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Radioscopie de l'affaire Halimi
Noémie Halioua - Photo Credits: Editions du Cerf / Hannah Assouline

In her book The Case of Sarah Halimi, Noémie Halioua investigates the "failings" that led to the murder of Sarah Halimi and explain this long silence on its anti-Semitic nature.

Nearly a year: it's the time it took for justice to recognize the anti-Semitic character of the murder of Sarah HalimiThis 67-year-old Jewish Frenchwoman tortured to the shouts of "Allah akbar!" in her Parisian apartment in Belleville, then defenestrated on the night of April 3 to 4, 2017. Nearly a year of fighting for the victim's family . The investigating judge Anne Ihuellou, who had put her executioner Kobili Traoré in review on July 10 for murder, has retained the anti-Semitism of the 28-year-old Franco-Malian as an aggravating circumstance only last week. As early as July, during the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Vél 'd'Hiv roundup, Emmanuel Macron had nevertheless asked the justice to make "all the clarity" on this murder, "in spite of the denials of the murderer". At the risk of being reproached for breaking the separation of powers.

Radioscopie de l'affaire Halimi
- Photo credits: _ISA

In The Sarah Halimi Affair, Noémie Halioua, responsible for the "Culture" pages of the magazine Jewish News, investigates the "many failures" that led to the murder of Sarah Halimi and explain this long silence on its anti-Semitic nature.

In the footsteps of William Attal, the victim's brother, she first takes us to the HLM of the eleventh arrondissement of Paris where Sarah Halimi lived for thirty years. It is an understatement to say that tenants, immigrants from the Maghreb or black Africa in majority, do not welcome the tandem with open arms. No one, except occasionally his neighbors, did not frequent this orthodox Jewess wearing a long skirt and wig. A world separates this side of the Belleville boulevard from La Bellevilloise, where the trendy left likes to celebrate "diversity".

In the Sarah Halimi building, only one woman agrees to tell the journalist, on condition of anonymity, "the Islamization of the Maghreb population of Belleville has intensified, especially among young people."

Kobili Traoré is the archetype of this phenomenon. After leaving school in the third year, he is alive thanks to the RSA and the deal. Imprisoned four times, he has four convictions for robbery, six for violence - one for burning an individual to rob him - eight for use or drug trafficking, two for contempt, one for carrying weapons. is not exhaustive.

"The night of the murder, the Islamist connotation left no doubt, neither for the witnesses nor for the police present"

Noémie Halioua

Noémie Halioua reconstructed her schedule on the day of the murder. He went twice to the Omar Mosque on Morand Street, which a witness described as a "killer factory". Then he "zoned" in the neighborhood with his friends and went back to bed. A usual day, except that when he wakes up, around 3:30 in the morning, he goes to the Diarra family, whose apartment allows access to that of Sarah Halimi. It is a member of the Diarra family who will alert the police a little later, hearing the vociferations and calls for help from the neighbor. Why, when three agents of the BAC arrived on site at 4:25 am, Traore was he arrested at 5:35 am, after defenes his victim? To find out, Gilles-William Goldnadel, a lawyer for Sarah Halimi's sister, has lodged a complaint for "non-assistance to person in danger". The civil parties asked for a reconstruction, refused by the judge because of the mental state of the defendant. Noémie Halioua denounces a "police inertia" and explains this refusal by the desire to conceal "the serious dysfunction of the police that night".

It is by appealing this decision that the prosecution and the civil parties have finally obtained the
recognition of the anti-Semitic character of the crime. The judge preferred to anticipate a possible "evocation" - this is the legal term - of the merits of the case by the Court of Appeal. But what a waste of time! "The night of the murder, says Noémie Halioua, the Islamist connotation left no doubt, neither for the witnesses nor for the policemen present."

The responsibility of the media

Police, justice, but also media: The Sarah Halimi Affair points out the responsibilities of all its actors, each at their level. The "journalistic vulgate" which describes as "unbalanced" Islamists yet claimed, the newspapers who have chosen to "postpone the publication of information for" do not play the game of Marine Le Pen "", because Sarah Halimi was killed in the presidential campaign, have also played a role in this drama.

From the 1st June 2017, 17 intellectuals, including Elisabeth Badinter, Alain Finkielkraut, Marcel Gauchet, Jacques Julliard and Michel Onfray had published a forum in Le Figaro to ask that "The whole truth is about the murder of Sarah Halimi", but also that "the whole truth be told about the depth of French fractures". The book of Noémie Halioua contributes to it.

The Sarah Halimi Affair, Noémie Halioua, Deer, 140 p., 16 €. In bookstores on March 16th.


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12 Partages

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