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People of too much ... country too much?

The Hamas offensive against the Gaza border with Israel was intended to penetrate and commit crimes in line with its terrorist program: to drive out the Jews and to wipe Israel off the map. This offensive came at the right time to the aid of President Macron, who was quick to condemn the Jewish state for the defense of its territory and its citizens and for the appointment of Jerusalem.

Indeed, the latest Islamist attacks in France (including one carried out in Paris at the time of the Hamas offensive), adding to the new step of anti-Semitism: the murder of Jews at their home, and the growing demonization of Israel in the media, should have forced it to reconsider its ideological positions with regard to the Jewish state and its enemies who display their will to destroy it: the Iran of the mullahs, Hezbollah and Hamas who dream of a new holocaust.

The convergence of left-wing anti-Zionism and terrorist anti-Semitism of Muslim origin, added to a government policy reduced to the defense of its economic interests, punctuated by anti-Israeli votes in international bodies, raises fears that we are witnessing the establishment of the union of two discourses against the "people of too much" by Islamism, the other against that of "country too" by anti-Zionism. Hence this reluctance among some politicians to name Islamism by name, whether sponsored or spontaneous, under the pretext of not giving in to Islamophobia in the name of "living together" and the demands of Right wing state.

Yet the two forms of Islamism, one sponsored, the other spontaneous, are the manifestations of a single soil, Islam, which faces its confrontation with the labor market society and the free movement of women. it implies, reacts with violence not to lose then to activate its hegemonic ambition on the entire universe.

However, it is to Islamism that Israel must face since its creation, it is this same Islamism that is at the origin of the conflict with Israel as the denialist speech of the leader of the PLO has just recalled for those who pretend to forget it. It is therefore useful to repeat that the so-called "Israeli-Palestinian conflict" is due solely to the rejection of the partition plan and of any Jewish state in 1948 by the Palestinians then led by the great Mufti of Jerusalem who, close to Hitler was two years in post in Berlin during the second world war, useful to remember that this refusal of any Jewish state was followed by a war of eradication led by the Arab-Muslim countries. This rejection of any Jewish state and of any Jewish presence in the countries of pan-Islamism or pan-Arabism was followed by the hand of Jordan over the part of the Palestinian state.

After the six-day war and Israel's takeover of these territories and East Jerusalem, the so-called "1967" border, which presided over the so-called "pacifists", did not result from an agreement with Israel. Palestinians but a line of cease fire with the Jordanians. From then on, these territories of Judea Samaria deserve the name of "disputed" and not occupied. Falsification is simply ideological. The experience of Israel that made the territory of Gaza to the Palestinians, territory formerly administered by the Egyptians, is strong in this area. The seizure of power in Gaza by Hamas Islamists turned the territory into a military base against Israel. The attitude of a certain press more inclined on this subject, to distort than to inform is to denounce urgently.

It wants to make forget that the so-called blockade of Gaza is the consequence of the Hamas domination of Fatah. The Israeli blockade targets only imports for military use and another blockade, Egyptian, is exercised over 14 km without any voice is offended or disclose to its consumers "information ".

As for the Palestinian refugees of 1948, how can we ignore the Jewish refugees, in greater numbers, expelled from Arab-Muslim countries? The demonization of Israel, the tendency to its de-legitimization by left and ultra-left currents, the pro-Palestinian bias that would make Palestinians the "victims" of Israelis and their "colonial" state in thus justifying terrorism, are thus encouraged by the presidential sentence. And at the same time, anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist aims to imply that the Jews in France would be the agents of a foreign state, themselves foreigners in France, if we add to this the fantasy of the international Jewish conspiracy and that of of the domination of the entire world by the Jewish finance master of this plot, we understand that the time is serious because the project of the eradication of the State of Israel and the extermination of the Jews, is a real project agitated by Islamism.

This project can also be supported by unconscious left-wing Jewish opponents who in the name of the "peace camp" sell the Israeli dream for a lentil dish served in Berlin. Let us recall that a prestigious author had perfectly seized this unique Jewish way, this maintenance, for centuries during persecutions, of the obstinacy of the Jewish project turned towards Zion. Chateaubriand, in 1806, praised the right of the Jews in Jerusalem by referring to "those legitimate slave and foreign masters of Judea in their own country" under Ottoman Muslim rule and the "miracle" character of their obstinacy in waiting for "the coming of a king who must deliver them ". The same author will describe as barbaric Muslim society based on slavery and polygamy, barbarism that may be imported into Europe, he said, through trade ...

Another important point is to say no to those who claim that Israel is the fruit of the Holocaust granted by the guilty Europe. If the Holocaust had not taken place, more Jews would have populated the land of Israel. Apart from the fact that Jews have always had close links with the country and Jerusalem, where the majority was Jewish in the mid-nineteenth century, remember that political Zionism was born under the pen of Moses Hess in 1862, (but who knows Moses Hess's work? Moses Hess who, after having been close to Marx and Engels, elaborated the criticism of their anti-Semitism, a criticism that applies to the other anti-Semitic fathers of the "left" ideology, Proudhon, Bakunin, Fourier who shared the same hateful vision of the Jews.

. Moses Hess invites to decipher under these anti-Semitism a cultural matrix of Christian origin hidden and secularized though without spirituality, hence the title of his work "Rome and Jerusalem" ... (unfortunately the various tendencies of the left have never analyzed the the effect of the anti-Semitism of their founding fathers on their own ideologies, resulting in a schema consisting of four terms stemming from the evocation of sexuality and parenthood: the Jew at the origin of the fall, the Jewish body foreign, the Jewish plotter and emanation of the devil and the Jew to be eliminated.This scheme is found in all anti-Semitism, inquisitorial, Islamist, Nazi, leftist.This is Voltaire who, according to Leon Poliakov, will secularize it. extreme right and far left in the nineteenth century.

Applied to Israel, these four principles will give this: Israel: is a foreign body, intruder in the Arab world, a colon and satanic state that should be removed, or the limit that should be turned into a bi-national state, while closing the eyes on the state of democracy and respect for others in the Arab-Muslim countries where social harmony flourishes! It is only to admire the well being that reigns in Iran, Turkey, Libya ... etc ...

Palestinian terrorist violence is then only a response to the alleged "genocide" of the Palestinians and the hope is the overthrow of the Jews, the dissolution of the Jewish state. A state that still includes 20% of Israeli Arab citizens, which antisemitic counterfeiters forget to mention when Jews are not allowed to reside in the Palestinian state programmed in the heads of its leaders! This anti-Jewish schema is present in the Western cultural unconscious unless there is an intellectual effort to dismantle its mechanism. Except miracle, it seems doubtful, given his reactions, that Mr. Macron heals. Signed a star bearer.

Claude Berger

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