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Albert Soued and www.nuitdorient.com - No. 207 - January 08, 2018

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Palestinian Authority (PA)

- The Palestinian refugees are the only refugees in the world with their own UN agency (UNRWA) to maintain them ad vitam eternam, while every other refugee is treated in the year by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). that is, at the end of a year, he is no longer in charge of UNHCR. Since 1949, the Unrwa has had more than 5 million refugees, who started out with less than 700 000. Among them, the agency counts 449,957 refugees in 12 camps in Lebanon that it maintains. But both the Lebanese Statistical Office and the PA have only 174,535 refugees. Where did the difference go and who cashed the corresponding amounts of money from the states, especially the United States? Unrwa receives $ 1.2 billion a year, including a quarter of the United States. This country would consider cutting its contribution.

- According to Muhammad Ashtia, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, Palestinian leaders will not be satisfied with appeals to the United Nations Security Council and the General Assembly, but will continue their efforts to recruit international support and discredit Israel. According to Azzam al-Ahmed, a member of Fatah's Central Committee, Palestinians will continue to take action in the United Nations Security Council, the Human Rights Council, join international organizations and appeal to the United Nations. ICC. Recall that the AP opened embassies or legations in more than 90 countries ... Very good results for a ghost state! Guy Millière, geopolitician: « There is no other example in the history of the world where a state that does not exist can have embassies and delegations supposed to function as if that state existed. " ... " Palestinians are the first people invented (by the KGB and Arafat) to serve as a weapon of mass destruction against another people. "



- Mahmoud Sadeqi, member of parliament or "majlis": " Corruption in Iran has reached unimaginable proportions and has become systemic. It no longer concerns particular sectors, because it is everywhere, in all political circles, the executive, the judiciary, the legislature, the military... "- The billionaire Babak Zanjani, now in prison, reveals that he helped Khomeini's family to acquire $ 8 billion, hidden in Doubai. According to Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi, head of the Council of Opportunities, the mullahs and their security services have invested $ 700 billion abroad ...

- The military budget grew by 145% in 2017 and the contribution to Hezbollah increased from $ 300 million to $ 800 million in 8 years. The riots related to unemployment and hunger have not turned into a revolution for the following main reasons: the country is well supervised by the Guardians of the Revolution and the basijis popular militias, the small traders or "bazarji" do not have took part in the riots, when they had dropped the shah, forty years ago, the many Ayatollah charities control the small religious people and the rioters have not yet found a leader to unify the opposition and overthrow the ayatollahs' regime.

It is possible that the solution is in the uprising of the ethnic minorities, constituting half of the Iranian population, helped by the foreigner.
- The website www.leportail-centre.fr reports the journalists Ali Rajab and Hind Hamed - Since the advent of the Islamic revolution, Iran has made the African continent a favorite destination, to expand its political and financial influence and thereby circumvent the economic embargo imposed by the Western powers and the West. his Arab neighbors. Iran strives to be present in most strategic or resource-rich African countries. It is supported in its projects by governmental and non-governmental organizations, gathered in a network known as the "Iranian Action Network" (AYAN). Its members create and execute the secret elements, which will contribute to the realization of the Iranian foreign policy. AYAN is composed of three powerful organs:

  1.        The Guardian Battalion of the Iranian Revolution, called Faylaq AlQuds (the Jerusalem Battalion);
  2.        Iran's Ministry of Security and Intelligence;
  3.        Lebanese Hezbollah.


Saudi Arabia & Emirates


- The Prince Sultan Ben Salman Ben Abdelaziz, in charge of tourism in Arabia, will issue tourist visas to Israeli citizens from the first half of 2018. And a Saudi delegation of 3 people has just been received in Tel Aviv.       The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdulaziz ibn Abdullah Al-Sheikh, recently issued a fatwa saying that " fighting the Jews is against the will of Allah and Hamas is a terrorist organization ".

- According to Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Simon-Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, Hamad bin Issa Al-Khalifa, ruler of Bahrain, is in favor of lifting the boycott of Israel by the Arab states.




TV AlNahar's Gaber Al-Armouti reports the imprecations of the sheikh of al-Azhar mockery, Mohamed Zaki: May Allah lead Trump to defeat! , Hoping that he will curse Israel, hisst Minister and his people, while praising the "exploits" of the provocative and Palestinian propagandist Ahed Tamimi, who shamelessly slapped an Israeli soldier in front of an audience of journalists invited for the occasion ...

How is it that the Egyptian media do not cease to condemn Israel and the United States, while their president al Sisi seeks an understanding with them and the reform of Islam?



- 80% of the lands in Israel are registered for the benefit of the "Minhal Mekarkaa Israel" (Land Registration Bureau), for historical reasons, in order to avoid a takeover of Israeli lands by foreigners. Indeed, to buy a property registered in "Minhal Mekarkaa Israel", you must declare to be Jewish. Since 2015, these properties can be registered in the "Tabo" register. The "Tabo" registration allows greater flexibility, allowing the owner to manage his property without the need for approvals and / or consents of third parties or the "Minhal Mekarkaa israel". In other words, the owner can mortgage his property, sell it, or make a donation without having to seek the consent of anyone. To facilitate land acquisition by the Arabs, the "Tabo" buys land, registers it in the "Minhal", divides it, then sells it at a modest price to the Arabs of the PA. The "Tabo" has already completed 163 operations according to this process.                                                                        During the "Jabotinsky Colloquium for Leadership" in Jerusalem, the former Minister guideon Saar warned against creatingof a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria. According to him, this state would turn into " aspirateur Of refugees, not only Palestinians. The later stage would be more and more pressure on Israel's gates for " to finish with the Zionist entity ", this Who is Ithe ultimate goal of Palestinian organizations. Guideon Saar "We have rights to this land, not just political interests or security needs. The aspect of historical rights has completely disappeared from Israeli vocabulary and this has caused us a lot of harm (...) When we fight for something that belongs to us, we succeed more than when we fight for more aspects. secondary. If we know claim our rights against our enemies and if we encourage the alya of the Jews our future will be guaranteed. "                    - According to Taub Center for Social Policy Studies, the life expectancy and infant mortality rate of the Israeli Arab population are the best in the Arab-Muslim world. With a life expectancy in 2015 of 79 years, Israeli Arabs surpass rich Arab countries like UAE (UAE) or Qatar. Similarly infant mortality is the lowest, with 6 deaths per 1000 births, compared to 66 for Pakistan, 20 for Egypt or 12 for Turkey ...                                      Forbes-Israel has established a ranking of the ten richest terrorist organizations in the world. 9 out of 10 are Muslim:

1.      Hezbollah: $ 1.1 billion

2.      Taliban: $ 800 million

3.      Hamas: $ 700 million

4.      Al Qaeda: $ 300 million

5.      Daesh: $ 200 million

6.      PKK (Kurds): $ 180 million

7.     Kataeb Hezbollah (Iraq): $ 150 million

8.      Islamic Jihad: $ 100 million

9.      Lashkar a-Taybeh (Pakistan): $ 75 million

10.    Real Ira (Ireland): $ 50 million

Amos Guilead, director of the politico-security council at the Ministry of Defense, said the signing of the nuclear agreement with Iran and the subsequent lifting of sanctions " removed the rope that was tightening around the neck of the mullahs' regime ". The Obama Administration has saved Iran from economic strangulation and, by the same token, re-energized Tehran-backed terrorist organizations money is for terrorists what gasoline is for a car ". His study showed that a major source of financing is international traffic. Terrorist organizations do not just sow barbarism and death. Some have become true multinationals of crime, brewing hundreds of millions of dollars a year by trafficking drugs, human beings, arms, tobacco, money laundering, racketeering and kidnappings. ransom.

Khaled Abu Toameh, Palestinian journalist: " For 26 years I've been working with the Western media, I'm very frustrated with most of them, because they have always refused reports that are not anti-Israeli, even if they are excellent ... For me, there is has 2 major obstacles to any peace in the region, first the complete lack of education in this sense of peace and the absence of a real Palestinian leader authorized to sign a real peace"


la France


Christine Lagarde, President of the IMF, says corruption costs 2 points of global GDPand notes that technical assistance to combat money laundering is a particularly requested activity of governments. She should add that Islamic violence in the world costs 4 points of estimated global GDP of $ 80 trillion. (see www.nuitdorient.com/n23111.htm)


United States


- President Donald Trump has "tweeted": "I use social media, not because I love them, but it's the only way for me to fight a really dishonest and unfair press, spreading false news and commonly known as" Fakes News Media »... many texts are pure fiction "     - Between 2012/2015, the UN adopted 97 critical resolutions, including 83 against Israel. Jake Tapper of CNN News: " One wonders if Israel really deserves the 86% of UN condemnations or if there is not something disturbed in the functioning of this organization that allows the representative of Bashar al-Assad of Syria to reprimand the States United States to transfer their embassy to Jerusalem. And listen to North Korea, Burma, Turkey and China do the same on the subject of Human Rights and Peace, it's still a bit big...! "                    - On her FaceBook page, Linda Sarsour, director of the Arab-American Association, speaking to the American public, justifies Palestinian terrorism and writes: " You have no right to tell us that we can not kill Jews! " This arrogance is due to an excess of pity and compassion of the Democratic Party and many Jews of the country.


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8 years of Obama v / 1 year of Trump  Unlike the "politically correct" speech, 8 years of presidency Obama have weakened the United States both domestically and externally, and a year of Donald's presidency Trump, having as policy « AmericaFirst ", has made notable improvements that have restored a certain pre-eminence of the United States at the world level.



Jerusalem, the Mood Ticket of a Franco-Israeli DirectorDirector Pierre Rehovrevisits the decision to Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He is astonished at the international outrage provoked by this decision.



Macron, Chateaubriand and JerusalemIn 2017, Macronbecome President, informs us of his "concern" that Jerusalem would at last be recognized, by right, the property of "those legitimate masters of Judea, slaves and strangers in their own country" by a realistic American president endorsing a situation of unification of Jerusalem which dates back to 1967, www.nuitdorient.com/n3652.htm


If I ever forget you, Jerusalem, let my right disappear! (Psalm 137/5)Jerusalem, light of peace, is located at an altitude of more than 500 m, near a major fault of - 500 m, in the center of the world of biblical antiquity, at the intersection of 3 continents. For nearly 2000 years nobody spoke or little and then suddenly, it is the planetary hysteria. www.nuitdorient.com/n28167.htm


The Geopolitical and Democratic Debacle of Turkey During the Arab Spring, the whole world pointed to Turkey, a republic turned towards the West and a paragon of moderate Islamism. www.nuitdorient.com/n2747.htm


Who are the inhabitants of Jerusalem since the First Census in 1844? Who are the inhabitants of Jerusalem since the implementation of the first modern censuses of the 19th century until 1948?



Iranian Foreign Legions in Syria  – The international press devotes numerous reports and articles to foreign jihadists fighting under the banner of Daesh. The spotlight is on the Western coalition raids on terrorist leaders and bases and on attempts to mobilize and recruit new European fighters into the ranks of the "Islamic State" organization. www.nuitdorient.com/n26104.htm 


The 7 Consequences of the Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of IsraelDonald Trump just recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Cassandras on all sides predict, among other things, a catastrophe, a flash of the Middle East, a wave of unprecedented attacks against the Hebrew State and the US, a new intifada and the end of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. What is it really?



The King is Naked - Trump Unmasks the Tartuffes    – What is more serious in the life of nations than the call of one of them to destroy another? Yesterday Germany, today Iran. What is more serious in the life of nations than their general indifference to such an appeal? - www.nuitdorient.com/n1623.htm


In the East, the night is not over yet     – Massacres of Yazidis in Iraq, Sufis and Christians in Sinai, slavery in Libya, ethnic cleansing in Syria, honor killings under the Palestinian Authority, numerous hangings in Iran, massive roundups in Turkey and purges in Arabia, famine and epidemics in Yemen ... and we can continue this way indefinitely, hoping that one day a glimmer may appear on the horizon - www.nuitdorient.com/n28165.htm


World Wave of Antisemitism       Anti-Semitism East endemic since Abraham and the birth of monotheism. He does than change form, motivation and breadth the course time. The rejection or the hatred of the other fact part of nature human, but this is not for much that can excuse.



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