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Parti médiatique : un gros mot ?If they do not constitute a media party, then they demonstrate that they are authentically a chance - concrete, daily, irrefutable and therefore respected - for democracy.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon suspected what he would trigger by denouncing "the media party" to be opposed at all costs. The cup is not full enough, he defended on his blog the freedom of speech of Laurent Wauquiez and lambasted media enemies of freedom of expression.

The interesting thing is that this controversy and this denunciation, for once, forced the media, of all kinds, to defend themselves and to consider that these attacks, by and large, undermined the democracy of which they would have been the privileged intercessors.

This contest far surpassed the only case of the LFI because one put in the same bag, to the break, the coagulation critical against the role of the media which brought together not only JLM and its verve caustic but Laurent Wauquiez charging, to following his Lyonnais episode, the media indecency, Marine Le Pen and his permanent calling into question of the media bias and, finally, the President of the Republic with his mistrust theorized and maintained with regard to too corporatist media and little gifted to apprehend complex thinking. I am aware of the heterogeneity of this inventory but it results from an editorial of the World : Haro on the media!, Quite enlightening on the proud and clearly irreproachable conception that this daily, which represents them, gives of themselves.

Basically, there would be no media party but rather the service "of a permanent mission to which the media are working: to scrupulously inform, to investigate solidly, to tell honestly, to decipher as intelligently as possible the reality at the service of their readers or listeners. In short, to transmit the culture, to feed the lucidity of the citizens ".

What a wonderful program but which unfortunately is more of self-help than a truth whose practice demonstrates the validity, both for the print media and for the audiovisual, both in politics and in the cultural field where patronage makes the law !

Certainly The World, faced with these assaults at once disparate but impressive against the "media party", lets slip, with the end of the spirit, that "not that the media are above all reproach. Who can claim it? " It's everything and a little short. To take refuge behind the nobility of an ambition without further deepening the malfunctions that continue to alter it lacks at least lucidity.

I could be content with justifying the concept of a media party by the propensity of the media, precisely, to operate in a vacuum, to be satisfied too often with a process where journalists speak to journalists and indulge, despite corporatists and feigners. antagonisms, to develop a homogeneity of points of view and a more or less similar approach. The media party dominates the ideological peculiarities and affixes a uniform umbrella on the infinite diversity of society and the currents that irrigate or weaken it.

This name of a media party and the unity that it assumes, whether the media are right or left, constitutes them first and foremost as a world refusing any criticism of what it is, any questioning of its impartiality, its objectivity. and the poverty of its pluralism but intoxicating the formal tributes that more and more it is the only one to address.

The fundamental distinction between information and opinion has shattered as well as separation, yet the basis of quality journalism, between the properly transmitted reality and its commentary. We can henceforth speak rather of an infopinion or an opininfo, a mixture which makes the information lose what it must have irrefutable and to the public what it has the right to post as a subjectivity assumed.

Especially this opprobrium thrown on the "media party" tears the veil modestly thrown on a universe that has long managed to make believe that he was not involved in the melee and the political debate nor gangrened by professional and cultural solidarities but, in a way, overhanging, detached, outside partisan fury, cold and fair analyst. Not at all judge, totally gone.

It is well known, and more than ever, that if this period has perhaps existed in its purity - we can doubt it - it is well finished this simulacrum, this false distance to the benefit of tugging , disputes and contradictions where the journalist has become a citizen like the others.

What has radically changed the situation is the fact that the neutrality of the questioning is no longer presumed but is suspected, suspected by those who answer and who yesterday remained passive.

That there is a "media party" transcending and transcending seemingly cleavant boundaries is obvious. This does not mean that the mission of truly informing and analyzing honestly is easy to accomplish. The turmoil that accompanied the launch and development of LFI's "The Media" was a perfect illustration of how easy it is to denounce the conventional media, but the invention of exemplary communication is appallingly difficult.

But it is certain that the media will not get away from the criticism of today by simply treat with contempt and condescending this "haro on them". They should ask questions and learn from them. The time of reverence by principle and impunity out of fear is over.

If they do not constitute a media party, then they demonstrate that they are authentically a chance - concrete, daily, irrefutable and therefore respected - for democracy.

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7 Partages

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  1. Yann Gael Jost
    Yann Gael Jost   9 March 2018 at 6 h 00 min

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