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INFO LE FIGARO - SFR's investments enable it to get back to Bouygues Telecom.

Choosing the right operator to get the best service based on your needs is a puzzle. Orange ranks first for the quality of its mobile network, but this domination hides strong regional disparities, according to a study by QoSi. The telecom network measurement specialist carried out more than 4 million measurements throughout the metropolitan area, from January 1 to December 31, 2017. It relies on both its own surveys and data provided by the users of its network. 4Gmark application to establish a French telecom landscape mapping.

A reassuring point for consumers: the overall quality of the services provided by the four operators is increasing over the months. They are almost equal for voice calls and sending SMS. Both types of communication are based onuse of networks 2G / 3G, already deployed. The game is very different for uses related to mobile Internet, an area in which Orange is in first position.


In detail, the historical operator displays the best performance in almost all registers: web page consultation, data download, as well as voice communications. In 82% of cases, web pages are displayed in less than 10 seconds at Orange, which increases to 79% for Bouygues Telecom and 77% for SFR. All services combined, SFR climbs on the second step of the podium. He even won a first place with 95% success for sending SMS, against 94% for Orange. The investments made on the operator's network are beginning to bear fruit.

He is hot on the heels of Bouygues Telecom. The proximity of the performances of the number two and three of the market is in particular due to the fact that SFR and Bouygues Telecom share their network on nearly two thirds of the territory (57% of the population).

Free recessed

Free close the ban. Xavier Niel's operator is directly affected by the roaming contract with Orange. When Free's network is not available on 3G, its subscribers benefit from the Orange network, but with a bandwidth of 1 megabit per second (Mbps). In addition, its 4G network, dedicated to very high speed mobile Internet, remains less important than that of its competitors. This drove down the average of the average rate posted by Free at 14.2 Mbps, against 24.7 Mbps at Orange.

However, the good performance of the incumbent does not mean that it is the best on the whole territory. Territorial disparities persist. "There is a real diagonal gap in France," summarizes Julie Moncorger, data manager at QoSi, pointing to a broad band that crosses the country from north-east to south-east. Orange covers only 85% of the population in Center-Val de Loire, against 88% for SFR. In Corsica, Bouygues Telecom distances its competitors both in terms of coverage of the population (94%) and for connection speed, with speeds of 27.5 Mbps, against 22.3 Mbps for Orange.

Similarly, the quality of the mobile connection on the rail links varies greatly from one operator to another. In this area, Orange regains its leadership, particularly marked on high-speed lines, when Free is completely behind in this field, having not deployed equipment along the tracks. The best-off travelers are those who travel on the Paris-Calais line by being Orange subscribers. "We also wanted to compare our results with those of our European neighbors. It's not so bad! "Adds Fabien Renaudineau, the boss of QoSi. Operators' performances are inversely proportional to the size of the capital: Luxembourg, Amsterdam and Vienna are the top three, followed by Lyon and Marseille, while Paris ranks seventh!


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