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Notre ami Luc Rosenzweig est décédé - Causeur

I do not remember seeing Luc Rosenzweig is excited. Besides, he is perhaps the only one of my friends with whom I have never quarreled. It was because his intellectual mordant went hand in hand with a flawless affability and a sort of irony that sheltered him from the sensibilities and idiotic conflicts that we invent when we forget that time is running out. He certainly knew it, even though he was careful not to share this torment.

Greedy for all that life offered him, the love of his family, friendship, books and ideas, Luc did not have time for pettiness and low-end torment. I did not know him in his Stalinist youth, and I readily imagine that his opponents at that time have less pleasant memories. We became friends at Israeli conferences and then in the battle of the Al Dourah affair. For me, and for the readers of conversationalisthe was one of the most wonderful storytellers in the political and media comedy, whose springs he unveiled, from Paris to Berlin, from Prague to Brussels. This worthy heir of the great European culture was a sharp observer of his tragedies - and their remake in farce. After the election of Nicolas Sarkozy, the novelist Marie NDiaye loudly announced that she was exiled to Berlin (fear of rising fascism ...). I have not forgotten the answer to Luc's vitriol: "I come from a family that has gone the other way". This path, Luc and his brother have traced it in an exciting book about their family. And of course, he was first and foremost the son of that story, the story of a family of German Jews who eventually took root in Savoy.

The sadness is too great, the words are still missing, but conversationalistwe know that absence will be present in every issue. I will not be able to call Luke any more to ask him to explain to me Merkel's confusions or Macron's European fantasies. He died the day he was to celebrate his fifty years of marriage with Francoise, her three children, her grandchildren and a host of friends. It seems terribly cruel. But this terrible coincidence is also a way to leave in beauty. On an oath of eternal love.

Of course, we will talk about Luke in our September issue. In the meantime, let his loved ones receive our loving thoughts.


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17 Partages

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