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PPPPP No. 193


Albert Soued and www.nuitdorient.com - N ° 193 - 23 June 2017

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Palestinian Authority (PA)

- Mahmoud Abbas, the PA's lifetime president, refuses to comply with US demands to give up the incitement to kill Israeli citizens and to pay terrorists and their families after their deaths.

- The Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark have suspended their PA subsidies or are planning to do so.

- Mahmoud Abbas has rejected Trump's proposed solution that Israel first normalize its relations with Arab countries before seeking to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict



The voltage is increasing in the south of the country, at the Jordanian-Israeli borders. A Syrian plane is shot down by the Americans because it bombed positions of the Coalition. For the 1era At times, Iran is attacking ISIS's positions by sending 7 missiles, only one of which reaches its goal. Threatening Israel, Iran is warned by the 1st Israeli minister that any direct attack or via Hezbollah will be followed by the destruction of Iranian territory.



Ali Jaa'fari, commander of the Guards Corps of the Islamic Revolution: " The Islamic revolution aims to create an infrastructure for the religion of Allah on earth, until there is no opposition to its expansion. All Iranian leaders must adapt to the new pace that is accelerating. We reached the 3th level of the Revolution which brings all the people around the Islamic government and we will go beyond this level with the help of D. Today the young people of our country are acquired to the unconditional defense of the Revolution. Their demand continues to defend the holy places is the proof. ... Our inner spiritual potential allows us to create a global regime on earth and the strength of our regime, the core of our plan, continues to grow. According to Ayatollah Khomeini, if we stop en route, Islam will suffer...! "

In their speeches, many officials insist on the need to accelerate the effort to allow the expansion of Shi'ite Islam in the Middle East and around the world.



The Saudi journalist writes in the daily al Shark al Awsat: " Palestinian leaders have excelled at all times in two things, rhetoric and the mishandling of opportunities, from the 1940s to the present day. In 1947, they opposed a sharing agreement, accepted by the UN Security Council, which gave them half of the territory. Then, they accused Nasser of treason because he accepted the Rogers plan, and later Sadat because he signed a peace agreement with Israel. The most serious missed opportunity is the refusal to sit down at a meeting prepared by Sadat at Mena House in Cairo to find a solution to the conflict. At that time, there was no settlement in Judea and Samaria and no house in Gaza was destroyed. "



- A poll was conducted by Panels Politics for the Knesset channel (Aroutz Ha-Knesset) about the University Code of Ethicsdesired by the Minister of Education. This code is intended to prohibit political propaganda in the context of courses offered in higher education institutions. 58% of the population is in favor of this measure against 34% who is against it. 8% is without opinion. Again, the outcry among teachers as well as in the ranks of the left is in total overhang with the majority feeling of the country's population.

- A debate takes place in the Knesset on settlements in zone C. The 1st The Minister wants to grant the PA a major building permit near Qalqilya that would overflow into Area C and include the five settlements evacuated in 2005 in Samaria, which remained vacant without being destroyed. This territory would then pass in zone B.

la France

Eric Denécé, Director of the French Center for Research on Intelligence: "A A very active minority, with hundreds of thousands of people, has decided to destabilize the Republic by trying to impose its rules. This population preaches an archaic, intolerant Islam and carries a hate speech that encourages some young people to join the jihad ".



In Salonika, Alexis Tsipras Greek Prime Minister, Nicos Anastasiades, the Cypriot President, and Binyamin Netanyahu made decisions on scientific, economic and military cooperation:

- Accelerated construction of the 2,000 km gas pipeline that will transport Israeli and Cypriot gas from the eastern Mediterranean basin to Cyprus, Greece, Italy and the European market (estimated at 22 billion m3, Israel's gas reserve) is the fourth largest exploitable reserve on the planet)

- Immersion of a submarine power cable that will supply Cyprus and Crete with Israeli electricity. This cable should also enable Israel to connect to the European network and thus make possible the exchange of energy with Europe.  

- Foundation stone laid for holocaust museum in Salonika

- Joint military exercise on the Todros Mountains of Aphrodite Island. 500 soldiers The Egoz (Walnut) commando elite and 200 air force personnel participated in joint exercises with the Cypriot National Guard, the Greek side of the island's army.


United States

Barack Obama settled in a sumptuous villa facing Maison Blache to be able to taunt the new president. He is counting on the numerous cells he has enlisted in the government to harass Donald Trump and incite him to resign. Journalist David Greenfield describes the situation as follows: " the villa residence of Obama has become the White House bis and the acquired network has for name "the anonymous Obama", dedicated to the destruction of the new president "



Le Monde in September 2015 in an article about the leader of the Labor Party English: «Mr. Corbyn has been a pro-Palestinian activist for decades, very active as a parliamentarian. He also chaired the "Stop the War" Collective, which organized major demonstrations against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Attacked in July for using the word "friend" by hosting Hamas and Hezbollah delegations at a parliamentary meeting, he said it was a "collective" expression and "diplomatic language" ... After having denied it, Corbyn also admitted having met in London in 2009 Dyab Abou Jajah, a Hezbollah veteran and leader in Belgium of an Islamist movement, the European Arab League, which organized in Antwerp in 2002 community demonstrations that have turned to riot after the murder of a teacher of Moroccan origin ..."



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