Philippe in favor of the publication of the anti-Semitic writings of Céline

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Edouard Philippe, January 3, 2018. (Credit: AFP / POOL / BENOIT TESSIER)

Gallimard plans to publish in May under the title "Writings polemics", a volume gathering the antisemitic and racist texts of Céline

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe voted Sunday for the publication of anti-Semitic pamphlets by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, which is debated in France, but provided it is carefully "accompanied".

"I am not afraid of the publication of these pamphlets, but it will be necessary to accompany it carefully", declared the head of the government in an interview at the Sunday newspaper.

"There are excellent reasons to hate man, but you can not ignore the writer or his central place in French literature," said this lover of literature.

The prefect Frédéric Potier, interministerial delegate to the fight against racism, anti-Semitism and anti-LGBT hate (Dilcrah), warned in December the Gallimard editions on the risks of a reissue of these pamphlets, claiming "guarantees" in matters critical accompaniment of the work.

Gallimard plans to publish in May, under the title Polemical writings, a volume gathering Celine's antisemitic and racist texts: Bagatelles for a massacre, The corpses school and Beautiful sheets. The editor asserts that his "intention is to frame and place in their context writings of great violence, marked in particular by the anti-Semitic hatred of the author". The critical apparatus and the warning will be established by Régis Tettamanzi, a specialist of the Celine's work, the writer and member of the academy Goncourt Pierre Assouline signing the preface.

Serge Klarsfeld, defender of the cause of the Jewish deportees in France, for his part that this reissue of Celine's pamphlets is prohibited and was indignant at the words of the head of government.

"It is likely that the Prime Minister has not read a single page of these abject anti-Jewish pamphlets," responded Klarsfeld in a statement. "Otherwise he would not have used the argument of the + central + Celine position in French literature to accept the publication of these pamphlets + carefully accompanied +".

"It is not conceivable that the French political society will accept the dissemination of such harmful and talented texts of incitement to racial hatred and the extermination of the Jews," added this tireless militant of the memory of the Shoah. "We will not let republish such texts that led our parents to death. "

"In the universities, there are no banned books," responded for his part the Minister of Higher Education, Frederique Vidal, Sunday on France 3. "What is important, obviously, is that explain the context, why it was written, what can we think of it ".

The three antisemitic texts, published between 1937 and 1941, have not been reissued since the end of the Second World War. However, we can find them quite easily on the internet without a critical device.

Serge Klarsfeld (YouTube screenshot)

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