illegal, and is, in itself, a federal crime.

In the meantime, it will appear, through Wikileaks, that Hillary Clinton has used an insecure nonsecure internet server to transmit compromising messages for her, right from the time of the Uranium One operation. Some of the compromising messages will be made public by Wikileaks. The FBI will start an investigation on this server and proceed to its seizure. Hillary Clinton, warned of the seizure, will "clean" the server, and destroy computers and phones used to transmit messages through the server. More than thirty thousand emails will disappear as well, and will be given to the FBI only harmless e-mails. It will nevertheless appear thanks to the documents sent to Wikileaks that documents classified as defense secrets will have circulated through the insecure server. The use of a clandestine non-secure server by a member of the government, the destruction of evidence during an investigation, the disclosure of classified defense documents are serious federal crimes.

The FBI will not incriminate Hillary Clinton, however, and its director in 2016, James Comey, will publicly declare that there is no way to incriminate Hillary Clinton when he knows that what he says is wrong. He relied on leading Hillary Clinton's investigation into a man named Peter Strzok, a Democratic Party member supporting Hillary Clinton, a man whose companion then worked for Fusion GPS and the Hillary Clinton campaign. The investigation on Hillary Clinton will be abandoned by decision of James Comey, on the basis of the "work" of Peter Strzok.

The investigation without foundations or legitimacy, based on the dirty and entirely manufactured file containing false Russian documents, and the listening, they will continue. Peter Strzoc will be responsible for continuing the investigation without foundation or legitimacy.

When Donald Trump is elected, the elements of the dirty and fully fabricated folder containing fake Russian documents will be used more and more by the big press to run the rumors of "collusion" concerning Donald Trump. James Comey will let the rumors run. Peter Strzoc will continue the investigation without foundation or legitimacy.

When he fully understands that James Comey has refused to incriminate Hillary Clinton despite overwhelming evidence and accepted that an investigation without foundation or legitimacy will continue, Donald Trump will eventually dismiss James Comey by trying to prevent this from being a scandal. There will be a scandal nonetheless, although Donald Trump was fully entitled to dismiss James Comey.

James Comey will then send to the press notes he is supposed to have taken during his meetings with Donald Trump, saying that he had recommended that the FBI stop the investigation based on the dirty file. Strictly nothing proves that Donald Trump has recommended anything. If so, it is Donald Trump's right to make such recommendations. And if the notes, exact or not, were taken by James Comey while performing his duties, they are FBI documents, and their disclosure, it is an additional federal crime.

Since his name appeared in the wiretaps illegally disclosed to the press, Jeff Sessions, Minister of Justice, has moved away from everything that concerns the investigation based on the dirty and manufactured file (what he did not have to do it, he did not commit any crime), and the deputy whom he (unfortunatly) chose is Rod Rosenstein, and is in a position to appoint a special prosecutor. Rod Rosenstein names Robert Mueller, the director of the FBI who smothered the Uranium One case and asked him, Rod Rosenstein, to help quell the case.

Robert Mueller "investigates" since. His main investigator was Peter Strzok (again, what a coincidence!) And most of the investigators he chose contributed to Hillary Clinton's campaign. The investigation is based on the dirty and fully fabricated record, so, largely, on fake Russian documents.

Only have been incriminated, since the file is empty, two people.

  • General Flynn, for having contradicted himself on very minor points in testimonies made a few weeks apart, and collected by Peter Strzoc (interesting). When I talk about very minor things, I'm talking about things like a date and time of meeting someone, and words exchanged with the Russian ambassador to the United States. General Flynn, as the national security adviser of the future Trump administration, had every right to be in contact with the Russian ambassador, he did not say anything to the latter who is incriminated, and It is not for these reasons that he is incriminated. He agreed to be indicted for lying for the purposes, based on any available evidence, that the harassment he has been undergoing for a year is stopping. There is, therefore, in the indictment of Flynn, no element of "collusion". Strictly none.
  • Paul Manafort, who led Donald Trump's campaign for a few weeks, and who is accused of failing to report to the US Treasury on financial transactions more than a decade ago, concerning his activities of the time in Ukraine. There is nothing in the indictment of Paul Manafort (and his associate, involved in the turmoil) of ties to either Russia or Donald Trump's campaign.

There is no reason to incriminate anyone else. Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr were interviewed about their meeting with a Russian lawyer who asked to see them during the election campaign, and they agreed to see. Strictly nothing illegal or unlawful was said during this meeting, where there were witnesses. The lawyer was working for Fusion GPS and has apparently been mandated by the Hillary Clinton campaign to try to trick Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. in vain. If Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr testify twice, several weeks apart, and if a minor detail is missing in the second testimony, they may be charged with lying, like General Flynn. They have an interest in having an excellent memory.

The Mueller investigation is adulterated, undoubtedly. She takes the water and now looks like a sinking ship, it's clear. It was very expensive (more than seven million dollars). She is an absolute sham.

It was a means of propaganda that allowed the major American and European media not to talk about Donald Trump's accomplishments for a year and to repeat the words "Russia" and "collusion" two thousand times a day.

It allowed hysterical democrats and without any program to demand the impeachment of Donald Trump without the smallest element to request impeachment.

It is based on a dirty and fully manufactured folder containing fake Russian documents. Yes.

It is made up of people with a dubious past: Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strzoc, and others like him, including FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe. It involves a dismissed FBI director, and himself doubtful, James Comey.

It causes serious and real crimes are not investigated: the payment of huge sums to Hillary Clinton by Russia in exchange for high treason and undermining the security of the country, the use by Hillary Clinton an unsecured, secure Internet server and Hillary Clinton's transmission of classified secret defense documents through this server (all of which should be worth life imprisonment at Hillary Clinton), use by the Obama administration, by Obama himself, by the FBI under James Comey, by the CIA of the dirty and entirely manufactured file, and thus by false Russian documents to carry out an investigation, which is therefore unlawful, and to proceed to eavesdropping, hence illegal, the unlawful disclosure itself to the media of the content of the plays, the decision of James Comey, despite overwhelming charges to exonerate Hillary Clinton, which makes him an accomplice of it, the transmission, illegal, of documents sp James Comey (all this should be worth a jail sentence to James Comey).

If Hillary Clinton had been elected, the American government would have been in the hands of people next to whom the most sordid mob bosses would look like saints, and these crimes would not have been brought to light.

They are only just discovered.

The update must continue. Jeff Sessions was wrong to be intimidated and to stand back. It is wrong today not to ask for an investigation of all that I have just mentioned. He is currently the weak link, or even the faulty link in the Trump administration. He clings to his post, and Donald Trump fears that the dismissal of his post causes a media and political storm.

Donald Trump has probably made a bad choice by choosing Jeff Sessions. He probably made a mistake by not firing James Comey on January 21st. He made another mistake, no doubt, in separating from General Flynn when the plays illegally divulged to the press were published. On January 21, Donald Trump had suspicions about Comey, but he did not have all the items he had in hand then, and his decision to wait is explainable. The dismissal of Flynn came at a time when Donald Trump wanted to present an impeccable administration to the public, and the fact that Flynn did not tell Trump and Vice President Pence everything about his conversations with him. Russian ambassador led him to a hasty decision.

Donald Trump would have every reason today to dismiss Robert Mueller. He does not do this for reasons identical to those that do not remove Jeff Sessions. He will not do it.

The Democrats have vociferated in recent days like horny polecats to say that he was going to dismiss Mueller and that it would be a scandal involving impeachment, of course. The mere fact that Donald Trump breathes would imply impeachment according to the Democrats. Democrats spoke of impeachment in the minutes following the election of Donald Trump. The Democrats have stopped accepting alternation and seem to think that the United States must become a one-party country, like the Soviet Union thirty years ago. This is disturbing and it is disturbing that so many media are following them.

There is an urgent need to clean up the mess that was left behind by Barack Obama and to end the organized crime business Hillary Clinton.

It now appears that Barack Obama has obstructed Hezbollah investigations into Hezbollah's criminal activities in the area of ​​arms smuggling and drug trafficking, in order to preserve the abject agreement that Obama and his administration with Iran, which makes him an accomplice of an Islamic terrorist organization carrying out arms smuggling and drug trafficking.

Obama was the true founder of the Islamic State (I explained it), and so this complicity should not surprise.

The media that would do their work would emphasize that, because it is very serious, yes.

What is at stake are American institutions, democracy in the United States, Islamic terrorism, the future of the free world.

Some media do their work in the United States. Some brave Republicans in Congress are doing their job too.

We can think that the update is only at its beginning. And we must hope that it will continue.

None of this is said in the French press, of course.

And if I proposed a book on the subject to French publishers, all would refuse to publish it.

We are here? Yes, alas. We are here.

© Guy Millière for Any reproduction prohibited without the written permission of the author.

PS. The disinformator Philippe Gélie has just published an article full of voluntary errors called: "Trump tries to discredit the investigation of the prosecutor Mueller and the FBI". Robert Mueller does not need anyone to discredit himself: he does it very well alone. The FBI under James Comey has also remarkably discredited himself. Philippe Gélie, him, discredits daily.

Source: ©  Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama: flying over a manure pit

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