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Albert Soued and www.nuitdorient.com - No. 215 - April 30, 2018

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Palestinian Authority (PA)

- The terrorist attacks against Israel for 60 years have resulted in 3175 orphans, 822 widows and 926 still mourning parents

- The "March of Return", the last aggressive operation against Israel is a fiasco: we went from 30,000 protesters to a few hundred in 5 weeks. But "Palywood" propaganda continues with leftist circles ready to swallow any lie or slander against the Jews.

- The use of kites carrying the design of a swastika and a molotov cocktail to burn Israeli fields and farms was advocated by Unrwa instructors at a Kites of Hope festival - the deer - flyers of hope - which they organized to train more than a thousand schoolchildren from Gaza in Khan Younis for their use.



Abdulrahman Al-Rashed, former director of al-Arabiya television, former editor of AlSharq Al-Awsat, editor-in-chief of the weekly Al-Majalla, and columnist for the daily Al-Madina and Al-Bilad : " Do you believe that the Syrian regime is able to eject from Syria the Iranian foreign legion led by Qassem Soleylmani? It is hard to believe, as the current chaos is benefiting Russia and Iran, who can exploit the situation to their advantage by provoking the fire and then extinguishing it. "



In direct conflict with the Jewish state, Iran has deployed advanced airborne weapons platforms - including drones - weapons shipments disguised as humanitarian aid, and military Iranian military flights, under cover of civilian airlines.



- A study conducted by 50 school teachers, belonging to the Imam Hatip group, shows that young Muslims are moving further and further away from Islam, going towards atheism or towards "deism", stating that mosques no longer serve the people and are a source of income for some. In addition to this rejection due to the corruption of leaders, young people no longer accept the call for violence and jihad

Yiğit Bulut, Erdogan's chief adviser claims the recovery of Greek islands from the Aegean, apparently lost after the fall of the Ottoman Empire: " Anatolia will march against Greece and no one can stop it. Greece must know its place and its geography and not violate us, as it did a century ago, with the help of Westerners, because it will be terrible for her ... ! "

- Erdogan's Turkey supports Hamas and treats Kurds as terrorists. Erdogan sees himself as the new Sunni caliph, threatening to attack the West, which supports the Kurds in north-west Syria and east of the Euphrates.


Arab countries

Social networks in many Arab countries are asking Israel to continue hitting Iran's military installations after the IDF attacked the T4 drone base.

In a general way, we can summarize the words on the net: " Thank you to Israel for avenging the blood of our brothers. Fortunately for us Arabs that Israel does not accept that Iran can control Syria - 80% Sunni - because no Arab country could have done it. Where are the Arab leaders? They abandon their people, as they abandon the Palestinians ... "



- Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz: " Beyond Western retaliation against Syrian chemical installations, we can not admit to turning Syria into an Iranian military base to attack us. If Assad accepts such a situation, he will pay the price "

- In the 11 years that have passed since the Israeli attack on Syria's nuclear weapons production site, a quiet revolution has taken place in the Israeli defense establishment. Today, IDF's ability to detect, analyze, and use information on emerging threats is much more advanced than it was in 2007.

Israel now has unprecedented capabilities to deal with the different types of threats that have emerged in the region amid the upheavals and expansion of Iran and its proxies, Hezbollah, Hamas or various militias.


la France

Luc Ferry, former Minister of National Education: "... This new anti-Semitism is all the more dangerous because it is "deadly" ... In some neighborhoods, there is no longer a Jewish student in public schools ". The philosopher even evokes a "ethnic cleansing"And says that 50,000 Jews have moved because of insecurity in some neighborhoods." Luc Ferry also points to the authorities who, he said, would not have become aware of the problem.It vilifies: "Islamo-leftism conceals this reality ... As soon as we say that it is an Islamist anti-Semitism, we are accused of being Islamophobic"- For Luc Ferry, the solution must come from Muslims who must do"what Catholics did with Vatican II":"Some verses of the Qur'an must be abandoned, corrected, denounced by the Muslim authorities"



- Krempel continues to deliver chemicals to Iran that were found in chemical-fired missiles fired at Ghouta near Damascus. In addition, the Merkel government refuses to consider Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and there are 950 Hezbollah members in the country. The Bank of Social Economy Cologne also hosts the BDS group accounts and refuses to write them off. Finally, there is a resurgence of neo-Nazi activities and a rise of anti-Semitism.

- Mathias Dopfner, President of Axel Springer: " For the evocation of the memory, we are giants, but for the action and the help, we are dwarves Advising Israel not to rely on Germany in the event of conflict in the Middle East.


United States

- The regulation called "Taylor Force Act" of 23/3/18 puts a condition to the grant of financial assistance to the PA, that of ceasing the remuneration of terrorists and their families, following a terrorist action .

- The Deep State, led by judges linked to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, set out to attack the US president's personal lawyer, raiding his offices and searching his files, only goal to reverse the 2016 elections and try to find a motive to dismiss Donald Trump.

- Unlike some dogmatic Jews, the overwhelming majority of American people reject Palestinian violence and the subversive Fatah or insurgent actions of Hamas.

- On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the country's newfound independence, the US president "tweeted" that Israel was the best friend of the United States " we have no better friends anywhere - Vice President Pence went further: " We join our ally to celebrate this 70th anniversary, miracle of Israel's rebirth in its historic homeland, an inspiration to the entire world. The American people are proud to stand by Israel on this memorable day and every day "

- Colorado Republican Representative Doug Lamborn has asked that a State Department report be declassified on the number of "Palestinian Refugees" considered as such by the United Nations, while the United States has a different definition of "Refugees". In fact, the United States has, in four years, granted more than $ 1 billion to refugees who are not for the most part. A procedure is under way to clarify who receives a grant: (a) redefining the "refugee" by excluding descendants, keeping only those who have a passport, and those living in the West Bank or Gaza; we would arrive at 20,000 refugees instead of 6 million! b) For others who wish to receive American aid, they must first officially admit that they are not "Palestinian refugees"

- US Representative to the UN Nikki Haley: " When the Security Council votes more than 70 resolutions against Israel, a country with a solid record of human rights and only 7 resolutions against Iran, a country with a catastrophic record of human rights, you know that something is wrong".

- A survey conducted by the University Quinnipiac shows that Nikki Haley has the approval of 63% US voters (75% of Republicans and 55% of Democrats)

- We are already talking about a Nikki Haley-Mike Pence ticket for the 2020 elections ...! and the arrival of President Donald Trump at the inauguration of his embassy in Jerusalem.



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