Revelation: yes, the Jews are (also) chicken thieves!

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It is an administrative circular that teaches us. It was time.

Jews, we thought we knew everything. That they were sure of themselves, proud and domineering (de Gaulle). That they had put Christ to death. That they practiced ritual murder. That they held the banks and the world. They were all usurers. That they hurt the Arabs.

To the list of these misdeeds and these crimes, which claim vengeance in heaven, it is advisable to add an abomination: they are also thieves of chickens! A note from the Department of Population Protection (DDPP) Hauts-de-Seine unveils this culpable activity.

 She asked the region's educational farms to protect their sheep and chickens during the period of Eid and Yom Kippur. These animals are, according to the DDPP, highly coveted during these festive and sensitive moments.

And there, the arms fall to us. We were told that the Jews were full of money. Why, by what vice, by what aberration, would they steal chickens? Even worse. Jews are considered rapacious and greedy for gain. Why would they steal chickens, not sheep? Do not they know that a sheep is well worth 100 chickens? Are they Jews or what?

A revolting hypothesis is advanced to explain the content of the circular. The DDPP would not have wanted to be accused of stigmatizing one religion in particular. And that is why, to stigmatize, she would have added chickens and Yippur to sheep and Eid.

We reject, with the greatest indignation, this type of Islamophobic insinuation. And we would like to remind you that the theft of chickens has traditionally been the specialty of gypsies. And if now, Jews behave like Roma, where are we going?

To conclude, it should be noted that Joel Mergui, president of the Consistory, protests, "scared", in the World against the circular of the DDPP. By comparison, we note the remarkably elegant silence of Mr. Ahmed Ogras, President of the French Council of the Muslim Cult, on the allusion to sheep and Eid. In this way the insolence and arrogance of the Jews breaks out ...

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  1. BUSIDAN-NABET   5 September 2017 at 14 h 46 min

    Who wants to kill the dog claims he has rabies !!!

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