The highly anti-Zionist "French Jewish Union for Peace" obtained financial support from the government to make propaganda clips. In the sight of this association doped with public money, the "state racism" [sic] French and Israeli. Investigation.

If it were a common law case, where individuals enrich themselves fraudulently at the expense of a third, it would fall into the category of "clever delinquency", well-crafted scams where the victim is relieved of his wealth by the trick of a gang of mobsters abusing his naivete, or taking advantage of his negligence.

The UJFP, a zealous aid to radical Islamism

The attribution to the French Jewish Union for Peace (UJFP) of several tens of thousands of euros of public aid from General Commissariat for Territorial Equality (CGET), placed under the tutelage of the Prime Minister, falls under the criminal register? The evidence we have in this case establishes that a well-established political organization knowingly fooled the state into financing its propaganda. But it is up to the competent bodies (Court of Auditors, Council of State, administrative tribunals) to establish the responsibilities and to pronounce possible sanctions, in short to do their work having been duly informed.

To understand this case, we must first be wary of labels: for people uninformed by the arcane militant organizations, the French Jewish Union for Peace could pass for a pacifist group, advocating a negotiated end of the Arab-Israeli conflict and supporting the Israeli "peace camp", this Zionist left opposed to the policies of the current Israeli government, but firm on the founding principles of the Jewish state. However, this is far from being the case: the UJFP appears, in its propaganda, as in its activist activities, as a zealous auxiliary of radical Islamism, collaborating actively in all the actions aimed at delegitimizing the State of Israel, and is more than benevolent with the party of Indigenous people of the Republic and the appendices of the Muslim Brotherhood such as the Committee against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) and other friends of Tariq Ramadan. The leaders of the UJFP regularly go to Gaza to "dialogue" with all the political forces of this territory, from Hamas to Islamic Jihad. They are, in the secular Jewish world, the equivalent of these ultra-Orthodox rabbis who go to Tehran to support the ayatollahs, promising to eradicate the "Zionist entity": as noisy as they are minority.

"Muslim friends have explained to me that there is in Islam the idea that one must submit only to God, which frees man from any other subjection. Is not that a good idea? "

A few dozen activists of the UJFP, gathered behind their banners, have participated, these last years, in all the demonstrations organized by the extreme left and the French Islamist movements to denounce Israel, and the supposed racism of the French State; some have been marked by slogans violently anti-Semitic, and even by aggression against synagogues and kosher shops. This does not disturb the leaders and activists of the UJFP, who protest strongly when the press notes the slippages of their friends and fellow Islamists. Thus, Michèle Sibony, spokesperson for this group, who "happily" participated, on July 13, 2014 in a demonstration of protest against the Israeli intervention in Gaza, rebels against a journalist of the site Rue89 (though far from being a pro-Israel pharmacy!) who had heard in the procession slogans downright anti-Semitic. After having denied, against the evidence, these differences of language, Michèle Sibony is pedagogue: "There was indeed a religious procession, and people shouted Allah houakbar, and also" Lâ ilâha illâ Allâh "... A lady a little frightened asked me to translate: but yes madam with pleasure:" God is great, he n 'There is God but God.' The monotheistic profession of faith is a real crime in this country [sic]. Sometimes I want to translate: "death to fachos" but I hold back ... Damn (that's also religious as an expression by the way, do you know?) It's the blood of Christ to which it alludes [ resic]) the skull stuffing went all the way to this country. But if believing people need to refer to their faith to protest a crime, does that absolve the crime? Is it in itself [re-resic] so unbearable? So dangerous? Muslim friends have explained to me that there is in Islam the idea that one must submit only to God, which frees man from any other subjection. Is not that a good idea? That men and women, so often crushed and dominated by so many hateful human powers, recall their only submission is the one they owe to God [re-re-resic]. I find it moving and beautiful. It is an affirmation of their freedom here below, and of their insubordination, precisely. "

These astounding remarks, made a few months before the massacres of January and November 2015, but after the crimes of Mohammed Merah, give an idea of ​​the state of mind that still reigns in the ranks of the UJFP.

"Our target is high school students. "

However, after the deadly attacks of recent years, it is more difficult to directly promote radical Islam. As a result, the activists of the UJFP, which in its meager ranks have a significant proportion of active and retired teachers, have been thinking of more sophisticated methods of spreading Israel's eradicating credo in society, particularly in youth of so-called "popular" neighborhoods, where their ideology could find a sympathetic listening. It is now under the banner of "anti-racism" and the fight against discrimination - and with the blessing of the State - that the good anti-Zionist word is brought to neighborhoods, schools and associations. Thus was born, shortly after January 2015, a book project entitled "A Jewish word against racism", a kind of textbook for high school students, analyzing racism and anti-Semitism in a didactic form apparently neutral, but broadcasting a a breviary consisting of three main messages: there is only Western anti-Semitism and extreme right; Zionism is a racist and colonialist ideology, itself largely responsible for the rise of anti-Semitism throughout the world; In France there is a "state racism" of which Muslims are the main victims.

Getting the imprimatur and the help of the state for this project is extremely easy. It suffices to present a file to the CGETM written in such a way as to lull the mistrust of the officials. We can then rejoice at the good turn that has been played to the authorities and, incidentally, to the taxpayers: up to 18,000 euros granted to the UJFP by the CGET in 2016. One of the authors of the Béatrice Orès, thus openly boasts of this trick in a meeting with readers at the bookstore Tropiques, in Paris: "When you look at it [the book], you will see that on the back cover There is a beautiful tricolor Marianne ... This indicates the support of the General Commissariat for Equality Territories, CGET. Why this support for a book denouncing state racism? How do we live this contradiction? It did not bother us. We made a file to have a grant. We built the file for it to be accepted, so we used terms, we used the word anti-Semitism to get this grant. This is the paradox of our government. The CGET fights against discrimination. So he subsidizes projects that are against discrimination. They [the CGET] supported our publication without ever exerting pressure, they did not see the book before its publication and we had no echo after. Nothing. "

Responding to a question from the audience, she stressed that the book was very well illustrated: "Our target is high school students. " Which makes the case even worse.

The UFJP clips compare Israeli operations in Gaza to the deportation of Gypsies by the Nazis.

When we found a good vein, in this case a debonair administration and not too fussy, it would be a shame not to exploit it thoroughly. After having distributed the 5,000 copies of the book, the UJFP proceeds to a new edition, still with the support of the CGET, for the 2017 fiscal year. And is moving up a gear: having noted that the target audience, the high school students, was more fond of images than text, the editorial team of the book decides to produce a series of video clips in which members of the militant nucleus of the UJFP (35 people) will tell their itinerary in front of the camera to illustrate the themes dear to their organization. The production of these clips is entrusted to a renowned filmmaker, Eyal Sivan, Israeli installed in France, whose specialty is the repetitive denunciation of his country of birth. The result of this work can be accessed freely the website of the UJFPand only a few excerpts giving an overview of their content, whose propagandist character clearly outweighs the educational perspective, are mentioned here. These clips accuse France of promoting state racism. ("I consider today that it is [the law on the headscarf at school] especially an Islamophobic instrument with a will to expand on all public spaces, a Islamophobic fight clearly organized by the State ..."They blame Israel for being a structurally racist state and Zionism for being racist. ("Zionism is racist. I would even say that Zionism is anti-Semitic. "They put on the same plane the Israeli armed operations in Gaza in response to the rocket fire, the murder of the Jewish children of Ozar Hatorah by Mohammed Merah and the deportation of the Gypsies by the Nazis. ("When we die because we are Palestinian and we are bombarded by Israel or when we die because we are Jewish and we are killed by Mohammed Merah or when we die because we are Gypsy and 'we were deported by the Nazis, in any case we are victims of a process of dehumanization ...') Like the book, these clips bear the logo of the CGET, indicating the support of this public body to this operation.

It was impossible for us to obtain from the CGETC the amount of aid granted to the UJFP for the production of this propaganda material, which is now used by this organization as part of its militant activities, most of the time during joint meetings with openly Islamist organizations. It will therefore be necessary to wait for the publication, next spring, of the official budget documents (the "yellows") that reflect the implementation of the budget voted by Parliament for the previous year.

Manuel Valls falls from the clouds

We presented these elements to Manuel Valls, who was Prime Minister in 2016, at the time when a first grant was granted to the UJFP, while he himself led a vigorous campaign denouncing anti-Semitism hidden under the mask anti-Zionism. He falls of clouds and affirms not to have been informed by his services of this business: "This is obviously a serious dysfunction of the state on which the light must be made, he told us. It is unthinkable that as Prime Minister I could have given a political endorsement to such publications! "

This case is now the responsibility of Édouard Philippe, as supervisory authority of the CGET. The Prime Minister could begin by giving a precise and documented answer to the written question put to him on 28 December 2017 by Loïc Hervé, Senator (UDI) of Haute-Savoie: "While these clips seem to be intended to be screened in schools or at public meetings in lower-income neighborhoods, some accusations against France seem inappropriate and could be counterproductive. " What in gallant terms these things are said.