Comedian Yassine Belattar no longer makes theater directors laugh

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VIDEOS - According to the weekly Marianne the thirty-year-old "maintains the denial of Islamism" and is a communitarian "shot to neo-racism". The comic has seen several performances of his tour unmanageable to be canceled. A "sulphurous image" and a "lying article", according to the interested party.

"Yassine Belattar, false clown and real danger". The title of portrait made by Marianne , published December 15, sets the tone. The weekly accuses the French humorist to maintain "the denial of Islamism", and to be, at best, vulgar and shocking, at worst, a dangerous communitarian "shot at neo-racism". The paper also notes several sentences from his show unmanageable, like: "I'm not Charlie, I'm not nice (...) I have the right to choose my grief".

In response to this article, several netizens took the defense of Yassine Belattar, accusing the journalist of distorting his words, especially the incriminated sentences. Marianne then published an article providing some "clarifications", and maintains the original accusations.

As for Yassine Belattar, he prefers to play humor. He posted a video on his Facebook account "caricaturing the caricature" of Marianne, where he is staged as a potential terrorist.

The joke did not make theater directors laugh. On Thursday, the comedian became a "sad clown, very sad", in his own words, after seeing several representations of his tour canceled, "Marseille, Nancy, Sausheim or Bordeaux." The author denounces once again a "lying article" that would have pushed the distributors to "give in to a sulphurous image of which I am victim".

"I did not know that saying French had so many disadvantages," he adds, adding that this situation was "certainly one of the worst moments of [his] career".

The comedian, support from François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron in 2012 and 2017, is now defended by Stop on images who denounces the "making of an enemy" and "some freedoms with accuracy" in the portrait of Marianne.

"Belattar fires a machine gun at everything that moves, and especially if it's tanned (the Algerians, the Moroccans, in short the Reuben are his first subject of hair). His audience is his scapegoat. He does not miss an opportunity to win over veiled women who come to applaud him, writes in particular Release . Belattar loves to mock Muslims but not Islam. And that's why he never liked the "editorial line of Charlie" ". "One can not, except deliberately trying to disguise reality, write that Belattar's crusade is the" denial of Islamism ", or the promotion of a Muslim community comic. Because it's exactly the opposite, "says the daily.



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