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The MPs close to Emmanuel Macron are criticizing the technocratic side of the government and launching avenues for reflection on the approach to adopt.

Crisis in the Ehpad, strike of the SNCF, grumbles on the CSG, student challenge, asylum and immigration law controversial ... The parliamentarians of the majority face a sharp fire of criticism of some of the French on their territory. In recent weeks, the small group of MPs close to Emmanuel Macron, who participated in the presidential campaign and meet every Tuesday morning at the Palais Bourbon, finds that the pedagogy of the executive is not up to par.

"Ministers must acquire a political culture, be able to respond on all subjects"

A parliamentarian LaREM

"We always have to explain better what we do. And make sense, "argues Hugues Renson, vice-president of the group La République en marche (LaREM) in the National Assembly. Same wish of Guillaume Chiche, Macronist deputy of Deux-Sèvres: "Every member of the executive must carry and defend the policy of the majority including beyond his own ministerial portfolio." "The French do not retain anything of the jumble of reforms, "worries another of the" Macron boys ". In their viewfinder: ministers from civil society who are struggling to print and defend an overall project. "It is an expert government. Except that the addition of expertise has never made a body of politics, "said one elected. "You have to protect Macron, you need firewalls and protections. Tomorrow, if there is a political crisis, we change who in the device so that it creates an impact? I do not see."

Defects pointing fingers

According to several of these elected officials, who have regular and direct contact with Emmanuel Macron, the Elysee would be aware of the "defects" of the government. "We have political ministers on positions of action and ministers of civil society on posts of value, which can create an imbalance," says a deputy and part of the movement. Jacques Mézard (Cohesion of the territories), Frédérique Vidal (Higher Education), Françoise Nyssen (Culture), Nicole Belloubet (Justice), Elisabeth Borne (Transport) and Nathalie Loiseau (European Affairs) are regularly blamed. "On Europe, Nathalie Loiseau is technically good, but she does not embody," looses a parliamentarian LaREM. "Ministers must acquire a political culture, be able to respond on all subjects," impatient another. It was enough to raise rumors about the hypothesis of a reshuffle before the summer ...

"Let's be careful not to forget about social and national cohesion"

Hugues Renson, Chiraquian

Another consequence of this government of "technos", according to the analysis of these elected officials: the omnipresence of the word of the so-called "political" ministers, often from the right. "Emmanuel Macron's policy is more complex than the 3% of Bruno Le Maire who spends his time talking about the debt", Exiles an ex-PS. This small group of deputies fears that these ministers from the right ultimately give the impression of an "imbalance" with more signals sent to the right than to the left. "Let's be careful not to forget the social and national cohesion," warns the Chirac Hugues Renson.

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Anxious not to lose the link with the center-left voters who favored Macron, these deputies recently hammered out concepts that had disappeared from Macronist language, such as "reduction of inequalities" or "social justice". "The left leg is atrophied", alarmed an elected official who would like, in this context, that the parliamentary group is stronger.


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7 Partages

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