The new FN will focus on borders rather than the euro

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VIDEO - The National Front held a closed-door "refoundation" seminar on Friday and Saturday. If the exit of the euro is maintained as objective, it is postponed at the end of a hypothetical quinquennium.

A day and a half of seminar in a "studious", "rewarding" and "productive" atmosphere, in the words of Jean-Lin Lacapelle. The National Front (FN) was to lay the groundwork for its re-founding in the midst of a profound post-election political crisis: the party leadership adopted all the firewalls in an attempt to prevent the exercise from turning into a rat race between forty or so executives. Phones "confiscated", claquemured at the headquarters of the FN in Nanterre, frontist officials have discovered the proceedings of the seven thematic working commissions. They were responsible for conducting the political, technical and logistical autopsy of the successes and electoral failures of the presidential and legislative elections. "We are talking about development points," corrects the former Lacapelle sales executive. "We worked on the" 3F formula ": the background, the form, the operation." The language elements are output.

The afternoon of introduction was devoted to the technical and organizational aspects. Louis Aliot has expressed some grievances about the functioning of the nomination commission, and lawyer Gilbert Collard has pronounced for the suppression of the vice-presidencies in the apparatus of the party. Their words blurred, according to him, that of the president. While the party's coffers are again in the red, the idea of ​​moving the headquarters of Nanterre was opposed to renting an annex, closer to places of power, within the capital. Arrived and left with Sophie Montel, Florian Philippot offered a media outlet noticed Saturday morning on France Info. In order to bait his detractors on a field other than the exit of the Euro, the vice-president of the FN offered to take a coffee with Jean-Luc Mélenchon, to "talk to patriots left and right." "Our reserves are on the right, we must get hold of it!", Railed on his side Jean Messiha, the rapporteur of the commission on the functioning of the party, absent for personal reasons and replaced by Wallerand de Saint-Just.

Summary of conciliation

No relaxation for the rest of the day, since the seminar tackled this Saturday the hot topic of the doctrine, with the issues of the euro, Europe and the priorities of the party. Subject of intense internal debate that led to the weakening of Florian Philippot, this element of the program is held responsible for the electoral disappointments frontist. The party's general secretary Nicolas Bay himself made a point of making a difference by circulating a personal contribution on Friday, which draws a line that is more centered on questions of identity than on the return to the franc. But the threat of the vice president in charge of the strategy of leaving the party, if this project was abandoned by Marine Le Pen, still hangs. The seminar will have attempted to propose a synthesis of conciliation: give priority to "the mastery of migratory and commercial borders", and keep monetary sovereignty for a five-year end, according to new modalities soon to be submitted to the vote of the militants.

"There was no settling of accounts" during this seminar, hammered two days during Florian Philippot. They could intervene later, between the consultation of the militants foreseen in September and the congress, waited for March 2018. "One will not decide on a new body of doctrine in a day and a half", argued Wallerand of Saint-Just. So there will not have been major decisions either this weekend, but many questions. But the most crucial of them remains for the time being officially taboo: that of the impact of the political sequence which ends on the capital of presidentialable of Marine Le Pen.


Source: Le Figaro Premium - The new FN will focus on borders rather than the euro

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