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Emmanuel Macron, during his meeting with the president of the Corsican executive council, Gilles Simeoni (in the middle), and the president of the Assembly of Corsica, Jean-Guy Talamoni, Tuesday, in Ajaccio. - Photo credits: LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP


While he is in favor of mentioning Corsica in the Constitution, the President has objected to the other demands of the political leaders of the Isle of Beauty.

Ten flags. Five French, five European, no Corsican. Before even advancing on the stage of the cultural center Alb'Oru ​​in Bastia, Emmanuel Macron sets the scene for a discourse conceived as the "climax" of his trip to the island. A two-day visit to reaffirm the authority of the state while claims autonomists resume vigor since their victory in local elections in December.

As the day before, Emmanuel Macron begins by rejecting one by one the claims of "natios"

Welcomed by a leaden silence, without any applause, not even isolated, Emmanuel Macron assures from the outset to the elected officials to listen to him that "Corsica is in the heart of the Republic". The comment echoes his speech the day before, delivered in Ajaccio, in tribute to the prefect Érignac assassinated twenty years earlier. And as the day before, Emmanuel Macron begins by rejecting one by one the claims of "natios". Resident status? "A legal deadlock and a bad answer." The redesign of the tax system? "A freedom could be given to Corsica to introduce new taxes but there will be in return less government endowments." The co-officiality of the Corsican language with French? "In the French Republic, and even before the Republic, there is an official language and it is French." As for the rapprochement of prisoners requested by the autonomists, the head of state does not even mention the subject. One by one, he closes all the doors. Except for one, which he keeps slightly ajar: the possibility of including Corsica in the Constitution. But it is in reverse that he accedes to this lighthouse demand of the nationalists. "This wish, I hear it, I respect it and I take it as a mark of trust," he says. Like the will of a strong anchoring in the Republic. "This gesture, the president assures," I'm ready ". But not unconditionally, and rather his. This will be in the context of the constitutional review and Article 72. And therefore not in the context of Article 74 as required by the "natios". "This now assumes to get a three-fifths majority in Congress and therefore to convince the right to vote reform," was also worried a Corsican elected after speeches.

"Making Corsica succeed in the Republic is first and foremost solving everyday problems"

Emmanuel Macron

Autonomous and independentist elected representatives whom Emmanuel Macron has worked to bypass throughout his speech by speaking directly to the Corsican people rather than to his representatives and insisting on what the State could do for them. concrete on the ground. "What matters to me is that we can together meet the legitimate expectations of the inhabitants," assured the Head of State before detailing its proposals sector by sector. For security, he promises zero tolerance for delinquency and drug trafficking. For health, he announced the construction of a new hospital in Ajaccio and renovation of that of Bastia. On the digital, it promises to accelerate 4G coverage on the island. On housing, he proposes the help of the State to finalize "the coverage of the territory in urban planning documents". Gradually, Emmanuel Macron goes down in the detail of the daily life of the Corsicans, until being worried about the impact of the drought on the supply of fodder for the herds. "To make Corsica succeed in the Republic is above all to solve the problems of everyday life," he summarizes.

If it is necessary to go through a reform of the Constitution to calm the ardor of independence, or. In any case, "there are very few Corsicans whose life will change depending on whether we are slicing one way or the other," he removes, referring the "natios" to the expanded responsibilities and competencies they now in the context of the new community of Corsica. "The Corsican community gives the island a very decentralized special status. This entails important responsibilities, "he explains as if to ask the nationalists to start using the institutional tools they have before making autonomy claims. A lesson. And whose tone probably explains the dark mine of Jean-Guy Talamoni, president of the Assembly of Corsica, and Gilles Simeoni, the president of his executive council, at the end of the speech. Not to mention all the applause that resonated at the end of Emmanuel Macron's speech. After their meeting the day before in Ajaccio with the Head of State, the two men had canceled their planned lunch with him Wednesday noon in Bastia. They already understood.


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