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PPPPP No. 208


Albert Soued and www.nuitdorient.com - No. 208 - January 24, 2018

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Palestinian Authority (PA)


- Led by an unelected 83-year-old president, the PA has chosen to wage a war against the Trump administration, which has stripped it of the symbolic capital of Jerusalem and part of the funding of its "refugee since generations ", via Unrwa. The two foundations of the castle of cards erected by Arafat crumbling, there remains only the "European glue" to maintain a semblance of building made of illusions, lies and slanders. Abu Mazen and the AP live their last moments.

- According to leaks from the latest plan under consideration by the Trump administration, a Palestinian state would be erected on the territories currently under the jurisdiction of the PA, in Judea and Samaria (Zones A and B). Its spine would be formed by the chain of Palestinian cities, ranging from Nablus in the north to Ramallah and Bethlehem and to Hebron in the south. The Gaza Strip would acquire parts of North Sinai, Rafah and El Arish, Egyptian cities. According to this plan, the capital would be Ramallah or possibly Abu Dis, where are already the administration and the parliament

- According to area specialist Pr Mordekhay Kedar, " Palestinian territorial contiguity is dangerous for Israeli national security. For security and demography reasons, Israel must keep as much land as possible in the West Bank. The evacuation of these areas will create a dangerous situation for Israeli security and will eventually require the reconquest of a large part of the West Bank. There is no reason to dismantle and destroy existing settlements, but instead we are proposing the creation of seven independent and distinct city-states in the West Bank (emirates), in addition to Gaza. As in the United Arab Emirates. According to the leaders of the party "habayit hayéhoudi" it is necessary to begin by annexing the zone C.




The riots concerned the 31 provinces of the country as well as the 18 ethnic groups; they brought together the poor as well as the academics, but in front of the armed militias "basijis" and the Guardians of the Revolution (IRGC), they fizzled. After a dozen thousand arrests and about thirty deaths and executions, they were resorbed. For how long ? Because the problems related to corruption and the concentration of wealth in the hands of a "nomenclatura" remain and can not be solved by the mullahs instigators. Thus the IRGC are involved in an illegal trade of $ 20 billion / year and their budget has increased by 24% one year to $ 8 billion.

There is an opposing group called "New Iran" and a possible leader named "behrouz" seeking to rally by non-violent means, with the aim of replacing the Islamic regime with a "secular and democratic" administration that respects the rights of the people. man (see http://www.thenewiran.com/whatisthenewiran.asp )




- Like Iran, another non-Arab state of the Middle East, Turkey continues its hegemonic offensive, nostalgic of the Ottoman Empire. New potentate, Erdogan has all the powers, leading 2 offensives in parallel. His army has once again entered Syria to prevent the creation of Syrian Kurdish continuity at its borders. But this is the minimum reward that this ethnic group can receive, after dismantling the Islamic State in Syria. Bashar al-Assad and the West condemned this incursion. Russia seems neutral at the moment.

After sending troops to Qatar, to help the emirate to counter the Arab offensive, and set up a naval base in Somalia, Turkey recovered from Sudan Suakin Island, on the Red Sea, 50 km south of Port Sudan. Turkey will take care of the administration, restore it while creating a strategic naval base against Arabia. Suakin was the seat of the Ottoman governor of Sudan and South of the Red Sea from 1821 to 1883. This offensive, intended to create a Qatar / Sudan axis to control the Red Sea, poses a problem to Egypt which has a dispute in fluvial (distribution of waters of the Nile) and territorial with Sudan, its southern neighbor. Cairo has just acquired two helicopter carriers and a frigate in France, three German submarines and dozens of Russian and French planes.
- While the number of students from religious schools has increased from 60,000 to 1.3 million in 15 years thanks to the action of Erdogan, that all the channels broadcast programs in Arabic, that Palestine was imposed As a matter of major concern, here are the results of polls on the negative opinions of Turkey, conducted by the Zogby Institute in 2016 among Arab peoples: Egypt 67%, Saudi Arabia 65%, United Arab Emirates 59%, Iraq 70% ... Decidedly the Arabs do not like the Ottomans.


Saudi Arabia & Emirates


- The Hejaz Railway was built in 1908 to connect Damascus to Medina crossing the Hejaz region of Saudi Arabia. It was supposed to extend to Mecca, to facilitate the pilgrimage to the holy city. A branch had been added going as far as Haifa to join the Mediterranean Sea. But when the First World War broke out, the railway and its associated lines were partially destroyed and the others closed.

Yisrael Katz, Israel's Minister of Intelligence and Transport, announced Israel's intention to revive the Hejaz Railway Project, linking Israel's port of Haifa with the Gulf States. " We will extend the route from Haifa and Beit Shean to King Hussein Bridge; the Jordanians will also extend on their side to connect it to the Saudi railways »(In all 200 km to build) - This project could worry Egypt because, beyond being a complement, it could prove a competitor to the Suez Canal, with a fall in revenues. It can nevertheless be noted that Canal revenues increased by 90% in 2017, thanks to its enlargement.

- The Kuwaiti journalist, Abdallah Al-Hadlaq,  in the daily al Watan: " Unrwa is a biased and racist organization that perpetuates the said Palestinian refugee problem, which obeys the dictates of Hamas and aims at the elimination of Israel ... It is high time to stop funding and assisting it, so that it collapses and disappears.... "

There are at least 8 Qur'anic Surahs who state that it is imperative that Jews return to the land of Israel (https://quran.com/5/20-26



The attacks that continue in this country are the result of a well-trained and well-armed Taliban faction, with its headquarters in northern Pakistan and working throughout the territory. It bears the name of its leader Sirajuddin Haqqani, well known in the region.



Pushing exaggeration to its extreme, leftists prevented a Likud deputy from paying a religious tribute to his dead mother. Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked: " When you prevent a man from reciting Qadish for his mother, in the name of freedom of expression it is no longer democracy. It's violent harassment ". Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein: " The persecution of Avihai Mandelblit even when he has to recite Qadish for his mother has exceeded all limits. This is a barbaric and worthy attitude that must be condemned without reservation. We must constantly act with balance, sensitivity and restraint ".

On the left, we understand that we went too far and that the images may play in the opposite direction. Opposition leader Ithak Herzog denounced the protesters: " It is a lack of tact and humanity. Even the sacrosanct freedom to manifest in a democracy has limits that must not be crossed ". Even Meirav Michaeli denounced a "shameful and dishonorable attitude".

United States


Guy Millière: Donald Trump has been accused of saying that there are "shitty countries" on the planet. There is no record of his words. The phrase was quoted by a Democratic senator named Dick Durbin, a man whose ability to lie and harm has long been known, and whose reliability is below zero. Donald Trump says he did not use it. A Republican senator whose friendship with Donald Trump is almost equivalent to the one linking Mahmoud Abbas to Binyamin Netanyahu, Lindsey Graham said that Donald Trump used inappropriate words but not those quoted by Dick Durbin. The other Republicans present said that Donald Trump did not use the phrase. The benefit of the doubt should overwhelmingly benefit Donald Trump. The slander machine nevertheless packed. The US leftist propaganda channels devoted all their airtime to the phrase, which allowed them not to mention Donald Trump's accomplishments any longer.


- If November 30 has been declared in Israel as  day of commemoration of the expulsion of the million Jews from the Arab countries, here is the young Trudeau, proud islamophile, seeking to institute a " Islamophobia Memorial Day ", and working for Islam since being elected MP in 2008.


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8 years of Obama v / 1 year of Trump  Unlike the "politically correct" speech, 8 years of presidency Obama have weakened the United States both domestically and externally, and a year of Donald's presidency Trump, having as policy « AmericaFirst ", has made notable improvements that have restored a certain pre-eminence of the United States at the world level.



Jerusalem, the Mood Ticket of a Franco-Israeli DirectorDirector Pierre Rehovrevisits the decision to Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He is astonished at the international outrage provoked by this decision.



Macron, Chateaubriand and JerusalemIn 2017, Macron, become president, informs us of his "concern" that Jerusalem would finally be recognized, by right, property of "these legitimate masters of Judea slaves and foreigners in their own country" by a realistic American president endorsing a situation of unification of Jerusalem dating back to 1967, www.nuitdorient.com/n3652.htm


If I ever forget you, Jerusalem, let my right disappear! (Psalm 137/5)Jerusalem, light of peace, is located at an altitude of more than 500 m, near a major fault of - 500 m, in the center of the world of biblical antiquity, at the intersection of 3 continents. For nearly 2000 years nobody spoke or little and then suddenly, it is the planetary hysteria. www.nuitdorient.com/n28167.htm


The Geopolitical and Democratic Debacle of Turkey During the Arab Spring, the whole world pointed to Turkey, a republic turned towards the West and a paragon of moderate Islamism. www.nuitdorient.com/n2747.htm


Who are the inhabitants of Jerusalem since the First Census in 1844? Who are the inhabitants of Jerusalem since the implementation of the first modern censuses of the 19th century until 1948?



Iranian Foreign Legions in Syria  – The international press devotes numerous reports and articles to foreign jihadists fighting under the banner of Daesh. The spotlight is on the Western coalition raids on terrorist leaders and bases and on attempts to mobilize and recruit new European fighters into the ranks of the "Islamic State" organization. www.nuitdorient.com/n26104.htm 


The 7 Consequences of the Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of IsraelDonald Trump just recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Cassandras on all sides predict, among other things, a catastrophe, a flash of the Middle East, a wave of unprecedented attacks against the Hebrew State and the US, a new intifada and the end of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. What is it really?



The King is Naked - Trump Unmasks the Tartuffes        – What is more serious in the life of nations than the call of one of them to destroy another? Yesterday Germany, today Iran. What is more serious in the life of nations than their general indifference to such an appeal? - www.nuitdorient.com/n1623.htm


In the East, the night is not over yet        – Massacres of Yazidis in Iraq, Sufis and Christians in Sinai, slavery in Libya, ethnic cleansing in Syria, honor killings under the Palestinian Authority, numerous hangings in Iran, massive roundups in Turkey and purges in Arabia, famine and epidemics in Yemen ... and we can continue this way indefinitely, hoping that one day a glimmer may appear on the horizon - www.nuitdorient.com/n28165.htm


World Wave of Antisemitism        Anti-Semitism has been endemic since Abraham and the birth of monotheism. It only changes shape, motivation and scale over time. The rejection or hatred of the other is part of human nature, but that does not mean that we can excuse it.



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