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PPPPP No. 211


Albert Soued and www.nuitdorient.com - No. 211 - February 25, 2018

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Palestinian Authority (PA)

- Dr. Arnon Gross, expert from Arab countries who read more than 200 books used in Arab schools of the PA: There is no chance of achieving peace as Palestinian school education is pursuing Israel with its tenacious hatred »- Indeed the schoolbooks of the AP and Unrwa demonize the Jews and Israel permanently and encourage the violent struggle to liberate Palestine,« from the Jordan to the Sea "

For more than twenty years, Itamar Marcus President of Palestinian Media Watch, translated and deciphered the words of Palestinian Arab leaders in their language, when addressing their people :they do not want Judea-Samaria and Gaza only, they also want Tel Aviv and Netanya and they want to slaughter any Jew who would dare to stay when they decide their murderous jihad ".


The Iranian drone Saegheh (storm) who approached the Israeli border had left the T4 base near Palmyra, operated by the Russians. He was monitored by the IDF from the start, then shot down by an Apache helicopter. This drone was copied to the secret, most technically advanced and unobtainable RQ-170 Sentinel, a copy of which was captured intact by Iran in 2011, with the help of the Chinese. Iran today has a fleet of Saegheh drones equipped with missiles, threatening the US military throughout the Middle East. Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami, head of the Guardians of the Revolution: " Today Iran has the military means to destroy any American base in the Middle East In the meantime, in retaliation for sending Saegheh drone to Israel in 12 raids, the IDF destroyed half of the country's Syrian bases.




Hezbollah is taking advantage of the Lebanon-Israel dispute over the sharing of gas exploitation zones in the eastern Mediterranean to stir up threats of war. But it is a question of separating between the two countries a small triangle of 860 km2, 25 km from the coast, at the limit of the block 9 Israeli and the Lebanese block 4 which will be drilled next year by Total.



Dr. Mohammad Al Issa, the new Secretary General of the Muslim World League, reformer of Saudi obedience, sent a letter to the Museum of the American Holocaust Memorial, expressing his great sympathy for the victims of the Shoah: " This human tragedy perpetrated by the evil Nazi will not be forgotten by history and it can not find the approval of anyone, apart from these Nazi criminals and their ilk. True Islam is opposed to these crimes and ranks them among the most criminally reprehensible human atrocities "



After investigation, according to the Center for Justice and Development of the Middle East, Turkey could be involved in the assassination of Italian researcher Giulio Regeni in Cairo, through agents of the Muslim Brotherhood, put to use by intelligence MIT of Hakan Fidan, with the aim of preventing any Italian-Egyptian coordination on the Libyan issue or the extension of Egyptian gas pipelines from the Eastern Mediterranean to Europe, in coordination with Italy , Cyprus, Greece and Israel, because of its impact on the Turkish-Russian pipeline project.

Turkey supports terrorist organizations in Libya in order to control this country and put pressure on the countries of the European Union, by sending in African migrants to Europe, by Libya and thus compel the European Union to integrate them .

The Center also accuses Turkey of causing the bombing of a Russian aircraft by Metrojet in December 2015 over Sinai.



The Geocartographia Institute, of Prof. Avi Degani has conducted a survey of voting intentions which shows a net fed-up of the population in the face of anti-Netanyahu hysteria. Survey conducted on February 3: Likud 30 (-), Yesh Atid 24 (+13), Zionist Camp 13 (-11), Habayit Hayehudi 12 (+4), Israel Beiteinou 8 (+2), Arabic List 8 (-5), Yahadut Hatorah 7 ( +1), Koulanou 7 (-3), Meretz 6 (+1), Shass 5 (-2).              Voting intentions on February 21: Likud with Netanyahu 34 (+4), Yesh Atid 20 (+9), Habayit Hayehoudi 14 (+6), Zionist Camp 12 (-12), Arabic List 12 (-1), Yahadout Hatorah 9 (+3), Koulanou 7 (-3), Israel Beiteinou 6 (-), Meretz 6 (+1). Shass does not meet the eligibility threshold. The coalition remains stable with 67 seats, but the right wing is strengthened with 54 seats against a left that barely reaches 18 seats and 30 if it is added the Arabic List. - An agreement was reached by a consortium, including Delek and the US group Noble Energy, with the Egyptian company Dolphinus for the supply of 64 billion m3 of gas extracted from the offshore Leviathan and Tamar fields in the Mediterranean. The contract amount is expected to reach $ 15 billion. In 2016, an estimated $ 10 billion contract has been signed with Jordan to export gas extracted from Leviathan, which should begin in 2019.


la France
- The political scientist Pierre-andré Taguieff: « To sum up my remarks, I will say that the recent anti-Jewish wave results from the interferences of three types of mobilization: radical radical anti-radicalism, mystical pro-Palestinianism and jihadist Islamism. We must therefore fight on two fronts: on the one hand, to do everything to stop the progress of Islamist impregnation in Muslim cultural circles, on the other hand, to replace by the knowledge and analysis of the Israeli conflict. Palestinian pro-Palestinian Islamist vulgate which spreads widely today, with the accompanying Israelophobia, relayed by many media ".

- Hidalgo, the failure Constant traffic jams, stagnant pollution despite the hunt for motorists, dry finances, sectarian housing policy and polemics on a regular basis, clean streets at half-mast ... Never have the political choices and the authoritarian method of the "queen mayor" of Paris were also contested, right and left. It is to believe that she lost the hand.



- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has insulted Iran for its calls to annihilate Israel, ahead of Javad Zarif, Iran's Foreign Minister, sitting next to him on the podium in Moscow, at the conference of Valdai International Discussion Club With the title "Russia in the Middle East, playing on all fronts »:« We have already said repeatedly that we do not accept this statement against Israel, as a Zionist state, calling for its destruction and erasure of the map. This is the most flawed way to advance one's own interests "

- Leonid Frolov, Russian Deputy Ambassador to Israel: "If Iran one day attacks Israel, Moscow will side with Israel. In case of Iranian aggression against Israel, it is not only the United States that will support Israel but also Russia ... Many citizens live in Israel and Israel is a friend of Russia. We will not allow Israel to be attacked".


United States

- US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley to the Security Council as the world body discusses the civil war in Syria: "President Bashar al-Assad's regime is a front for Iran, Hezbollah and their allies to advance an irresponsible and dangerous agenda for the Middle East ... On all fronts of this conflict, we find fighters that Iran has brought from Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan. When we see the Assad regime starving civilians in Eastern Ghouta or harassing schools or destroying hospitals in Idlib, we see Iranian advisers and Hezbollah helping to direct these atrocities .... But again, Russia was supposed to guarantee that all chemical weapons would be eliminated from Syria. Instead, we see the Assad regime continuing to bomb, starve, and yes, gass civilians "

A bipartisan group of Congressional Representatives has sent a letter to Head of State Department Rex Tillerson expressing his concern that the United States still needs to develop "a strategy that guarantees that Iran will not have a permanent presence on the Israeli border"."The last weekend's incursion into Israeli airspace from an Iranian drone is totally unacceptable, and just the most recent example of Iran's destabilizing and malicious activities in the region and around the globe ... Tehran does not may not be allowed to use the conflict in Syria to establish a permanent presence at the door of our ally Israel"

In his latest book, the writer and art critic Roger Kimball describes the "de-civilization", ie all the political correctness in the post modernist intelligentsia, the church, especially that of the pope, the political parties, the media etc ..., offering on a plateau the civilization to totalitarian people who hate it.

The totalitarian doctrine exploits the freedoms offered by democracy in order precisely to destroy these freedoms and to abolish democracy. He gives the flagrant example of international organizations that are manipulated and often dominated by totalitarian and tyrannical Arab and Islamic regimes seeking to criminalize the only democracy in the Middle East. We come to the point where the Human Rights Council spends its time condemning Israel and nothing but this country.



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Analysis of Syrian ChaosVery recently, the Russians lost between 100 and 300 mercenaries in a single battle in support of Syrian forces estimated at 500 fighters and Shiite militias affiliated with Iran, against the Syrian Democratic Forces, supported by a unit of American specialists, 150 meters from an American base, near Deir el Zor, in east-central Syria. www.nuitdorient.com/n22a552.htm


Disturbances and Scandalous BehaviorThe criminal charges recommended by the Israeli police against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the reactions of politicians and the media may be the most outrageous political mess in Israel's history. www.nuitdorient.com/n3786.htm

Who are the Main Actors of the Libyan Conflict?  – Seven years after the beginning of the revolution in Libya, the situation is more than ever chaotic. On the economic, political, security and humanitarian levels, the country remains very weak, despite a significant decrease in violence



Europe, stop giving lessons to IsraelIs not it wonderful to see the silence of Europe on Iran's aggression against Israel and the self-defense of the Jewish state? Europe seems to have chosen the path of cowardice and disgrace, the path of progressive moral and political decadence. www.nuitdorient.com/n34100.htm


Why does the United States offer Military Aid to Israel?  – I regularly hear this anti-Israeli comment from some Americans: "Why are we giving Israel $ 3.8 billion each year?". – www.nuitdorient.com/n24152.htm


UNRWA vs HCR - The Shocking Figures!UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees) and UNHCR (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) are mandated by the United Nations to assist refugees, but there are important differences between how do these two organizations spend their money and, therefore, to what extent are they using this money successfully and effectively to end the refugee crisis?



Russia Builds 4 New Air Bases in Syria and Deploys 6,000 Additional Troop Men - On December 11, 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin, followed by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoeg, announced that the Russian army would withdraw from Syria to return to its bases in Russia. In reality, tell us our sources of military intelligence, the opposite is happening - www.nuitdorient.com/n22a551.htm


The Egyptian Regime and the Coptic Minority           – Egypt has built a new cathedral in Cairo, but quietly closes Coptic churches in villages all over the country - www.nuitdorient.com/n1825.htm


Speech to the Knesset –  Vice President Mike Pence delivered a rare and warm speech to the State of Israel. The words he uttered, marked by Zionism and Biblical references, provoked many standing ovations "And are likely to piss off many Israeli MPs and journalists or" experts "who have continued to downplay the importance of this visit or even to show disdain for his own person for a few days. www.nuitdorient.com/n3564.htm


8 years of Obama v / 1 year of Trump Unlike the "politically correct" speech, 8 years of presidency Obama have weakened the United States both domestically and externally, and a year of Donald's presidency Trump, having as policy « AmericaFirst ", has made notable improvements that have restored a certain pre-eminence of the United States at the world level.



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