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Albert Soued and www.nuitdorient.com - N ° 205 - December 12, 2017

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Happy birthday of Chanukah, feast of the inauguration of the Enlightenment

Palestinian Authority (PA)

Pallywood continues more beautiful. In Bethlehem, the scene is prepared in a perfect manner before calling the journalists. A simulacrum of riot. Once the banners and tires ignite, once the crowd excited by the instigators and shouting hate slogans, we call the media. Called, the journalists rush to be the first to film the scenes "spontaneous" well arranged. Do not tell me that these reports - and the journalists are not fooled, but their task is facilitated - do not amplify the hatred of Jews in the West. Palestinian propaganda is still going strong, but as the end of all lies, the truth will come out one day.

Palestinian journalist Bassam Tawil explains why Western reporters and journalists rushed to Pallywood, simulating violence and anarchy: the need for dramas to be offered to their publishers and readers, and the "Palestinian victim", with a Negative image of Israel, are excellent subjects that will allow them to be on the "good side of opinion" and distinguish themselves from a Western intelligentsia that forges the dominant thought.



An agreement on a textual proposal has been reached with Russia to allow the air and space forces of both countries to use the aerodromes and facilities of each country for their missions for 5 years.


Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has launched an anti-terrorist coalition of 40 Sunni-dominated Muslim countries, promising a relentless fight against extremist groups until theirdisappearance of the earth".

The strong man of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman MBS chaired Riyadh's meeting of defense ministers from Asia and Africa, including Pakistan, Turkey and Nigeria, marking the launch of the coalition, announced in December 2015.

He called for strong, excellent and special coordination among its members against extremist groups.

Iran, Shiite rival of Saudi ArabiaSyria and Iraq, whose leaders have strong ties with Tehran, are not part of this coalition.

- According to journalist Sami el Soudi Metula News Agency, King Salman and Crown Prince MBS presented to Mahmoud Abbas, summoned to Riyadh, a plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian dispute: the abandonment of al Quds (Jerusalem), the non-return of refugees from 1948, the the administration of a discontinuous territory, the maintenance of most settlements, and the creation of a kind of autonomy in terms of sovereignty.

- At a meeting in Rome under the aegis Sergei Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, called " Beyond the turmoil Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir lashed out at his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif: 

"They (the Iranians) brought murder to our region and the world and their influence is negative everywhere. Since coming to power in 1979, they have been sponsors of terrorism around the world. ... They harbor and facilitate the movement of terrorists, install Hezbollah in Lebanon, using drug trafficking and money laundering ... "

He was told that Arabia had long financed al Qaeda and Isis.



Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh was assassinated by the Houthis, after having changed sides in the ongoing conflict between Shiite Houthi dissidents, helped by former Sunni President Saleh, dismissed from his post a coup d'etat and a Sunni coalition led by Arabia.

Ali Abdullah Saleh sought to take control of the capital Sanaa by aligning with the Saudi-led coalition that has already recovered 85% of the country. Saudi Arabia intervened in Yemen, with mixed success, to disperse the pro-Iranian Houthie sedition at its borders, and at the gates of the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, for the takeover of the oil shipping lanes . Saleh's son has vowed to avenge him ...

(Learn more about http://www.jforum.fr/le-fils-saleh-jure-de-chasser-le-dernier-houti-du-yemen.html#WKv51TpQipgUgKW1.99 )



Despite the hysterical mood following Donald Trump's speech on Jewish Jerusalem, a delegation of 24 religious leaders from the organization "This is Bahrain" came to Israel to bring " a message of peace and tolerance - The majority of the kingdom's citizens are Shiites, although King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa is Sunni. A Shiite member of the delegation explained, " The King has given us a message of peace for the people of Israel and the whole world ... Bahraini Shiites have no hatred for any faith or religious movement ". According to rumors, Bahrain would be the 3rdth Arab country that plans to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, after Egypt and Jordan



Qais al-Khazali commander of a Shiite Iraqi militia, Asaib Ahl al-Haq (League of the Righteous), showed up in uniform on the Lebanese-Israeli border with members of the terrorist group Hezbollah. 1st Saad Hariri ordered his expulsion from the country.



- For the Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman (party Yisrael Beytenou), the United States does not need to build plans for peace and to give illusions to each other. In the current situation, for him, there can only be a long-term interim agreement, in which Palestinian officials would cease all incitement to violence, any relationship with Iran and accept reciprocity on the ethnic level. Jews in Judea and Samaria, like the Arabs in Israel), as well as the exchange of territories; Israeli officials would contribute to improving the standard of living of Palestinians to bring the GDP to $ 20,000 / inhabitant.

- Israel, Cyprus, Greece and Italy signed a historic agreement on future Israeli gas exports to Europe. This agreement concerns the construction of a gas pipeline, called "Med East", which will go from Israel to Italy, to supply natural gas to Europe, crossing Cypriot and Greek territorial waters. Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Youval Steinitz explains: " This pipeline will make Israel a major player in the energy market in Europe. It is an infrastructure project of major strategic importance, for the benefit of the 4 countries concerned, but also of the European Union, in the field of energy supply ". The pipeline will have a length of 2,100 km, at a depth of 3 km. Its construction will cost 25 billion shekels and the date of completion is scheduled for 2025.


la France
France voted in favor of 3 anti-Israeli resolutions in a plenary session at the UN devoted exclusively to the Palestinian issue. In total, 6 Anti-Israeli resolutions were adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. French diplomacy rallied to the block of Arab countries on 3 texts: Special Information Program on the Question of Palestine by the Department of Public Information of the Secretariat (A / 72 / L.14); Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine (A / 72 / L.16); Jerusalem (A / 72 / L.11). The adopted text on the question of Jerusalem uses onlyan Islamic denomination, "The Esplanade of the Mosques", to designate the Temple Mount, the holiest site of Judaism.

- Michel Gurfinkiel, journalist: " On Jerusalem, Donald Trump puts an end to decades of diplomatic denial, newspeak, implicit and explicit anti-Semitism - or pure and simple schizophrenia. A "Copernican Revolution" in which part of the Arab world, not least, is ready to commit itself too ".


United States

- Nikki Haley, UN ambassador, at the forum of this organization: "Jerusalem is not only at the heart of 3 great monotheistic religions, it is also today at the heart of one of the most accomplished democracies in the world . In 7 decades, the Israeli people have built a country where Jews, Muslims and Christians and others are free to exercise their faith, according to their conscience and beliefs. I repeat the message given at a summit in Arabia: " The Middle East is a region rich in culture, spirit and history. His people are brilliant, proud and diverse, vibrant and strong. An incredible future awaits them as long as they stop shedding blood and eliminate terror and ignorance... »».

Israel will never again be bullied in any agreement "

- Melanie Philips, journalist: The cause of Arab or Islamic terror is not a reaction to the victim's actions, but simply fanaticism and religious incitement. The goal of political violence is to enslave the other by fear. The reason violence against Israel has been going on for decades is that Islamists know that the West, for fear of consequences and appeasement, will respond by asking Israel to submit, making concessions, otherwise he is punished ...

- Daniel Pipes explains why Palestinian Arabs live in the illusion of a 23th Arab state that will replace Israel. One of the reasons is that the holy land has been occupied for a long time by Muslims and, according to Islam, any occupation of a territory entails its Islam for eternity. Secondly, the politics of the Western Left and of the international organizations loyal to the powerful Arab-Muslim group being frankly anti-Zionist, it reinforces them in their illusions. Ultimately, Israeli intelligence deters their government from declaring victory in this conflict and showing that the cause of the Palestinians is leading nowhere for fear of the consequences in the street. But the event " Jerusalem, Jewish capital Showed that the reactions of the street are a flop ...       


It is clear that the web has become the privileged space for the spread of antisemitic and anti-Zionist discourse completely uninhibited. To muzzle it, Israel adapts its powerful technology to the virtual world. Many companies, usually headed by former military intelligence officers, have developed powerful algorithms that can detect and locate incriminating publications of anti-Semitism and its modern mutant form, anti-Zionism, the de-legitimization of the state's anti-Semitism. Israel or negationism.
Another company has designed an interactive world map on which antisemitic dialogues on social networks are located in real time, making it possible to intervene with the countries concerned. Israel estimates that there are always half a million anti-Semitic "posts" seen by 40 million Internet users around the world.  

The police are not left out. For the past four years, his own cybercrime unit has been countering in real time hacking attempts by Israeli government, security or civilian institutions. It has also gained more authority to close, by order of justice, websites of incitement to anti-Semitism or terrorism.



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