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In the midst of an election for the roost, the Assembly's third political force regrets not being associated with the candidate's choice. A view totally shared by François Bayrou.

Partner, yes; puppet, no. This is the message that the MoDem wanted to remind The Republic on the march, in full election for the presidency of the Assembly. Because the Walkers have chosen only their candidate, Richard Ferrand, without associating the centrists. Yes the deputy of Hauts-de-Seine Jean-Louis Bourlanges is the first to have publicly denounced pointing out that the "MoDem is not even considered as a partner," the party's president, François Bayrou, fully agrees.

"This is not a matter of a political party, even if it should be reciprocal consideration, but a great concern among our members about a certain government practice. For them, Emmanuel Macron's sense of election was a commitment to break with old practices and the invention of new political practices, "says François Bayrou Figaro. "It's the" at the same time "that we still see very well in certain sectors such as education, but that we do not feel at all in others", still laments the boss of the MoDem. "If MoDem members feel they're being sidelined as a movement, it's going to be a very emotional thing," he warns.

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In the MoDem group at the Assembly, the emotion is already palpable. "We see the trains go by without consulting us. On the other hand, we are expected to vote for Ferrand; that's enough, "comments a MoDem MP.

The third political force of the Hémicycle, strong of its 47 deputies, intends clearly to remind LaREM that the majority "must walk on its two Chambers". "We must be able to listen to the majority in its diversity as its opposition," recalled Marc Fesneau in Le Figaro (read our editions of September 11). "We need others to build. We must look at the effects of reforms on the ground, explain, show the course to not give the impression that aligns technical measures. Humility is an ability to stay tuned, "the Modem group chairman added to the assembly. It was decided Tuesday to present a candidate for the perch with the intention that their voice be heard and considered.

If the choice of the future president of the National Assembly was in the eyes of a majority of elected MoDem the drop of water too much, other elements have fueled this growing anger. Starting with a low representation of the party in the government, after the departure of Marielle de Sarnez and François Bayrou. Secondly, the ban on MErM members from co-signing or voting on amendments from other parliamentary groups - and thus also those of the MoDem - has rather annoyed parliamentarians.

The ban on MErM members co-signing or voting on amendments from other parliamentary groups and thus also those of the MoDem has annoyed parliamentarians

Finally, MoDem officials are worried that the promises of Emmanuel Macron's presidential campaign, which they had largely supported, are forgotten, and in particular the moralization and transparency of public life. What explain a stall of the electorate MoDem in opinion polls. According to an Ifop survey for the Atlantico site, published at the end of August, only 24% of voters in the MoDem estimate that the government's action is favorable to the country, compared to 64% of LaREM voters. On the other hand, 58% consider that Emmanuel Macron's political action degrades the situation of the country against 6% of LaREM voters.

In this context, the choice of Richard Ferrand for the perch was not seen by all as a friendly signal. The former president of the group LaREM and very likely new president of the National Assembly is associated with a complicated episode of the presidential campaign. In exchange for his support, François Bayrou had obtained from Emmanuel Macron 120 MoDem candidates for the legislative elections ... before a list of 38 names was published. Anger of François Bayrou. The boss of the MoDem had felt cheated by Richard Ferrand, then Secretary General of LaREM ... A year later, the MoDem hears that he is still there.

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