Editorial response to Israel boycotting the opening night of the Israeli Film Festival in Paris

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The Confederation of Jews in France and Friends of Israel welcomes the decision of the Israeli Embassy not to participate in the Israeli Film Festival in Paris and calls all its supporters and all Parisians not to attend.

Indeed, this festival should be called the Anti-Israel Film Festival as the recurrence of the violence of the attacks on society, governance and the Israeli army is constant and it soars and increases over the years .

The fact that the organizer wanted, at any price (including knowing that the consequence would be the absence of the ambassador of Israel), to open this festival by the film "Foxtrot" of the director Samuel MAOZ, demonstrates the violent anti-Israeli political commitment to Hélène Schoumann, which everyone knows the political acquaintances.

What shocks us more is the attitude of "Jewish Tribune" and CRIF  who, in their respective newsletters, promoted this festival and this abominable film, giving a lot of Hélène Schoumann who has a great deal of joy in criticizing Israel's ambassador and governance.

That this film was awarded the Silver Lion Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival does not demonstrate the quality of this film, on the contrary!

Indeed, it has been a long time since Israeli films are honored by Film Festivals in Europe only when they denigrate the army, society or governance of Israel. All films that positively portray Israeli society have never been eligible for this privilege.

It is time for Europe to stop this systematic denigration of Israel, which is accompanied by the rise of anti-Semitism on the continent!

Richard C. ABITBOL, President


The Israeli ambassador to France will not attend the ceremony due to the broadcast of the film "Foxtrot" by Israeli director Samuel Maoz.

Source: ©  Israeli Film Festival in Paris: Israel boycots opening night

12 Partages

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