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Laurent Joffrin

Editorial. The mouse gives birth to a mountain. What initially appeared to be a subordinate affair turned into a state affair. Why ? Because of the lie. There was no place of the Contrescarpe, skid during the demo, minor incident, but usurpation of function, extravagant out of the road of a chargé de mission at the Elysee. The law made it an obligation to report the case to justice. The presidency and Place Beauvau preferred concealment. Lie also on the fact that the culprit was sidelined, while a myriad of videos shows Benalla, well after the incriminated facts, the first rank of official events. Funny closet ... We then learn that the same black sheep is supposed to be a cock in the dough: he has a function apartment in an outbuilding of the Elysee. The truth appears: the gorilla has not been sanctioned, but protected. Why and on whose behalf? It is feared to understand: Alexandre Benalla lived in the intimacy of the presidential couple, accompanied the head of state in his official visits but also in his private activities, tennis, skiing or during his holidays. However, there is a specialized service to look after the President and his family day and night. Why this mistrust of them, this willingness to rely on an affine, even though he is known for his impulsiveness?

The case, in any case, could well mark the five-year period. Perhaps this is the clue that reveals the true origin of the disfavor of the President in public opinion. Gradually, the French, seduced by a young man bold, optimistic, cultured, who speaks cash and embodies the function, wonder who they really elected. An Eliacin who will renovate the Republic? Or a man of ambition and opportunism, who leads his boat surrounded by sub-musketeers made by him, between commando and start-up? The question is not settled. But it arises.


Laurent Joffrin


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25 Partages

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  1. ULMO   26 July 2018 at 13 h 16 min

    This affair, both innocuous and serious at the same time, which has turned into a political struggle for a dull, breathtaking and non-constructive opposition, is particularly detrimental to the image of France, much more than to that of the President of the Republic. It is especially the authors of "false-news" concerning the Elysée that should be sanctioned

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