For Bahrain's Foreign Minister, Jerusalem is a "secondary detail" in the face of the Iranian threat

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Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Al Khalifa at the UN National Assembly on September 23, 2016. (Credit: United Nations / Cia Pak)

The Foreign Minister explained that "there is no point in arguing with the United States" when "we are fighting the danger posed by the Islamic theo-fascist republic"

The Bahraini Foreign Minister appeared to downplay the "secondary details" of the controversy surrounding the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, while calling for a united front with Washington against the "theo-fascists" which are the Iranians.

"There is no point in arguing with the United States over secondary details when, together, we are fighting the clear and present danger of the Islamic theo-fascist republic," Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed al-Khalifa was quoted as saying. , in the English language.

The Bahraini Minister did not mention Jerusalem in his tweet, but his statement coincides with Trump's threat to cut financial aid to countries voting in favor of the resolution annulling his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. at the scheduled vote in the UN National Assembly this Thursday.

"They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us," stormed the US president on the eve of the vote. "Let them vote against us, we will save a lot. It does not matter.

The president added that "people are tired of the United States, those who live here, our citizens who love this country, they are fed up with the fact that this country is being exploited, and we are not going to let it go any longer" .

Bahrain received $ 6.6 million in assistance from the United States in 2017.

On Tuesday, US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said that the United States " will take the names Countries supporting a draft resolution that rejects the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and will be put to the vote of the General Assembly on Thursday.

If the Bahraini Foreign Minister's statement actually referred to Jerusalem, it would be an exceptional recognition from an Arab country, that the Palestinian question is less important than the growing influence of the Arab world. 'Iran.

Khalifa did not wish to react on these remarks.

In a December 6 speech from the White House, Trump challenged warnings from around the world, saying that after many failures to achieve peace, a "new approach" was needed.

His decision to recognize Jerusalem as the seat of the Israeli government is, he says, based on reality. He also announced that he was transferring the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but did not give a date for this transfer.

US President Donald Trump during his statement on Jerusalem from the Washington White House Diplomatic Reception Hall on December 6, 2017 (AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB)

Trump pointed out that he did not define any boundaries on sovereignty over the city, and did not call for any change of status quo in the holy places of the city.

This recognition was hailed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and leaders from across the political spectrum. It has however been criticized by many countries, condemned by the Arab world, and exceeded the Palestinians. Leaders called for "days of anger," which led to violent protests in the West Bank and at the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

Israel and Bahrain do not maintain diplomatic relations, although the King of Bahrain plans to end his country's boycott of the Jewish state in order to establish bilateral relations.

At the beginning of December, an interfaith group from Bahrain visited Israel for the first time. Bahrain's foreign minister has already sparked controversy over Israel on his Twitter account.

When former Israeli head of state Shimon Peres passed away last year, he was the only Arab diplomat to publicly pay tribute to the character.

"Rest in peace, President Shimon Peres, man of war, the man of peace still elusive in the Middle East," wrote Al Khalifa on his Twitter account.

Bahrain is a group of islands in the Persian Gulf with a population of 1.4 million. It is the only Arab state to house a synagogue. The country was home to 1,500 Jews in 1948. However, after the declaration of Israel's independence, most of them left, and the rest followed suit after the Six Day War. Today, there are fewer than 50 Jews in the country.

The kingdom is also unique in that its ambassador to the United States, from 2008 to 2010 was Houda Nonoo, a Jewish woman, former parliamentarian.

While Jerusalem and Manama never had diplomatic relations, in 2005 King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa boasted to an American official that his country had contacts with Israel "at the level of intelligence and of security "(ie, the Mossad), according to a secret US diplomatic telegram issued by Wikileaks.

The king had also indicated his willingness to "advance in other areas, although it is difficult for Bahrain to take the first step. The development of "commercial ties" will have to wait for the implementation of the two-state solution, said the king in a telegram.

AFP and the Times of Israel team contributed to this article.

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