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Thank you Mr. Minister,
Your indignation is the sign, I hope, of the beginning of an awareness of the damage caused by these demonstrations in the streets and squares of Paris, where the hatred of Israel and the Jews spreads out into the open and under police protection. We can not leave without assuming the consequences, to heat minds with a tendency to "imbalances". Moreover, today, a new opportunity to spread anti-Semitic / anti-Zionist hatred will be heard in the streets of Paris thanks to a new prefectural authorization to defend the one who spits in the faces of the IDF soldiers, the Defense Forces. Israel. IDF soldiers, those who defend the honor and life of Israel and the Jewish people. Netanyahu once said this famous phrase: "If the Arabs laid down their arms today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews laid down their arms today, Israel would no longer exist. ". I hope that this march will indignant you and that we will not see any more these manifestations where resound "Egorgez des Juifs" in Arabic.
 It is my wish for the year 2018 for which I address you and your loved ones, my best wishes for health and Chalom.
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