Nantes: The death of a young man, killed by the police, engulfs three sensitive neighborhoods

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VIDEO - A 22-year-old driver, refusing to obey a police check, died Tuesday night after being shot.

His death caused urban violence in three sensitive areas of the city. A 22-year-old man died Tuesday night in Nantes after being shot by a police officer. According to police sources, the young person was allegedly carotid and died on arrival at the hospital. "The SRPJ Nantes and the Inspectorate General of the National Police are seized of the investigation to clarify the commission of the facts and determine in what circumstances the policeman was brought to make use of his weapon", specified with the AFP the public prosecutor of Nantes, Pierre Sennès.

The facts took place around 20:30 during a "check by a crew of CRS following offenses committed by a vehicle," told the press on the spot Jean-Christophe Bertrand, Departmental Director of Public Security (DDSP) . The identity of the motorist is "unclear, the CRS were ordered to bring the driver" at the police station. "The driver, pretending to get out of his car, hit a police officer" who was slightly injured in the knees, said the DDSP. "One of his colleagues fired and touched the young man who unfortunately died."

The individual, known to the police, was the subject of an arrest warrant related to robberies committed in organized gangs and his vehicle was put under surveillance for drug trafficking, says BFMTV.

An annexed town hall burned

The policeman's shooting immediately triggered urban violence in the Breil district with "catch-at-party, Molotov cocktail jets", according to the public prosecutor. Cars were burned, as well as a paramedical center located in a shopping center. This drama was also "the starting point of other urban violence in other sensitive neighborhoods of Nantes," Malakoff and Dervallières, said Jean-Christophe Bertrand. In this last district, the annexed town hall and the house of justice and law located in the same building were affected. The situation seemed calmed shortly before 3 am in the three neighborhoods affected by the violence. Nearly 200 police officers are mobilized, said the departmental director of Public Security.

"My first thoughts are with this young dead man, his family, all the inhabitants of this neighborhood, our neighborhoods," said the mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland. "The police and the judiciary in its independence will have to make the clarity and the totality of transparencies on what happened tonight."

The Breil district was already placed in reinforced security after the discovery of a gunshot wounded last week with suspicion of the use of a weapon of war, according to a source familiar with the matter.

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Source: Nantes: The death of a young man, killed by the police, engulfs three sensitive neighborhoods

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