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FIGAROVOX / CHRONICLE - While the rise of anti-Semitism has been at the heart of the news for a few weeks and has elicited many reactions, Gilles-William Goldnadel deconstructs some received ideas or shortcuts media.

Gilles-William Goldnadel is a lawyer and essayist. He is president of the France-Israel association. Every week, he decrypts the news for FigaroVox.

While the lovable Maghreb taxi driver who was bringing me back to my home on Thursday night explained to me without acrimony, and obviously without knowing who he was talking to, that the Jews, Zionists, bankers and Rothschilds were at home. the origin of the economic crisis, I thought of the vanity of the media debate.

The petition against Islamic anti-Semitism in The Parisian. A step in the right direction, obviously, especially given the personality of the signatories. One can obviously, as in any collective reflection, and this is my case, to challenge individually here or there a concept or a formulation.

Rightly and wrongly. Thus, some distinguished linguists have been choosy about the term "ethnic cleansing", applied to Jews leaving mass Seine-Saint-Denis. Yet, when three-quarters of a peaceful population leaves a territory because of violent racism, the two words used do not seem extreme. I do not see any significant difference with the Kosovo Serbs. I will go further, regarding the Seine-Saint-Denis, the replacement word could have been used without lying or failing. In any case, the expression is infinitely less debatable than that of "apartheid", used by Jean-Louis Borloo applied in particular to the same territory and which does not seem to have been the subject of an identical challenge by linguists supra. In this case, the comparison with the legal and factual situation prevailing in South Africa is both an offense to the French and a lie to the story.

Turning now to the address to the French Muslim authorities to ask to strike obsolescence a divine text, it is wishful thinking in my opinion, and wish impious according to them.

And I come precisely to the text of imams published in The world. One could obviously consider the outraged response as hopeless, with regard to this intellectual blindness and out-of-season susceptibility that has characterized much of the official Islamic authorities while the words of hatred flowed and the Jewish blood flowed. Nevertheless, we could see above all in the petition of good will and an exit from denial. We are far from the collective article of these moderate Muslim intellectuals published in the JDD July 31, 2016, and in which they listed all terrorist attacks committed in France that wilt, the improbable exclusion of those perpetrated against Jews.

Asking for obsolescence of a divine text is wishful thinking in my opinion, and impious vow according to the Muslim authorities.

Always at the disposal of the Muslims of France, I will recall the reluctance of a part of the Christian world (and especially of the Middle Eastern clergy) at the moment when Pope John XXIII definitively suppressed in 1959 the Paschal prayer against the "perfidious" Jews, or at Vatican II, when it comes to condemning again the name of "deicide people", already shaken by the Council of Trent in 1566 which had specified that those responsible for the death of Christ were not the Jews but all the sinful humanity.

Again, this observation against the illusion that the present debate would be modern and that the roles would be frozen. Let us first mention Ernest Renan after he paid a critical tribute to Judaism: "Islamism can only exist as an official religion; when it is reduced to the state of free and individual religion, it will perish. Islamism is not just a state religion. (...) This is the religion excluding the state. Islam is the most complete negation of Europe; Islam is fanaticism; Islam is the decline of science, the suppression of civil society; the appalling simplicity of the Semitic spirit, narrowing the human brain, (...) to put it in front of an eternal tautology: God is God " (From the Semitic peoples in the history of civilization 1862). But the Afghan reformist intellectual Jamal al-Din Asadabadi in the Journal of Debates answered him: "I can not help hoping that Mohammedan society will one day break its bonds and walk decisively on the path of civilization like Western society for which the Christian faith, despite its rigors and intolerance, was not an invincible obstacle. "

Thus, we are doomed to hope.

And always in defense against the moderate Muslims of France, I affirm that they are not the first person in charge of this situation, but much more those whom I named Islamo-leftists, who are much more leftist in their pathological hatred of the West that are sincerely attached to Muslims. I assert that if they, in the media majesty, had not shown a benevolent indulgence towards radical Islam and its improbable excesses, never the organized Muslim community would have married this autism which has been made to him too late a grievance.

Reason why, it should much more blame the French institutions of the Republic to remain under this ideological influence. How can one accept, for example, that the press section of the Paris public prosecutor's office - a real prosecutor's office in the public prosecutor's office - has dared to appeal against Georges Bensoussan's judgment of acquittal, prosecuted by the same prosecutor's office because he had dared to cause Islamic anti-Semitism? In the same vein, how to accept the prosecutions of this same prosecutor against Nicolas Dupont-Aignan on the pretext delusional as much as liberticide that this one could consider as invasive the current migratory phenomenon as irresistible as largely illegal?

The anti-Semitism that kills today in France is neither very old nor very French.

I will recall that the same section did not move the little finger of his judicial arm when I had given him these books of radical Islam sold in supermarkets which called for the death of the Jews of the Christians and the miscreants.

Vanity of intellectual and media debates that one would like decisive when one sees their positive evolution, considering the recurrence of the ideology and the necessities of petty politics.

No one is spared, including atop Olympus. So the Jupiterian president.

Here he believes he must explain to American students that the current criminal anti-Semitism is at the confluence of the import of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, by the anti-Zionist way, and of the "old French anti-Semitism". It is both underestimating the power of Islamic anti-Judaism and overestimating the vigor of Western nationalist anti-Semitism discredited by the Holocaust.

The anti-Semitism that kills today in France is neither very old nor very French.

To tell the truth, I am unable to write if Jupiter is driven mad by the crazy anti-Western ideology that made him say that French colonization in Algeria was a crime against humanity, or if it is not ready to relinquish with good grace this antifascist front that will have served as a winning martingale almost a year ago.

Political cynicism does not exclude intellectual error, I do not have to choose.


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