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FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE - Two lawyers of families of victim claim the cancellation of the concert of Medina in Bataclan. According to them, the rapper's very ambiguous texts, which evoke Islamism, jihad or the condemnation of secularism, would be an offense to the memory of the victims.

Maitre Caroline Wassermann and Maitre Bernard Benaïem, lawyers at the Paris Bar, are two lawyers for families of victims of the Bataclan.

November 13, 2015. The Bataclan, Paris. Ninety dead. Hundreds of wounded, families, friends touched in their flesh and in their souls.

And three years later, almost to the day, this sad anniversary would be celebrated on the spot of the crime by two concerts of rapper Medina? By the author of an album so delicately titled "Jihad", this "holy" war in the name of which these abject assassinations were committed, after those of Charlie Hebdo and before those who continue to hit France and the whole world?

How was it possible to consider offering the Bataclan Hall, marked forever by the infamous Islamist terrorism, to a man who sings "Taliban and suburbs give talibanlieusard", "At the day of the woman, I carry a burquini; islamo scum is the call of the muezzin " or "Crucify laïcards as in Golgotha"?

How can one tolerate that people who have suffered in their flesh, lost a child under the Kalashnikov bullets or killed by terrorists, see the Bataclan dirty again by such texts?

The exercise of freedom of expression is a condition of democracy, no one denies it. But there are limits that can not be crossed on the territory of the Republic.

Justice, in the Dieudonné case, had the opportunity to set these limits and it is interesting to see that the Medina case is close enough to that of the pseudo-comic whose show was banned that year by the Conseil d 'State.

A performance - or in this case a concert - containing remarks inciting hatred and, in disregard of the dignity of the human person, the apology for behavior contrary to the respect for the values ​​and principles of the Declaration of Human Rights. Man and the citizen and the French republican tradition may be subject to a ban by the administrative authority.

The texts of rapper Medina, sung in this symbolic place that has become the Bataclan, obviously violate the respect of these republican values ​​and more simply the respect due to the dead and wounded of November 13, 2015.

We will not let the memory of the dead and the hearts of the wounded and their loved ones be defiled.

It is easy to imagine that such songs are more likely to lead to slippages apology type of terrorist acts to a public in which we know, unfortunately, that jihadist theses prosper easily against a backdrop of anti-Semitism and conspiracy.

The risk of disturbing public order caused by the concerts of Medina at Bataclan is therefore not at all theoretical. And the protest movement which has been rising for a few days proves it: Medina will not sing at the Bataclan without the population becoming indignant and manifesting itself. It is also appalling that once again the origin of indignation came from the extreme right, after which ran the political leaders. Republicans of all shores can only mope to find that their spokespersons are now in tow of the extremists whereas it is precisely the Republican camp which should be in the vanguard of the fight for the values ​​of secularism.

We lawyers of families of victims of the Bataclan, will not let the memory of the dead and the hearts of the wounded and their loved ones defile by the holding of these concerts without reacting. We will seize the prefect of police to prohibit these concerts in Medina Bataclan, as the anti-Semitic spectacle of Dieudonné was banned four years ago. We refuse to let it sing "Jihad", celebrate "Taliban" and "Crucify laïcards"! We will not extend the other cheek in this symbolic place!

If the prefect of police does not answer us or refuses to forbid the concerts of Medina Bataclan, the judge of the summary of the administrative court of Paris will obviously be seized and we are ready to go even before the Council of State. For the honor of the victims of the Bataclan. And for the Republic.

The editorial advises you:

Caroline Wassermann

Bernard Benaïem

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