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Association urban kibbutz pleasure to introduce you


            A screening of Denis Khalifa's film:                   

         The kibbutz an Israeli dream

Followed by a conference-debate of Claude Berger :

     "From the Israeli kibbutz to the urban kibbutz "

The urban kibbutz: a new formula to remedy the evils of our societies?  





Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 8 pm

Cinema "THE BRADY"

39 Boulevard de Strasbourg 75010 PARIS

Reservation by email; [email protected]





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Home"guy"Live From The Field

Live From The FieldMein Shtetele brennt

Evelyne Gougenheim


Flat encephalogram!

The frantic pace of bad news that is the daily thread of the Jewish Community's current affairs remains confined to the Facebook sphere. let's remember thatall the elements: the trial of the killer's brotheru small Arie, from Gabriel and Jonathan Sandler and little Myriam Monsonego gave rise to a veritable spill of anti-Jewish hatred. Day after day the declarations of the mother, veiled venomous, have been repeated and commented, without counter poison. The damage of this "heroism" will be and will be felt, there is unfortunately no hope that this is not the case. Meanwhile, those who without screaming, thanks good sound of their events throw their hate against Israel - Israel assassin and Palestinian children who are abandoned to death by the "colonizer", not to mention the call for a boycott of Suits you " - arrogantly marry the places of Paris where walk a crowd at best, indifferent. With prefectural authorization and under police protection. Mr. Pupponi is trabrought to justice by the organizer of the riots of Sarcelles, the horrible comedian gets back to work in giant halls, as for Georges Bensoussan his passage in front of the seventeenthCorrectional Chamber, January 25, 2017 marked the entrance of France in a dark tunnel. Forget ites the attacks of the pizzeria this summer, the two girls lacerated in Marseille, and I forget so much, without speaking ofsabused girls in schools. As for Sarah Halimi (z'l) and its atrocious killings in the presence of twenty-six representatives of the armed and equipped security forces, his unbalanced killer possibly anti-Semitic we were told that he was under the influence of narcotics, the recent results of his toxicological analysis remain, as expected, negative. Amazing! We are waiting for his trial, fair, a new forum with a tenor from the bar ...certainly. 

Are we anesthetized?

In the midst of such an avalanche of disturbing news, two new facts appear derisory. Israeli judokas participating in the Grand Slam in Abu Dhabi, a qualifying event for the Olympic Games, have been denied citizenship. Prohibition to display their membership of the State of Israel, the only Jewish state in the world: no mention on their jerseys, no badges, no HaTikva in case of victory. And they won four bronze medals and a medalgold, Mazel tov ! No team demonstrated against this discrimination, none showed indignation. Solidarity is no longer a value of the world of sport?. What other country in the world would have to compete under the colors of the International Judo Federation with the anthem of the same Federation? To protest against this international shame, some organizations called to protest in front of the UAE Embassy Sunday night at 19:30. It was mild on Paris, the holidays. The presents could beCounted, they were counted. Finally,Today we learn that the new director of theUnescoMrs azoulay, without capital letters, tiny, at distributed to all delegations a gift. What a gift, I do not know. Why ? Gift of arrival, of thanks for the vote. Ambassador of Israel with Unesco Mr. Carmel Sharma HaCohen denounces the fact that a delegation was forgotten. You see who I mean. So in two weeks, Israel is symbolically erased and more countries of the world. I suppose there for a box of chocolates or a Swiss army knife, not a Swiss army knife, a silver Bic pen, there will be no call to protest. As hate speech against Israel is now repeating the vote of the international bodies that have déligitimé Jerusalem and the renowned Kotel Al Machin, these two episodes will leave traces. 




The Raft of the Medusa


The lack of mobilization of the so-called organized community, its inability to federate motivated troops speaks volumes about the problem. Jean-Claude Milner during a recent speech about Jews said " forget its of all "and I add" forgotten about ourselves ". If even such violent attacks against Israel leavesnt the Community indifferent, then we are lost in the middle of the ocean and, to see the antagonism between so-called associationsrepresentative, it is to be feared that we are drifting on the Raft of the Medusa. The weakest have already been thrown back into the water, the others are watching each other to know who will eat who. What future for this raft? 


Full check-up 


A flattening operation is required. AT let the raft as well at drifting, sinking is certain, direct and multiple collateral damage. Should we recall that the so-called organized Community is at the service of ae population in a large minority.  Inquiète for his future toyen, ten years, five years and, for the very short term, is simply worried about the return of the worst sold-out comedy shows, not to mention the damage that will be caused by the outcome of the trial of the brother and the mother. To follow Mr. Sandler's constantly repeated request, I'm doing away with the names killers. To disappear the names, that's what it's all about here: the flag, the national anthem or simply existence. This is therefore conceivable for child killers pacifier in the mouth. To accept that Israel is not named is to accept that Israel is assimilated to a child killer, it is to condone this historical, political, social lie. It is already giving up fighting for values ​​for which for thousands of years Jewish blood has been poured


I ask solemnly here the constitution of a Committee of safeguard and defense which will have under six months to propose a new diagram of organization of the Community, taking into account the diagnosis that it will have for first mission to establish. These recommendations will be debated, not just to say that it is debated, but with people willing to invest with an application and a clear motivation. And I'm not the only one thinking that. Without excluding the plural voices of the Community, without privileging the monolithic voices. Let's make this effort, let's demand it now. In un year, how much will we still have lost people? are brenntmein Shtetl brennt !


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One Response to "Live From The Field"

  1. cjc   2 November 2017 at 21 h 12 min

    When we are in commemoration we are not in anticipation!
    To govern was to foresee and nothing was done to prepare our community for an evolution that could be envisaged for a number of indications and warnings.

    No one is a prophet in his country and even less so in our community!

    These warnings have not been heard in the midst of community leaders totally disconnected from realities.
    Too bad they did not go out more often in the lost territories!


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