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PPPPP No. 197

Albert Soued and www.nuitdorient.com - No. 197 - August 23, 2017

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Palestinian Authority (PA)
Dan Polisar Shalem College has reviewed 4000 opinion polls conducted since 2000 among Palestinians. He found three ideas that stand out about Israel: lack of historical or religious justification, inherently aggressive nature and short-term disappearance. But this scheme is evolving. An opinion poll conducted under the direction of David Pollock of the Washington Institute and implemented by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion among 1,540 Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem shows that 12% of West Bank residents and 25% of Gazans say their priority is to " to found a Palestinian state While for 49% and 40% of them respectively, the priority was to have ' a quality family life "
In addition, employment prospects in Israel are favorably viewed by 63% and 67%. In addition, 60% and 46% agree with this statement: " Most Israeli settlers will probably stay where they are and most Palestinian refugees will not return to pre-1948 territories And 41% and 51% say they would accept additional help " to resettle Palestinian refugees in the West Bank or Gaza but not in Israel "
Two answers show that the existence of an Israeli state is far more acceptable than that of the Jewish people. While 75% and 62% definitely agree to the end of the war against Israel and the creation of a Palestine in the 1949 borders, only 45% and 37% accept the idea of two states for two peoples - the Palestinian people and the Jewish people ... if that can help end the occupation - Very few agree that " Jews exercise certain rights over this land "And large majorities insist that," one day the Palestinians will control almost all of Palestine "
Asked whether Hamas should maintain the ceasefire with Israel, the 55% and 80% of favorable responses show the impact that the many warlike episodes have had on the people of Gaza.
With regard to relations with the United States, " pressures on Israel for concessions Are not the priority of the Palestinians. For residents of the West Bank, the main idea lies in US pressure on the PA to make it " more democratic and less corrupt ". For Gazans, the priority is " more economic aid ".

- ImageSat claims to have spotted the construction of a long-range Scud missile factory in Baniyas, south of Latakia, presumably under the aegis of Iran.
- Two Russian army companies of Ingush troops from the North Caucasus have set up a command post in the village of Tal al-Shahm, 13 km from the border with Israel. Its commander, Colonel Alexei Kozin, is tasked with setting up ten checkpoints along the border.
This border area is conceived as one of the four de-escalation zones agreed upon by Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at their meeting in Hamburg. According to the agreement, the United Nations Separation and Observation Force (UNDOF) will return to its Fawar base in front of Quneitra to buffer the IDF against Russian forces. But the known history of this "force" in this role between the IDF and the Syrian forces leaves something to be desired (and in Lebanon, it's even worse).
The order was that Russian troops stop the fighting in Souweida, 70 km east of Quneitra and withdraw the fighting forces: the Syrian army, Iran and its extra Shiite militias, including Hezbollah, a distance of 40 kms from the border. But a month later, the Syrian army and Hezbollah launched a major offensive on two fronts and forced local rebel forces, including Jordan-backed Jaish al-Ashair, to retreat and seize power. 57 kms of southern border of Syria with the Hashemite kingdom. This offensive violates the cease-fire agreement on the so-called deconflict zone of southern Syria. The Syrian rebel groups, backed by the United States and Jordan, fled, in the middle of a rush and without firing a single shot, and surrendered to the Syrian regime's camp by handing over their weapons supplied by the United States. fighters of the Syrian army and terrorist Hezbollah.
Suweida episode shows how the alliance between Syria, Iran and Hezbollah is digging its way by exploiting the smoke screen of the ceasefire zones traced by Trump and Putin as a wide open door to take control of southern Syria and seize the Jordanian and Israeli borders (source Debka).

Analysts are already wondering about the future of the Hashemite kingdom, an artificial state created by the British to compensate the Faisal Emir for the loss of his stronghold of Hedjaz (Medina and Mecca) in favor of Saudis Najd. Will he survive this period of chaos in the Middle East and are there other solutions? A military junta of local Bedouins could take power. A civil war could divide the territory into a Palestinian state in the northwest and a Bedouin state in the south.
In fact, the Palestinian population, which had fled to "Transjordan" in 1948, accounts for at least 60% of the total, and does not feel bound by the peace agreement signed by King Hussein with Israel. Its elites and their associations, doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, etc. are boycotting Israel and refusing any relationship with their Israeli neighbors. And if King Abdullah is one day eliminated and replaced by a Palestinian leader, we will expect a break in peace agreements and greater instability.
The King's Presidential Guard is made up of Caucasians and the police, army and intelligence services only recruit Bedouins or foreigners. But the economic heart of the country, agriculture, industry, trade, media and culture, is Palestinian.
In the 1994 treaty with King Hussein, Israel granted him rights to the Temple Mount, the holiest site of Judaism, because the Hashemite ruler was fiercely opposed to a Palestinian state. This is no longer the case of his son, Abdallah II, in favor of a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, a state that would be fatally ruled by Hamas, with consequent risks for the Jewish state. With Abdallah II, the Jordanian-Israeli relations are strained because of the antinomies in the objectives, especially on the question of the Palestinians whose king wants to get rid by sending them to the West of Jordan ...

The Taliban are strengthening in the country despite the US intervention. The United States can not afford a transfer in this country of the Islamic State (IS) beaten in Syria and Iraq and the consequent strengthening of Islamists in Pakistan, nuclear state, and the taking of Islamabad. This region is once again becoming "volatile" and former Ambassador John Bolton, adviser to President Trump, advocates defining a new strategy for this region that would strengthen and assist local armies, rather than a direct re-engagement of US troops.

- After the events of the Temple Mount, some precisions are needed to correct fabrications about the sanctity of the Al Aqsa Mosque.
On the esplanade of the Temple of Jerusalem, destroyed in 70 by Titus, two mosques were built, the al-Aqsa mosque and the dome of the Rock (mosque of Omar). This last monument, the most visible with its golden dome, houses the Rock of the Foundation, site, according to the Jewish tradition, of the ligation of Isaac and, according to a Muslim tradition, the departure of Muhammad during his night trip. It was built by the Omayades, under the reign ofAbd al-Malikin 688/91, on the ruins of the Temple of Herod, to taunt the rulers of Mecca and establish their authority vis-à-vis Christianity. This mosque has kept its original shape and it is the only one that Islam can claim as sacred, despite the fact that the Koran does not quote the name of Jerusalem explicitly as destination of the flying horse Bouraq, taking Mohammed in his dream trip. [
Towards the beginning of 8th century, the al-Aqsa mosque (so-called remote mosque) is built, but it undergoes many destructions and its last major reconstruction dates from Thirteenth century. This mosque has no centrality and no relation to the Koran. But progressively the different Muslim occupants "magnified" it to remove the other 2 religions of Jerusalem.
- Both the Shiites and the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood seek a new place of pilgrimage, alternative to Mecca, where they are received according to the Wahhabi rules of "Saudi" which do not suit them. The pilgrimage to Mecca is one of the five pillars of the Muslim faith and every Muslim is bound to pilgrimage to it once in his life. In 2016, to avoid unrest in Mecca, the Shiites pilgrimed in Kerbala (Iraq), holy city of the shiah. As an alternative place, the Palestinians urge them today to come to Jerusalem ...
In 2012, the head of the Brotherhood of Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, Safwat Higazi, proclaimed: the capital of a caliphate which would unite all the Arabs is not Mecca, nor Medina, nor Cairo, but Jerusalem!... »
In 2014, Sheikh Raad Salah, head of the northern branch of the Islamist movement, today in prison, said he intended to bring water from the Zamzam spring of Mecca, which he would pour into the cistern of the Temple Mount, to sanctify the mosque of al Aqsa, in the image of the sanctity of Mecca.

la France
- The neuropsychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik believes that Islamist terrorists are deliberately fashioned according to a mechanism identical to that which led to the Nazi regime. They are not fools, nor monsters. They are normal and distressed children, intentionally shaped by a minority who wants to take power. These children are abandoned, in psychosocial and educational difficulties, and they should first be educated. They are through social networks that are a weapon to shape these young people. Internet conveys an easy representation of reality, a lazy thought at the origin of all totalitarian theories. With a minority of trained, paid and armed men, manipulated and manufactured, one can destroy a civilization. It has been done. The Inquisition and Nazism did it. Freud said words designate things in the beginning, then things that are not there and that's the function of the symbol, and finally they end up denoting anything real. At that moment, one submits to a slogan. When a culture does not allow meeting and debate, we are prey and Internet multiplies the power of these manipulators.
- According to the study on the Muslims of Franceconducted by the Montaigne Institute under the leadership of Hakim El Karoui, 28% of Muslims are fans of the "sharia", the political-social code of Islam, which prevails over the laws of the Republic. Similarly, 60% of respondents believe that girls should be able to wear the veil at school and 48% think that one must be able to assert one's religious identity at work.

United States
- Between the 9/11 attacks and the end of 2016, there are 62 actions of white "supremacists" resulting in 106 victims and 23 Islamist attacks causing 119 victims.
- According to Prof. Louis-René Beres, a professor at Purdue University (Indiana), a specialist in terrorism and nuclear issues, the possibility of the creation of a Palestinian state would constitute a real threat to the existence of State of Israel, "Much more than the outbreak of a third intifada or the continuation of terrorism at its current level ". He predicts that the presence of such a state would increase the number of attacks and could even eventually provoke a regional nuclear war.
- According to the director of the Intelligence and Security Center, William Evanina, under Obama's presidency, China has managed to steal from the US economy, half a trillion $ / year ($ 400 billion in 2015), in intellectual property, particularly in cyber-espionage technologies. These values ​​are extrapolated from reports from 140 companies working with China. In addition, 90% of cyber attacks occurred in China.

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