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FIGAROVOX / CHRONICLE - The villages are empty, the city centers are dying, the little bosses feel stunned ... One can recognize, in what makes the Italian anger, an image of what lives in France.

"The European commissioners, that dares everything, it is even at that we recognize them", would probably have ironized Michel Audiard. It is even quite fascinating to see how, each time the European Union is on the brink, one of its highest dignitaries strives to make her hate a little more. On May 29, during a television show, Günther Oettinger delivered his vision of the Italian situation. Summed up by a tweet of the television channel, it gave: "The markets will teach the Italians to vote well." Scandal in Italy. On the side of the 5-star movement, we rebel: "These people treat Italy as a holiday colony where to spend the summer." And it is the whole of the European Commission who tried to save the furniture .

The channel's journalists pleaded guilty, saying they had truncated the remarks. Which were: "I am worried and I expect that in the coming weeks the developments for Italy's economy could be so drastic that it could be a possible signal to voters not to choose populist left and right. "Indeed, things are more elegantly said. But the meaning is the same: the markets will attack Italy to scare the Italian voters to encourage them to return to the right path. But all this in the absolute respect of the democracy and the Italian voters ... That is about what explained the president of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. The one who had warned the Greeks: "There is no democracy outside the European treaties." A phrase that was no less explicit than that of the German commissioner.

This is the problem of German dignitaries: they rarely have any scruples in explaining their vision of Europe.

This is the problem of German dignitaries: they rarely have any scruples in explaining their vision of Europe. To the chagrin of the defenders, especially French, of the EU who, themselves, take the trouble to embody the reality of admirable words, which speak "social Europe", "democratic deepening", "European sovereignty". So much effort that a German commissioner sure of the good right of his virtuous people against the sloth of the South, does not dispel the sweet dreams and say clearly what is: all the financial and political mechanics will take place to make the fools who have believed to be able to change things by universal suffrage.

And besides, what were their expectations to these Italian voters? There has been so much talk in France of a league far more to the right than the FN. So much has been said about the major migration crisis experienced by an abandoned Italy by its neighbors. Yet, in its edition dated May 29, The world, little suspicious of complacency with the heterogeneous Italian coalition, went to meet the "little bosses seduced by the League". We are in the region of Milan, where rice farming has organized social life. But the rice fields are disappearing, leaving wastelands where Amazon installs its giant warehouses. The villages are empty, the city centers are dying. The little bosses feel stunned by fussy rules imposed from Rome. As if the state, to forget its helplessness, produced the norm and imposed it on those who can not afford to escape it. The cause of this disaster? Asian rice imported at low cost and produced without any social or environmental standards. To answer them, the League campaigned on Made in Italy. Against these free trade treaties negotiated in the secret of the Brussels corridors.

Democracy under surveillance in Rome is also our democracy.

Who would not recognize in this portrait of Italian anger an image of what France is going through? Who understands that these two economies have been hit hard by the ideology of free trade carried by the very structures of the EU? Still Italy has preserved a part of its industry, the second of Europe, when we are good last.

The cry of the heart of the German commissioner has the merit of frankness: the markets make fun of rice growing in the plain of Po, even if the layout of the rice fields was designed by Leonardo da Vinci. As they make fun of the middle cities of Creuse or Lozère. The financial markets only see this Italian debt dug by an overvalued currency, and guaranteed by the German banking system. And if Sergio Mattarella finally agreed the list of ministers proposed by Giuseppe Conteit is on the condition that the Eurosceptic Paolo Savona do not hold the Ministry of Economy: we do not question the dogma.

Italy and France are two countries linked by history and culture, the love of beauty and the pleasures of life. Our Constitutions differ, which explains divergent political moments. But we would be wrong to stick to these appearances, because the democracy under surveillance in Rome is also our democracy. And we are these Italian citizens humiliated and ruined.


Natacha Polony, Journalist


Natacha Polony


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11 Partages

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