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Albert Soued and www.nuitdorient.com - No. 212 - March 11, 2018

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Palestinian Authority (PA)

Bassam Tawil, journalist: For Palestinians, Israel is a big colony - What really disturbs the Palestinians is that Israel, with the Jews, exists, period. Palestinians want everything Jerusalem. They want all the "Palestine". They want Israel removed from the planet. It is time to listen carefully to what the Palestinians say - in Arabic - to understand that the conflict does not concern Jerusalem or the settlements.

Frankly and in Arabic at a Hamas rally in the Gaza Strip, Ismail Radwan told declared to the thousands of supporters of his terrorist group that there was no East Jerusalem or West. "The whole city belongs to Palestinians and Muslims ... the whole city of Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Palestine“.

- According to Khalil Shikaky's Palestinian Polling Institute, 79% of Palestinians consider the PA to be very corrupt and want it to be dissolved, 65% want the resignation of their "president for life" Mahmoud Abbas.

- All serious Middle East specialists believe that a Palestinian state will be just as bankrupt as most Arab states in the Middle East. According to "Arab Human Development Report (AHDR)", 3 out of 4 Arabs will live, in 2020, in a country with a high probability of conflict. So what would be the use of an "other so-called Palestinian state" in a region that is about stable and democratic?


The front lines of the People's Protection Units (YPG) are yielding under the pressure of the Air Force and the Artillery of the bloody dictator Erdogan. The invader is now less than a few kilometers from the capital of the township, Afrin, by the Southwest, and a dozen from the Northeast and Sharan province; the main fighting in Sharan is currently around the villages of Kafr Jannah and Maaraskeh, literally drowned in the shells of planes and cannons. These two axes constitute the zones of push of the Turkish offensive on Afrin-city ... .The cause seems militarily lost and one fears massacres in the hours to come, especially as the international community, including the allies Kurds remain silent, as if they hoped that Erdogan would end his aggression as quickly as possible, killing as few people as possible (source: www.menapress.org/)

Under the eyes of our grandparents, the Turks eliminated 1.5 million Armenians in 1915Are we going to let Erdogan eliminate 1 million Kurds before our eyes?

- The Al-Ghouta rebel zone east of Damascus is collapsing under the blows of artillery and Syrian aviation, helped by the Russians and Hezbollah. Assad's army concentrated its efforts on capturing the area and loosening the grip around Idlib, south of Aleppo. In this sector, the group Release of Al-Sham, affiliated with Al Qaeda, seeks to reoccupy the city.



In the West, the border region of the province of Al Anbar is still occupied by the Islamic State forces. 1st Minister decided to form a division of the army composed mainly of soldiers coming from this province, in order to pacify it and to avoid the return and the infiltration of the Islamists.



- According to Kenneth R. Timmerman, American editorialist, the founder of the Corps of Revolutionary Guards, Maj. General Mohsen Rezai, remains is one of the most influential politicians in the country. When this man claims he intends to shave the city of Tel Aviv, he really thinks he, who has not hesitated to have his son of 35 years in Dubai killed, because he had deserted the Iran for the United States. His son was hosted by Timmerman and told him that Iran has procured all the components of the Shahab-3 missile, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, in North Korea, and the drawings of a Chinese bomb. with Dr. AQ Khan. It would be foolhardy to dismiss threat Of Rezai, because he knows what he's talking about ... (Source: www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/269419/deadly-threat-iran-kenneth-rtimmerman)
According to Memri, Ayatollah Khamenei's special adviser, Ali Akbar Velayati, told Mashad at the Palestinian Intifada Support Conference: We will continue our process in the Middle East, in order to become the most decisive force in the region, to thwart the plots of Israel and the United States ... We reject their arrogance .... And we are present in Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon, at the request and in coordination with the governments of these countries. We help Yemen because it is our human duty. Arabia must understand that its interference turns the country into Vietnam ... if we remained silent, if the great general Qassem Soleimani and the wisdom of our leader Ali Khamenei did not exist, Israel would have opened a front on our doorstep, in Kurdistan Iraqi ... our people should understand itdre ... "

- Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Foreign Minister, discussed in Tehran the Iranian missile program and the signed Nuclear Agreement for its possible revision. Ayatollah Khamenei answered him on the net: " European countries come to Tehran, seeking to negotiate our presence in the Middle East. But this is not your business. This is our region. Why are you here ? He also said he would negotiate with America the day his country seeks to settle in America ....



According to journalist Daniel Pipes, President-dictator Erdogan has passed the point of no return and it is time for the West to begin to eject him from NATO because it is now impossible to reconcile him with the interests and Western values. It sabotaged all the measures taken to punish Iran by facilitating the transfer of capital to that country. He helped the Islamic State by facilitating the passage of terrorists and suicide men and weapons. In addition, he bought the Russians the S-400 anti-missile system and threatens Europe to open borders for a migrant invasion.

The principles of NATO are the safeguarding of freedoms and democracy and the strict application of the law. Turkish prisons are full of tens of thousands of non-judgmental opponents, and hundreds of thousands of others have lost jobs and status. In 16 years, the country has become a bloody dictatorship with a dangerous leader who has all the powers. Erdogan has managed to detest the West and especially the United States by more than 2/3 of Turks, regardless of their level of education.


The heir to the throne of the country, Mohamed ben Salman, known as MBS, has been looking for 3 years to get his country out of the doldrums where he is and where plunged the oil phase of easy money that lasted more than 80 years . Will he succeed in frankly launching his country in the path of modernization? To date, he has not yet been dismissed and has not been murdered, which is already a notable success. But according to our information, he is determined to succeed his projects, including the emancipation of women and the construction of a new city "Niyoume", which must announce the change of course.

The shadow on the blackboard, apart from the resistance of some nostalgic palm / camel / tent, is the failure of the Yemeni expedition against the Houthi Shiites, because of the bogged down in a politico-tribal struggle -ethnic, encountered elsewhere in most Arab countries of the Middle East. On the other hand, a strategic victory is vital because of the Shiite minority in Saudi Arabia, sitting on the oil fields ...

A success nonetheless: MBS offered 140 jobs to women for the control of the air traffic, it received ... 100,000 requests! According to MBS, the Kingdom needs women to develop, and they must be fully integrated into all activities of society ... Let us wish it a great success!

Arab countries

Why do not Arabs like Palestinians? Quite simply because they are congeners who left their country to go to work in Mandatory Palestine, then became "refugees", after the wars lost by the Arab armies against Israel, and benefit from the benefits of the UN (via the Unrwa) and the West (housing, food, health, education ...), while they themselves have none of these benefits and often starve, in their home country.

Moreover, those who have not become "refugees" live in a prosperous and democratic country (Israel) and enjoy all the advantages and freedoms that those who have remained at home, in a country that has become chaotic or a dictatorship.

On the other hand, Palestinians refugees in camps of Arab countries or having succeeded to work there, during troubles in the country, took a stand against the government and amplified these troubles, in Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Syria ... causing massacres. No, the Arabs do not like Palestinians, especially those who have been around freedom and democracy because they have become lucid and demanding ...


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8 years of Obama v / 1 year of Trump Unlike the "politically correct" speech, 8 years of presidency Obama have weakened the United States both domestically and externally, and a year of Donald's presidency Trump, having as policy « AmericaFirst ", has made notable improvements that have restored a certain pre-eminence of the United States at the world level.



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