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Interview with Nicole Klein, Prefect of Loire-Atlantique


It is always interesting to do comparative analyzes to understand human behavior and what it reflects in society.

On July 26, 2016, Nicole Klein was stationed in Seine-Maritime at the time of the assassination, in Saint-Etienne du Rouvray, of Father Hamel. As she recounts in the interview below, she specifies the conditions that led her to give the order to fire on the two Islamists who had stormed the chapel. She explains: "They came out shouting" Allahu Akbar! " I took my decision. I do not take pride in it. ".

Strange, we find ourselves exactly in the same situation faced by Prefect Michel Cadot, Prefect of Paris, in the case of Mrs. Sarah Halimi. Unfortunately for Sarah, the Prefect of Paris did not have the same analysis as Nicole Klein, which was fatal to Ms. Halimi.

The recurring question of the responsibility of the Police, or at least of the chain of command that led to this inaction, is again on the carpet.

Yes, in a similar case, on the mere fact that one is heard "Alla or Akbar" the proper decision was made by the prefect! Why, then, was not the case with Sarah Halimi? The investigation showed that Sarah Halimi's death was due to her defenestration and that she would certainly have survived the barbaric acts she had suffered. So why ? Yes why ? Is the decision of non-intervention attributable to the Prefect of Police, or director general of the national police who was to inform the minister, or the Minister himself?

The question, in any case, is worth asking. Was only out of respect for the victim's family!

It is therefore fitting that Maître Goldnadel has filed his complaint for non-assistance to person at risk, and it is wisely that the Support Committee "Truth and Justice for Sarah Halimi" wants to have adequate answers to these questions. questions.

And it is an incomprehensible mistake on the part of the other councils who oppose it under false pretexts.

We hope, very sincerely, that the investigation on this point will prosper, that a judicial inquiry will be opened and that an Examining Magistrate (perhaps the same as in the Sarah Halimi Affair but it is not obligatory ) will be very quickly appointed by the prosecutor to clarify the reasons for these multiple malfunctions.

This interview with Prefect Nicole Klein accentuates our discomfort with the conditions of police intervention in the case of Sarah Halimi!

Finally, if one can justify the non qualification of murder with aggravating circumstance of anti-Semitism to avoid the constitution of civil party by multiple anti-racist associations, which would encumber the instruction, and if one can to assume that this qualification will come later in the course of the instruction (which we can strongly suppose, the opposite would then be unbearable), we really do not understand the reasons why the aggravating circumstance ofassassination preceded by acts of barbarity was not selected !!!


Justice is in the name of the French people, it is independent and free, it must certainly not be subject to pressure from the executive or the presidents of associations, but it must listen to the cries of pain of the French people !


We believe in the justice of our country as long as it behaves fairly and does not integrate the ethnicity, religion or political opinion of both the aggressor and the aggressor into its equation.


However, it is worth remembering that this has not always been the case in our history, especially when the victim was Jewish.


We are sure, of course, that this is not the case in this case, but it is useful to recall it when a judge is returned to correctional service for failing in his basic duty of impartiality and when the ideology gangrene all our society.


We remain vigilant! Confident in our Justice and in our Institutions!

Yes, we remain optimistic and confident but above all vigilant!

Richard C. ABITBOL - President


Nicole Klein: "They came out shouting:" Allahu Akbar! "I made my decision"



INTERVIEW - Prefect of Loire-Atlantique, Nicole Klein was stationed in Seine-Maritime at the time of the assassination of Father Hamel on July 26, 2016. She gave the order to shoot the two Islamists.

How does one decide on such an order? Alone?

I think these radical young Islamists wanted to die. They came out shouting "Allahu Akbar!" I took my decision. I do not take pride in it. The device consisted of BRI and BAC. The departmental director of public security coordinated him, in the presence of the regional director of the PJ. He called me to ask me what to do. I thought the conditions were right and we had enough people to act. The procedure was followed. I did my job.

It was not necessary to ask Bernard Cazeneuve?

No. However, beyond the territorially competent prefect, the director general of the national police informed the minister. He knew minute by minute what was happening. But the decision fell on me, as the person responsible for public order in my department. It's the role of a prefect.

"This act of barbarism was unsustainable. That's why I had no hesitation "

Could we have avoided the tragedy? How do you live this episode today?

We made a return of experience between prefects, at the end of May, in Nantes. One of the two terrorists, Abdel Malik Petitjean, was unknown to us, but not the second, Adel Kermiche. It was filed S. His name was mentioned in the security meetings that I chaired each week, when we reviewed who might pose a risk. But no sign of precursor was raised. The place of the attack was totally improbable: a small church at the bottom of a village, five people at mass. The judge had held that Kermiche was eligible for parole. And he went out on the appointed day, at the appointed hour. How to predict?

Is this case the one that will leave you with the most traces?

Undeniably. I left the ENA in 1987, I have a certain seniority in the career of prefect and I lived a difficult business, but this act of barbarism was unsustainable. That's why I had no hesitation. Moreover, quite rare to be underlined, no one has disputed the decision taken.

Source: ©  The Figaro Premium - Nicole Klein: "They came out shouting:" Allahou Akbar! "I made my decision"

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