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Albert Soued and www.nuitdorient.com - No. 214 - April 12, 2018

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Palestinian Authority (PA)

- A reminder for the "forgetful": Israel withdrew unilaterally from the pre-1967 Gaza Strip in 2005. 8000 Israelis were expelled from their homes and all military infrastructure was dismantled. There is no longer any Jewish presence and, legally, no territorial claim.

Hamas, an Islamist organization known as a terrorist, took power in Gaza in 2007 and violently eliminated PA Mahmoud Abbas. Moreover, its main objective is to destroy Israel. Since taking over Gaza, Hamas has waged three wars against Israel, fired thousands of rockets and dug dozens of attack tunnels under the border, and has continuously manufactured and imported weapons. by all possible ways. Israel and Egypt have been forced to maintain a security blockade in Gaza to prevent the introduction of weapons or other means of destruction.

- Most of the 1.8 million inhabitants of this gang are of Egyptian origin and more than half are descendants of refugees from other parts of the formerly British Mandate Palestine. There are only a few thousand genuine refugees left, according to UN terminology.

The " walk of the so-called return In the direction of the Israeli border, organized by Hamas and financed by Iran and the Confederation of Muslim Brotherhood, is only the nth means of destabilization and desire to destroy Israel. The Hamas leaders incited a few thousand citizens, mixed with hundreds of real terrorists, to invade the no-man-land of 500 m, and to attack the separation barrier, supplying them with molotov cocktails, explosives, tires with to ignite to hide in the smoke and mirrors to blind Israeli soldiers. Despite two aggressive sessions of 20/30 000 Gazans, it seems that the result, both locally and internationally, is an ninth fiasco, denounced and condemned by several personalities of the PA. Arabia and Egypt demanded that this absurd "return march" be stopped.

- Kuwaiti journalist Al Watan Abdallah Al-Hadlaq criticized "The March of Return" as a provocation that leads to chaos and is not acceptable in Islam, accusing Hamas of using women and children as human shields.





- PA President Mahmoud Abbas, hoping to regain control of Gaza, has stepped up pressure on Hamas by cutting civil servants' salaries and limiting electricity supplies.

- Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, Imam at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Chairman of the Council of Scholars in Religion said that normalization with Israel does not conform to Arab and Islamic norms The only solution being to drive the occupier out of the holy land, equating it with cancer.

Mahmoud Abbas approved the PA budget of 18 billion sheqels, with 2 headings related to the allocation of funds to 2 Olp institutions, funds for terrorists and their families. The Commission for Prisoners and Ex-Inmates received 582 million shillings, and the Martyrs and Injured Foundation received 696 million shillings.

So the PA pays considerable sums every year to promote terror by rewarding terrorists incarcerated in Israeli jails or killed as part of their terrorist activities. There is even a scale of criteria: for the most bloody attacks the authors perceive high wages.



- 17 rebel groups, a combination of 25,000 Salafist, jihadist and ultra-extremist militants, trained and armed by Turkey, helped to establish President Erdogan's constant desire for a caliphate during the 7-year civil war, including the Afrin at the expense of Kurds.

 Members of the Baqir Brigade are involved in the Russian-Iranian offensive against the Kurdish defense bases and the Western coalition on the Euphrates. Supported by Iran, these forces were formed in the governorate of Aleppo in 2012 by two brothers named Khalid al-Hassan and Abu al-Abass, from the famous al-Baqara tribe. These two brothers fought alongside the Lebanese Hezbollah against Israel during the Second Lebanon War in July-August 2006.

- The city of Douma, north of Damascus, was attacked by chemical weapons (chlorine, Sarin ...) causing dozens of deaths and hundreds of sick and wounded. This attack is considered by the West as a crime against humanity, the consequences of which can be disastrous at the regional level, the regime of Assad, supported by Iran, having largely exceeded the red lines.

The Russia-Iran-Turkey meeting on Syria that was to calm the morbid game in Syria has shown its limits. President Erdogan dreams of the Caliphate of yesteryear he seeks to restore in the region. The Ayatollahs of Iran and their leader Khamenei seek to consolidate their early regional Shiite hegemony, having already subservient to Iraq, Lebanon and part of Yemen and Syria. The Russians seek to consolidate the sea and air bases installed on the west coast of Syria, in Alawite zone. But the Assad, who took advantage of the Iranians to reconquer part of Syria and the Turks to teach the Kurds a lesson, do not want either of them on their territory, the Turks being too ambitious Sunnis and the Iranian Shiites a different and distant obedience, and also too ambitious. The Assad are counting on the Russians to get rid of them. The Turks do not like the Iranians for the same reasons that the Iranians do not like the Turks and both rely on the Russians to get rid of the opponent. And in the middle of all this, dozens of groups, militias, brigades, each with a rebel objective to that of the other .... This is really not the time for the Americans to leave Syria and drop the only serious fighters, the Kurdish peshmergas.



King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, as well as Jizan, Najran and Abha Airports, were fired by Houthi rebels from the H2 Burkan missile. It has been three years since the Arab-led coalition of the Gulf countries tried to recover, without any notable success, the capital Sanaa and the territories conquered by the Shiite rebels backed by Iran. The conflict caused the deaths of 10,000 civilians, without any precautions, and displaced 2 million citizens in an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, with one million people infected by a cholera epidemic.



The protests of Iranian Arab citizens of Arabistan, or Khuzestan, have been going on for three weeks against the repressive and discriminatory policies of the dictatorship in Iran. The Ahwazi hold up posters calling for the release of 170 political prisoners and slogans against the dictatorship of the mullahs. Protesters were attacked by repressive forces with tear gas and live ammunition.



The Hamas office in Istanbul is responsible for planning terrorist attacks and transferring funds to the organization's terrorists in the West Bank. It is led by Saleh al-Arouri, from Beirut, assisted by many members of Hamas.



Few media speak of it, but a Pashtun revolt against the Taliban is underway. The Pashtun are an important ethnic group of 40/50 million Sunnis, straddling Pakistan and Afghanistan.



- Defense Minister said Palestinian journalist killed during "March of Return" was just a disguised terrorist and put his life at risk by maneuvering a drone over IDF soldiers

- The country is at 5th world rank in terms of longevity, mainly due to a combination of factors such as an effective health care system, healthy "Cretan" style food, low alcohol, family ties and strong cultural values. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics 93% of the population considers themselves happy or very happy.


la France

Philippe-Emmanuel Toussaint"Anti-Zionism", this vast joke, appears for what it has always been: the miserable sex-hide of a feverish and villainous anti-Semitism; for if "the Zionists are not the Jews," then why, as Al-Qaradawi obsessively argues, the need for a new Shoah to "finish the job"? What does the swastika of the SS do in the criticism of the Israeli state? At that point, let me correct the spelling of Hamas: HamaSS - That's better, now I'm fine.


- Thetraveler-writer Sylvain Tesson au Figaro : " Yes. I am struck by the state of apparently sincere surprise of those who seemed to discover the concept of Islamist terror with the Bataclan or Charlie Hebdo while it dates from the Hegira! Let us remember the ravages and raids in Provence or the South West in the Middle Ages. Basically, these attacks only awoke the memory of people who slept and did not read the Koran. Or they had not traveled: when I crossed Central Asia by bike 20 years, I saw these manifestations of terrifying hatred and violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I returned then with the hope that this sociological, political, psychic, administrative and religious proposal could never be expressed in France. Now, not only is she expressing herself, but she has already won ".                                          

You do not believe at all in the existence of moderate Islam? " Moderate Islam is in the same register as popular banks or military music: it is an oxymoron ".

- Under the pen name of Joseph Krasny, in 1972, Edwy Plenel took up the cause for the Black September terrorists who had just killed 11 members of the Israeli delegation to the Olympics. from Munich. Their fight was his fight.

A study by the Fondapol Foundation, entitled: "Antisemitism in French public opinion", Gives a glimpse of anti-Semitism in France. In global society, 25% of the population still has antisemitic prejudices. The study concludes that these prejudices against Jews, remain two to three more prevalent (Mediapart) among the Muslims.

Similarly, 32% of high school students who declared that they were Muslims "adhere to absolutist religious ideas", compared to 6% of Christians and 14% of other worshipers.




The government spends £ 20 million on Palestinian schools. According to Impact-Se (Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education), this sum funds an education system that incites violence and murder of Jews (jihad) and encourages suicide and martyrdom.


United States

The Trump administration has just liquidated two military aviation bases, one in Turkey, Incirlik, the other in Qatar, al Oudeid, to replace them with a base in Arabia, near Riyadh.



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