Murder of Mireille Knoll: "She knew the first suspect since he was a child"

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Meurtre de Mireille Knoll : "Elle connaissait le premier suspect depuis qu'il était enfant"
The anti-Semitic character was retained by the Paris prosecutor's office after the murder of Mireille Knoll, this Friday, March 23. - DR

Friday, March 23, an octogenarian of Jewish confession, Mireille Knoll, was murdered 11 stab wounds in his apartment in the 11th arrondissement. Two suspects were released by the Paris prosecutor on March 26. The prosecution has retained the anti-Semitic character in the investigation of this murder.

Sammy Ghozlan, Director of the National Office of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism (BNVCA) and Richard Abitbol, ​​President of the Confederation of Jews of France and the Friends of Israel (CJFAI) immediately asked for recognition of the anti-Semitic nature of this assassination in order to not to renew the detestable impact of the delay in recognizing the anti-Semitic character of the "Sarah Halimi" case.

Monday, March 26, at the end of the day, the Paris prosecutor retained the antisemitic motive in the investigation of the murder of Mireille Knoll, an octogenarian of Jewish confession killed 11 stab wounds three days earlier. His home had been burned. His body had been found partly charred. The prosecution has opened a judicial investigation for "murder on the basis of the true or supposed belonging of the victim to a religion and vulnerable person". Mobile, however, remains unknown at this stage.

Friday, March 23, at 18:30, a fire broke out in his apartment on the 11th district of Paris. The octogenarian will be found dead burned. Rescuers find on the spot at least four voluntary fire departures. A 29-year-old suspect, a neighbor of the victim, is arrested on the night of Friday to Saturday, March 24, followed by a second, aged 22, on the night of Sunday to Monday, March 26. Placed in custody, these two men must be presented to an examining magistrate for possible indictment. The prosecutor's office requested their detention on remand

"My mother considered him a son"

According to Sammy Ghozlan, director of the National Office of Vigilance against Antisemitism (BNVCA), in contact with the son of the victim, the first suspect arrested - the 29-year-old - is far from a stranger since he rented to Mireille Knoll housing in the same building. She had known him since he was a child", Ensures Marianne Sammy Ghozlan. And to add: "He had been helping her for many years, and then there was a dispute“. "Apparently my mother knew him very well and considered him a son", Also told AFP the son of the victim.This thirty would be spent in the apartment in the dayaccording to a family member of the victim to the police.

Sexual assault and threats

According to an AFP police source, he was known to the police for rape and sexual assault cases. According to our information, a complaint was lodged against him by the nurse's aide Mireille Knoll, shortly before his murder. A complaint that mentions two distinct facts: the first describes a sexual assault on the daughter of the nurse's aide, the second one of the death threats against Mireille Knoll. He threatened to "burn the apartment ". If nothing in this complaint mentions antisemitic threats, Sammy Ghozlan believes that this does not allow to rule out the hypothesis of such a crime: "He knew she was Jewish, everyone knew. Today, we no longer necessarily threaten with graffiti or anti-Semitic threats, but we go straight to the actThis first suspect, 29, denies the facts.

 Much less is known about the second suspect, aged 22. According to a police source mentioned by AFP, he is known for acts of robbery and was in Ms. Knoll's building on the day of the murder.. It is also not known whether the two individuals are related.

Rescued from the raid of Vel d'Hiv '

The sons of Mireille Knoll recalled, through the voice of MP Meyer Habib, that their mother had been rescued from the roundup of Vel d'Hiv 'in July 1942. A white march is scheduled Wednesday, March 28 at 18:30 in Paris. This murder comes a year after the murder of Sarah Halimi, also a Jew, defenestrée at his home in April 2017 by one of his neighbors, shouting "Allah Akbah“. The antisemitic character of the murder was retained last February only by the examining magistrate. A longstanding request from the prosecution of the civil parties.

Source: ©  Murder of Mireille Knoll: "She knew the first suspect since he was a child"

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2 Responses to "Meurtre de Mireille Knoll : “Elle connaissait le premier suspect depuis qu’il était enfant”"

  1. Gilbert Brami
    Gilbert Brami   27 March 2018 at 21 h 01 min

    Beyond the killing execution of the courageous Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud BERLTRAME, we must question the slowness of the principals at GIGN.

    Arnaud Beltrame stayed almost three hours alone against the terrorist who had already killed three people, not counting the time when the hostage Julie had spent 45 minutes with the terrorist, in total almost 4 hours.

    Who gave the order not to intervene in order to capture the living terrorist, then that he had already killed two people? The intentions of Islamic terrorists are clear though! Kill and be killed to join the 7 virgins who are waiting for them! Those who think they can get information are wrong; Recent arrests bring a scathing contradiction. The current system of interrogations of Islamic fundamentalists is not up to the challenge! The Islamist assassins are from the same vein and Mireille KNOLL was the victim of the indifference of the same authorities who let the lieutenant-colonel be slaughtered!

  2. ricard andré   28 March 2018 at 16 h 46 min

    France lost its soul 78 years ago and it starts again ... this time with the rabid Muslim radicalism. The case Halimi defenestrated in the name of allah k'bar not qualified at first racist crime ... I thought I dreamed of a bad nightmare ... kidnapping and assassination of the young Halimi, the killing of Toulouse, the taking of hostages of the trade Kascher of Vincennes by this bastard of koulibaly ... How many will it still need of victims, so that are taken energetic measures against all these wolves that one lets circulate in total freedom in this country ... ? The speeches are always well said, decisions remain dead letters ... I know the cure, it is modeled on the same methods as these manure. Believe me, it would calm more than one ...


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