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Mennel (The Voice): "If TF1 decides to get out of the game ..."

VIDEO - At the microphone of RTL, the student reiterates her apology after her controversial publications on social networks and fears an exclusion of the telecrochet.

"I'm really aware that what I wrote was really nonsense, it's very badly written and I was 20 at the time." Mennel Ibtissem, candidate of the last season of The Voice , in turmoil after controversial publications, sure the attack in Nice in 2016 in particular, has agreed to speak at the microphone of RTL this Wednesday evening. She apologizes again "to the families of the victims for having struck their sensitivity, for having injured them". "In no way do I tolerate what happened," she adds.

She fears today to be excluded from the show that revealed it last Saturday. "It's true that if TF1 decides to throw me out of the game, I would be disappointed because I would not have had the opportunity to show who I really am and especially that I'm not the one that is portrayed in the media and in the networks ". In, interpreting Hallelujah Leonard Cohenshe had won the four coaches of the program.

Tuesday, a crisis meeting between the management of TF1, the producers and the candidate was organized to "obtain clarifications". A decision on the exclusion or not of this 22 year old student should be communicated in the coming hours. The victims' association Promenade des Anges - July 14, 2016 has already urged the private channel to "give an exemplary follow-up to his remarks". In a statement, the victims said they were "shocked by the remarks made by the candidate in the aftermath of the terrorist attack" and called "the responsibility of the TF1 channel." "It is unacceptable to put the doubt on the situation that we lived, we were terrorized, affected in our flesh and / or having lost our loved ones", could one read.

"We explained ourselves with Mennel. She expressed deep regret and apologized. We are studying this complex and sensitive situation which requires a time of reflection, "says the ITV Studios production company.

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Mennel Ibtissem has already expressed on social networks to express his regrets: "I am lent intentions that are not mine and that do not reflect my thoughts. I was born in Besançon, I love France, I love my country. Naturally, I condemn terrorism with the utmost firmness. That was the reason for my anger. How can one imagine defending the indefensible! ", She wrote in particular among multiple messages of mea culpa.

On July 15, 2016, the day after the attack that had hit the city of Nice on the Promenade des Anglais and made 86 dead and 458 wounded, Mennel had posted on his Facebook account: "It's good, it became a routine, an attack a week! And always to remain faithful, the "terrorist" takes with him his papers of identity. That's right, when we prepare a dirty move, we do not forget to take his papers! "August 1, 2016, a few days later the attack of Saint-Etienne-du-RouvrayDuring which Hamel was slaughtered, she added: "The real terrorists are our government."

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2 Responses to "Mennel (The Voice) : «Si TF1 décide de m’évincer du jeu…» "

  1. Ninette Barnett Lellouche   8 February 2018 at 8 h 49 min

    Mennel Ibtissem is a beautiful, evil siren.
    With its angelic look, veil, turban or shawls on the head, over the market, with its soft voice, grace and subtly proselytized words to the cause of TAKYIA = LIE Quran, a leuple invented in 1964 by Yasser Arafat , with his party "EL HATAF" meaning "DEATH" but changed illico-presto, by his advisers in "EL FATAH", meaning "OPENING" of violence by Muslim invaders occupyingand the Jewish country, ISRAEL calls to kill the Jews of ISRAEL, DIRECT OF this same yasser arafat, Egyptian from Cairo. This young beautiful girl is very dangerous and treacherous because of her look and deceptive voices and enormously perfected to add oil to the fanaticism of these Muslim invaders (Not only in France but everywhere else in the world where live and rampant Muslim liars, thieves HISTORY and identities and murderers in the soul.) Moreover, Mennel seems to enjoy the beheading of an industrialist, a deadly slaughter of a priest, in his church! the killings at Bataclan and others and massacre by ram-truck at NICE, ALL committed in France by its assassins and Muslim correlates invaders of ISRAEL, France and the world and it must be definitively disqualified from "The Voice", Tf .1, flat, hollow or deep excuses. WE DO NOT WANT IT!

    SHE MUST DO PRISON, rather! And his parents must pay a large fine that will go into the charity fund for wounded and bereaved families by Muslim terrorist invading assassins, even though each injured and traumatized victim and each bereaved family must receive only a token sum.

  2. Delpard   8 February 2018 at 11 h 37 min

    So many pabalabres for a veiled singer, the head, not the voice. As a commentator rightly writes provocation is the veil and that's the production and TF1 knew it they did not do anything for it not to wear it. So act.

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