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PPPPP No. 213


Albert Soued and www.nuitdorient.com - No. 213 - March 25, 2018

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Palestinian Authority (PA)

- Ayoub Kara, Minister of Communications of Israel, of Druze origin: " Mahmoud Abbas is totally disturbed. His scornful and anti-Semitic remarks about the US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, dog son and colon ") Are proof that his career is over and this is his swan song ... In fact Friedman is right, we will continue to build everywhere, because this is our land "

- Presented to the US Congress, the "Taylor Force Act" will end any US aid to the PA, if this organization does not end the payment of wages and pensions to terrorists and their families. Today the AP grants $ 350 million / year to terrorists.

- The Palestinian Islamic Jihad is the most powerful terrorist group in Gaza after Hamas. It does not recognize Israel's right to exist and considers violence and terror as the only means of "liberating Palestine from the Jordan to the sea"

- A century ago, following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, many Arabs residing in the Syrian zone, called "Palestine", emigrated to Chile and this migration has continued to this day. There are more than half a million Arabs of so-called Palestinian origin (out of 18 million inhabitants), totally integrated in Chile, speaking only Spanish and forming a rich and well educated elite. However, these Chileans of Arab origin, constituting 10% of the Chilean Senate and Chamber of Deputies, continue to consider themselves as "stateless Palestinians" - Nevertheless, comparable to that of Israeli Arabs, their situation is worthy and enviable, it is compared to that of the Palestinians of the PA or of the "Palestinian refugees" in the different camps of the Arab countries, yet subsidized and cajoled by Unrwa and the West.



After two months of fierce fighting and fierce Kurdish resistance, the Turkish army and its jihadist auxiliaries entered the town of Afrin. President Erdogan can now implement his promise to drive out the Kurdish population and replace it with another. If the international community does not act with firmness, the campaign "Rameau d'Olivier" will not only be the tomb of many innocent civilians, but also that of our values, which should distinguish between "civilization and barbarism".

- The Syrian army of Bashar al-Assad used Palestinian forces to make up for the lack of soldiers. First, these forces were used to protect the Palestinian refugee camps and then as auxiliary forces of the National Army. We can note the Al-Quds Brigades, 3,500 well-trained combatants, operating everywhere and who suffered significant losses, then the "Kouwat al Galil" forces, militias of several thousand combatants with small arms and armored vehicles, operating Al Qalamoun Mountain, Deir el Zor, then Idlib. Then, in the Syrian Army, there are the Palestine Liberation Army (Fatah al Intifada) and the Ahmed Jibril PFLP-GC, Ahmed Jibril's Palestine Liberation Front, with a total of 5,000 combatants.



In a rare apparition, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah addressed his fans, asking them to obey the recommendations of Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei. Muhammad Ali Al-Husseini, a Shiite cleric, has demanded that Nasrallah's Lebanese nationality be revoked for his affiliation with Iran, saying: " The statements of Hassan Nasrallah harm Lebanon, its constitution and its laws, it is a true collaboration of a Lebanese citizen with a foreign nation "



An expert analysis of religious liberty shows that the texts of schools and mosques have not yet been redacted from anti-infidel statements and opposed to Western civilization. The country has not followed the deadlines to erase the defamatory language of Arabic educational texts.



- According to reports from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), road congestion in Israel is the number one problem in the country. "Israel suffers from the worst congestion, compared to other countries of the Ode; and the situation will only get worse"Said IMF Deputy Director Craig Beaumont. "Israel's population is growing, quality of life is growing, more and more people are turning to private vehicles and the challenge of infrastructure is accelerating"-The transport density of 2800 vehicles per km of road is 3.5 times  above the OECD average, resulting in additional costs estimated at 25/35 billion shekels. Solutions such as shared transportation, carpools, public transit lanes and an entry tax in the city seem urgent, given the slow pace of infrastructure work.                                                                                 A new party announced recently by Orly Levy-Abekasis, former MP for Yisrael Beytenou won 5 seats in a poll conducted by the chain "hadashot", even before this party has a name or he has named anyone on his lists. Daughter of a former minister, David Lévy, Levy-Abekasis wants to get out of the traditional right-left paradigm. - According to Pr Stephen M. Schwebel, judge and former president of the International Court of Justice, and according to the facts, the War of 6 Days of 1967 was a defensive war for Israel (closure of the Straits of Tiran by Egypt of Nasser), although this country initiated the military offensive. Therefore, according to international law all conquered territories are "disputed" and not "occupied" territories, as some media claim.

United States

- According to a CBS poll, 48% of Americans believe that the investigation conducted by Robert Mueller, on the Trump-Russia collusion in the 2016 presidential elections, has political motives. Similarly, 63% of voters, in a Harvard Caps-Harris poll, think that the FBI hides in Congress vital information on the collusion between the Clinton and Russia ...

- At the latest news, peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs has become a "possibility" of breaking the current stalemate.


la France

- 1st minister Edouard Philippe wants to reinforce the rules governing public hate speech and ensure that Internet giants remove any racist or anti-Semitic remarks on social networks.

For the 29th anniversary of the web, its inventor Tim Berners-Lee has publicly asked the platforms of the Net to take all the appropriate measures to prevent the web from being used as a mass weapon on a global scale.

- Romain Franck, a French citizen and driver at the Jerusalem Consulate - who reports directly to the Quai d'Orsay - used his diplomatic vehicle to transport 70 handguns and two assault rifles from Gaza to Judea and Samaria. A Palestinian guard resident of East Jerusalem was also arrested, along with several other Palestinians from the Gaza Strip who were illegally staying in Judea and Samaria. All were part of a network arming terrorists. A senior Shin Bet official has denounced " the cynical exploitation of immunity and privileges granted to foreign representatives in Israel to smuggle weapons ... that could be used in terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens and security forces ".



The German ambassador to Iran, Michael Klor-Berchtold praised Ali Larijani, Speaker of Parliament and known "denier" of the Holocaust. This ambassador never condemned the public clock permanently giving the remaining time for the disappearance of the Zionist state in the Middle East, to the point that the newspaper Bild called him "loser", because of his attitude favorable towards "those who hate the Jews". The same is true of Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, who participates in the annual "al Quds" rally in Berlin where he is conducting a BDS campaign against Israel. Decidedly, all "quai d'Orsay" or "Foreign Office" are alike, totally "qatarized" ...!


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