Prison guards slam the door of the Chancellery

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Jean-Francois Forget (left), general secretary of Ufap-Unsa, the majority union of prison guards. - Photo credits: THOMAS SAMSON / AFP

The Minister of Justice arrived on Tuesday at the negotiating table with an envelope of 30 million euros. An hour later, the unions broke off negotiations, promising to renew the blocking movement.

Labor organizations of prison guards have slammed the door and promise to renew the blocking movement as early as Wednesday. Nicole Belloubet, Minister of Justice, will drink the cup until the dregs. On Tuesday, one hour after the beginning of the negotiations on Vendome, in the presence of the Minister of Justice and the Director of the Prison Service, the trade unions rose to interrupt the negotiations. Each for their own reasons.

Force Ouvrière and the CGT because the government categorically refuses to reconsider the status of personnel and grant them the transition to category B. The Ufap-Unsa, the majority union supervisors, broke on several points. Its base has hardened in the space of a few days on all subjects, be it the security and the supervisors or the indemnity conditions, which initially did not appear in the claims.

The minister arrived at the bargaining table with an envelope of 30 million euros. What to give bonuses to staff. But not everyone. It has proposed to grant an annual bonus of 1400 euros for younger supervisors appointed in institutions where nobody wants to go. This bonus could also have affected the supervisors intervening in neighborhoods for violent, terrorist and radicalized prisoners. But this rupture of equality between supervisors was perceived as extremely shocking by the trade union organization. Especially in full social movement. During questions to the government, the prime minister, Édouard Philippe, promised in the chamber "specific and targeted compensation measures". In vain, then.

Watertight neighborhoods

Moreover, it is a non-response from the Minister who has followed the demand for the reform of Article 57 of the Prison Act, which prohibits systematic searches and forces staff to a paperwork rack to justify them. An understandable silence in that the essential of the device is imposed by the European texts and that it will be very difficult to return to it.

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Finally, the Keeper of the Seals has made progress with regard to neighborhoods for violent and radicalized prisoners. She promised to set up perfectly sealed neighborhoods within the institutions. However, for years, all the unions, with the exception of the CGT, plead in favor of dedicated establishments. More broadly, they advocate for greater diversity of institutions, so as not to mix criminal populations. It is not certain that, in this respect, the Chancellery can go further.

Meanwhile, the movement is renewed, and the question arises, for some organizations, whether it is to Matignon that we must now turn directly to achieve more concrete progress. "Determined to manage this issue," Nicole Belloubet said "not absolutely certain that a mediator is needed at this stage" as claimed by the CGT-Penitentiary who considers the minister "disqualified".

The minister also considered "absolutely unacceptable" the will of the supervisors of the Fresnes prison, according to Ufap-Unsa (majority) secretary general Jean-François Forget, to block the transfer of Jawad Bendaoud, judged Wednesday at Paris for lodging jihadists of 13-November.

Source: Prison guards slam the door of the Chancellery

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