Why do we hear more about Francis Kalifat than Daniel Knoll?

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Two voices this morning. First that of the president of the CRIF. He is a new president of CRIF. His name is Francis Kalifat. But he holds the traditional speech of the CRIF presidents. He claims that Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Marine Le Pen "are not welcome" at the "white march" scheduled tonight in memory of a Parisian octogenarian, Mireille Knoll, victim of a murder alleged anti-Semitic.

Marine Le Pen, it would discuss, but we understand why. And Mélenchon? He does not specify it. Probably because Mélenchon, or insubordinate officials, have criticized Israeli colonization. In the eyes of the president of CRIF, it forbids them to be moved by the death of a Jewish octogenarian in Paris. And then this morning, at the microphone of Jean-Jacques Bourdin, the voice of Daniel Knoll.

Daniel Knoll have mothers

He is the son of the victim. It is not at all about the position of the CRIF. Everyone, he says, is welcome to the white march in memory of his mother. He has this sentence:

"CRIF does politics, I open my heart".

In one sentence, only one, he annihilates the self-proclaimed lobby. In one sentence, he puts down the representativity of the supposed spokesmen of "the Jewish community". Without the murder of his mother, we would probably never have known Daniel Knoll. He never gave a morning interview to Jean-Jacques Bourdin. He probably does not have a Twitter account.

He would not have thought it necessary to mix his voice with the tumults of the time. It seems to me, I want to believe, that there is, numerically, much more Daniel Knoll than Francis Kalifat.

Daniel Knoll have mothers. No doubt they also have political convictions, which they express in their votes, or perhaps elsewhere, but they simply want their mothers to end their days in peace. It seems to me that the fundamental question is this: why, in the morning pickups, do we always hear Francis Kalifat, and so rarely Daniel Knoll?

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10 Partages

2 Responses to "Pourquoi entend-on plus, aux micros, de Francis Kalifat que de Daniel Knoll ?"

  1. Chesnel   31 March 2018 at 11 h 07 min

    "Self-proclaimed lobby": you are absolutely right. I deny to the Jewish Council the right to represent the Jews of France. It is elected only by leaders of associations that are far from representing the majority of Jews in France. I therefore deny the Jewish Council the right to speak on behalf of the Jews of France. His unfortunate initiatives only reinforce anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel.

  2. Ferrer fidier   31 March 2018 at 13 h 56 min

    CRIF took the initiative of this event. So, he invites his sympathizers and rejects those he considers are not in his political line. If you are not happy, organize your event.

    CRIF represents Jewish associations. You do not want him to represent you, first of all join you with membership of a Jewish organization? If so, complain to your association president. Otherwise shut up.
    The FN is anti-Jewish and the IF anti Israel. No place among us.

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