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Albert Soued and www.nuitdorient.com - No. 209 - January 31, 2018

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Palestinian Authority (PA)

- Hezbollah Unit 133 has been instructed by Iran to recruit Palestinians in Judea and Samaria, train them and fund them for terrorist acts in the region. This unit is already very active in Jordan and Sinai.

- John Kerry, former VP of the United States, met a friend of Abu Abbas to advise him to calm down and stop opposing President Donald Trump because he would be removed from office within one year ".

- More and more journalists find themselves in prison or deprived of their press card for having described the political situation freely, without taking into account the dictates of the Abu Mazen henchmen ... (cf Tareq Abu Zeid, Mamdouh Hamamreh, Kutaiba Qassem, Amer Abu Arafeh and Ahmed Halaikah)


- Israel uses several groups from the Free Syrian Army (ASL) in a three-phase plan to impose the famous "security zone" of a depth of 40 km that the Jewish state has failed to negotiate with Moscow and Washington, during discussions on "non-aggression zones" or "deconfliction zones". The goal is to repel the influence of Hezbollah forces and pro-Iranian militias - estimated at 82,000 troops across Syria, including 3,000 Iranian Revolutionary Guards - at a distance of 40 km from the border and if possible "as far as Hama". In addition, the IDF reportedly began training and equipping a Border Police force with at least 500 Golan Knight fighters (Fursan al-Joulan) to prepare them for the second phase of the Israeli security zone. This force will patrol along the line of separation, from south of Hader to Quneitra.

- Katibat al-Ghuraba al-Turkistan (KGT), a jihadist group with one year of seniority, has announced the creation of a Palestinian sub-unit within its own organization. The new armed arm of the KGT is designed to accommodate Palestinians and other assimilated Arabs in its ranks.

Saudi Arabia & Emirates

Dr. Alissa is the Secretary General of the Muslim World League and the President of the International Organization of Muslim Researchers. In an official letter to Sara Bloomfield, director of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, he says, speaking of the Holocaust: This human tragedy perpetrated by the evil Nazism will not be forgotten by history, and will not meet the approval of anyone except the criminal Nazis or their kind. True Islam is against these crimes. It ranks them in the highest degree of penal sanctions and among the worst human atrocities. One would wonder who, in his good sense, would accept, sympathize, or even diminish the scope of this brutal crime. A crime to distort history... »



On the sidelines of the Davos summit, King Abdullah alerted Hariri on the risk of losing funding to the Trump administration of refugee camps. But these subsidies are "existential" because the two host countries were shaken in the past by violence and uprisings of said refugees. Meanwhile, the king expects Trump's peace plan to be ready by March 2018 and describes it as " a race car that goes without brakes ". According to the king, Abu Mazen tried to resist this plan that was presented to him by the heir to the Saudi throne, Mohamed ben Slimane (MBS). But he was forced to stop his attacks on the US administration, after failing to convince the ministers of the six Arab League countries in Amman to take a collective stand against Trump. The king concluded, "We need to give Americans the benefit of the doubt, and work together to help Americans, Israelis and Palestinians find a satisfactory deal "



In his characteristic megalomania, President Erdogan pursues his hegemonic ambitions by preventing an ethnic minority from a neighboring state, the Kurds, from having territorial continuity and relative autonomy in Syria. So he invades the north of this country, while bombing, without success, however, Kurdish cities. For Erdogan this pursuit of the reconstitution of the lost caliphate is a form of "jihad". Whereas for the West, forced conversions, massacres, terror, ethnic cleansing are crimes, for the fundamentalist Muslim it is only the "right way of jihad" to extend Islam and rid it of infidels .

Thus, in his many speeches Erdogan does not stop criticizing Israel, treating this country " of illegitimate occupier and terrorist state ". He forgets that 3000 years ago Greco-Assyro-Armenian Turkey was not Turkish, a people of Central Asia, while Israel was already a Hebrew kingdom for a long time ... Islamized Turks took centuries to Islamize Anatolia is today "cleansed" of any other religion, including 1.5 million Armenians, in a real holocaust, preparatory to that of Hitler.


- Between 1999 and 2011, philanthropic donations quadrupled reaching the sum of 0.6 billion shequel

- In terms of the social ostracism of schools, 6% of students (3.4% of Jews and 11% of Arabs) were victims in 2015, a decrease of one third in 8 years.


la France
- Head of the Higher Council of Programs, and philosopher specialized in Islamic spirituality, Saoud Ayada strongly criticized the current textbooks: " I tell you say very directly. When we read the programs, it is a teaching that does not respect the rules of critical history ... It aims to flatter, to appease ... It is a dogmatic teaching. The prophet of Islam is presented, without putting into perspective the socio-cultural context ... It is a teaching that sanctifies. It is a teaching that does not seem to me to be used as knowledge hunts "

There is a dangerous islamophiliaas exaggerated as it is useless, which develops in the West, and deserves a little attention.

- An Ifop survey for the Jean Jaurès Foundation shows that 8 French out of 10 believe in at least one of the great theories of conspiracy, 34% believe at least 4, and 13% at least 7.

Otherwise, for 36% the media have limited room for maneuver and they can not deal with certain issues as they wish, as they are largely subject to pressure from political power and money. They are even 55% to think that among the sympathizers ecologists and rebellious. Only 25% think that the media is correctly restoring the information and is able to correct itself when they have made a mistake.

United States

- More and more Muslim religious and academics around the world, and in particular Khaleel Mohammed, Professor of Religion at San Diego State University, recognize today that the Quran specifies in various verses that the Holy Land goes back to the Jewish people, the people of Moses.

- Daniel Pipes, political scientist and journalist, on the issue of Palestinian refugees and Unwra funding: " That's why while enthusiastically supporting Trump's political goals, I suggest that withholding funds is not the right strategy. It would be better to focus on the status of "Palestinian refugee". Denying this status to anyone who does not meet the conventional definition of a refugee, according to the US government (ie being at least 69 years old, stateless and living outside the West Bank and Gaza), would decrease the irredentist pressure weighing on Israel by more than 99%. It would also call into question the status of "Palestinian refugee", allow millions of Palestinians to live healthier lives, defuse Arab anti-Zionism and help resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict.e ». According to this definition, there would be only 20,000 refugees left, a situation that is easy to resolve, without displacement of population.

- There is growing evidence that social networks (YouTube, Google, FaceBook ...), in their policy of cleaning up hate speech, censor videos and texts explaining what is radical Islam and the genocide of Christians in the Orient for example, explaining that these are documents that can offend young people, as much as sexual subjects ...! So journalist Raymond Ibrahim saw his 2 videos of objective information censored " Radical Islam, the most dangerous ideology »And« Christians, the minority of the world most persecuted by the islam - While we let broadcast on the net

thousands of actual or fabricated accounts of the mistreatment inflicted on Muslims by the "infidels" (cf yohinga of Burma for example)

- Since the last US elections, the Democratic Party has been applying the socio-political theories of the radical communist philosopher, Saul Alinsky, godfather of community organization system ", A simple euphemism for arousing in local communities," public anger, political hatred, violence... "- Once spotted and designated the political opponent to be defeated, we concentrate all the resources and energy for this mission; the targeted individual is attacked publicly, treated as dangerous to the people. Alinsky teaches: " Choose the target, focus on it, freeze it, customize it, polarize it To evoke an emotional visceral revulsion as soon as his face appears or his voice is heard. " The organizer of the community who forgets this individual subjective identification, by losing himself in logical and futile justifications, is a looser - The image and the narration must be repeated to infinity without any justification or explanation.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are followers of Alinsky and have applied his theories wonderfully against various political figures, especially Donald Trump.

According to Alinsky, to be effective, one must appear as the defender of moral principles and human decency and react in a dramatic and exaggerated way before any "gap" of the opponent, showing all the horror, the moral shock , outrage.

No quality of the opponent must be mentioned, it must be the devil at 100%, without possibility of forgiveness. There is no compromise, it is life or death. The pressure must be massive and permanent, diversifying the tactics, until the defeat of the opponent.

Recall the names and qualifiers for Trump: jester, deranged, insane, traitor, racist, fascist, islamophobe, xenophobe, homophobe, antisemite, misogynist ... .. (source: John Perazzo)


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