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Emmanuel Macron during a conference on Protestantism, September 22 at the City Hall of Paris. - Photo credits: Corinne SIMON / CIRIC

On Thursday, the head of state said he wanted to work on the "structuring" of this religion in France.

Emmanuel Macron finally benefited from the wish ceremony to religions, this Thursday, to deliver his great speech on secularism. Speaking on specific issues such as Islam, immigration management - "You have to be able to say sometimes that you can not take the part you want to take, because you can not - bioethics, but also a framework program detailing the fundamental vision of President of the Republic on the religious fact. Never since the beginning of the five-year period, Emmanuel Macron had also systematically explained himself on this sensitive topic, often controversial and considered as a marker in French political culture.

The great presidential novelty appears in the way of dealing with the question of Islam. Emmanuel Macron intends not to be shut up in the law of 1905 establishing the separation between religions and the state.

"We would like, speaking of secularism, to speak about the only subject of the religion that is Islam. It is a fatal error for Islam and for all other religions "

He does not say that he intends to reform it, but he clearly states that it is not necessarily adapted to solve the new questions posed to France by Islam. "This 1905 law is part of a treasure that is ours," he insists, but "she did not think the religious fact with and by Islam, because it was not present in our society, as it is today "at the time of its adoption. He adds: "We would like, speaking of secularism, to speak about the only subject of the religion that is Islam. It is a fatal mistake for Islam and for all other religions. "

Hence, he admits, "the gropings" of the authorities, as religions, on the question of Islam because French software in this area has been shaped by centuries of collaboration, then conflict, between two powers also organized and centralized, the Catholic Church and the State: "France has become accustomed in its dialogue to a religion which is structured in a much more vertical way, because it is the history of France with the Catholic Church. We must say things as they are: because religions are structured differently, we grope. "

This explains his proposal to move forward with Islam: "We must have a job on the structuring of Islam in Francewhich is the very condition that you do not fall into the divisions of your own religion and the crisis it is experiencing internationally. " dispassionate ". As for Islamist terrorism, the president said: "The role of the state, in this context, is not to fight the beliefs, but to fight the words and practices that are placed outside the republican public order. "

The rules of the Republic

The vision that guides this first major presidential project in terms of secularism is inspired by its conception of the contribution - past and present - of religions to French society. Emmanuel Macron does not see any break between the believer and the citizen. This is the second great novelty of this discourse program: "The religious faith which is intimate does not disqualify to be a citizen, it would be crazy to think that in the same person, the two do not dialogue constantly." D where this consequence: "The Republic does not ask anyone to forget his faith, but to make nation, it is also necessary knowing how to overcome differences by putting them at the service of the community of citizens. "And again:" I will never ask some French citizens to be moderately in their religion or to believe moderately or as they should in their God. It does not make much sense. But I will ask everyone, constantly, to absolutely respect all the rules of the Republic. "

Without "renouncing our lay pact", President Macron therefore wants to integrate more "religious and philosophical contributions" in a "sincere, dispassionate dialogue" for the conduct of the affairs of the nation. For he rejects as much the idea of ​​a "state religion" that would be "substituted for religions" as "strategies of entrism" or other "militant coups de force" of religious inspiration.

What dictates this flagship proposal, the third novelty of his intervention, concerning the next revision of the laws of bioethics, to "give time for a real philosophical debate in society before legislating": "During this year, I will bring together in a regular way, not mediatised because I want it to be working sessions "at the same time," the national advisory committee of ethics "but also the" representatives "of the religions that will be" fully associated ", to" decanate a vision common "on the laws of bioethics.


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